Homeopathy for Gonorrhea or Gonorrhea

Homeopathy for gonorrhea

Here are some homeopathic remedies that most successful to treat gonorrhea or gonorrhea. If you have this condition visit a homeopath or health care professional to give proper treatment to their symptomatology. To learn more about the homeopathic remedy click on their name.

Homeopathic Remedies for Gonorrhea

(+++) For the constitutional effects of gonorrhea badly treated and removed, in female chronic conditions (oophoritis, salpingitis, cysts, fibroids, etc..) Dating from gonorrheal infection, when there is a history or hereditary gonorrhea; in women with heavy flow, purulent or not, since her marriage, in children pale, emaciated, very small in size, arrested in their growth and mentally handicapped, with parents who have had gonorrhea. In all these cases, Medorrhinum is indicated when the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve.

(+++) Download urethral gonorrhea, acute or chronic, profuse, purulent or yellowish, with sore and agglutination urethra meatus.

(+++) Enlarged prostate weak stream. Suppressed gonorrhea prostatitis.

(+ +) The Medorrhinum rheumatism, gonorrhea usually resulted in a suppressed, has well defined characteristics: they are aggravated with the first movements and better when the movements are continuing, are worst during storms, day and from cold and moisture.

Armoracea sativa
(+++) Gonorrhea acute, burning, dysuria, pain, cutting (1st & 2nd C), chronic and abandoned. "It's the most useful remedy if used early in gonorrhea" (Leonard). Cutting and burning in glans before, during and after urination. Nephritis, albuminuria. Impotence.

Cannabis sativa
Gonorrhea acute (+++) in his first term. "It is the remedy par excellence with which to start the treatment of gonorrhea" (Nash).

Gonorrhea (+++) chronic green or yellow discharge. Induration of testes.

(+ +) Green urethral discharge (over night), yellow, green or yellow, thick, gonorrheal. Urethral gonorrhea with sharp pains. Phimosis. Inflammation of the urethral meatus. Burning urethra during intercourse.

Clematis erecta
(+ +) Recently suppressed gonorrhea disorders (rheumatism, orchitis, urethral stricture, etc.).. Gonorrhea acute purulent discharge.
(+++) Orchitis, far right, with drawing pains, worse at night and from warmth of bed; by suppression of gonorrhea.

Agnus castus
(+++) Complete impotence, there are very incomplete erections or with sexual desires absent or greatly reduced, with penis and testicles cold and flaccid, penis small, cold, relaxed. Especially in chronic or recurrent gonorrhea.
(+ +) Effects of repeated gonorrhea or suppressed (Allen).
(+ +) Blennorrhagic chronic urethral discharge, yellowish.

Natrum sulph
(+ +) Is one of the main drugs of sycosis, and believed that the constitution Grauvogl Hydrogen is the most propitious ground for gonorrhea infection, or in which it is more harmful (Allen). Slowly recovers from any illness (Allen).
(+ +) Gonorrhea with greenish yellow or greenish discharge, painless, dense, chronic suppressed. Itching of the scrotum and penis (or itchy rashes) with burning after scratching, itching perineum. Increased sexual desire, in the evening.

(+ +) Stricture, urethral contraction or bleeding after gonorrhea. Gonorrhea acute urethral pain burning, cutting or piercing during and after urination, with thick yellow-green discharge.
(+ +) Corditis epididymitis and orchitis, and acute right or left by removal of a gonorrhea or metastasis or as a complication of mumps or bruising.

(+++) Inflammation of the testicles, especially the right, chronic or not, by suppression of gonorrhea.

(+ +) Gonorrhea. Burning pain in the glans. Cartilage swelling on the dorsum of the penis, ENFORMA nut. Itching Condylomata male genitals, the penis, burning, itchy and painful on the glans and foreskin. Glande very red. Foreskin pain, with difficulty in retracting.

Kali Bichromicum
(+ +) Lack of sexual desire in people heavy. Stitches in the prostate, walking, should be stopped. Itching on the hairy parts of the genitalia, with small pustulitas. Constrictive pain in the root of the penis, in the morning on waking. Itching in the glans. Cankers deep in penis and foreskin. Gonorrhea with copious stringy or jelly.

Nat mur
(+ +) Chronic Gonorrhea, with white or milky. Stitches in the bladder as urine and urethral burning.

(+++) Incomplete or painful erections, without desire. Erections when half-awake, disappear when fully awake. Impotence with mental depression. Impotence after gonorrhea.

Nitric acid
(+ +) Flow acrid, excoriating, brown or green, bloody, or sticky or watery, fetid clothes stained brown or yellow spots or leaves with black borders. Gonorrheal flow.

Calcarea carb
(+ +) Urethral stricture. Enlarged prostate removed prostatic fluid. Urine bloody, albuminous; dark, milky, foul-smelling, strong, acrid. Chronic gonorrhea.
(+ +) Other general issues: Anemia; post-haemorrhagic disorders loss of vital fluids. Cancer; Encefaloma; leukemia. Dwarfism. Suppressed gonorrhea.

(+ +) Gonorrhea in its first stage, or chronic, with yellow purulent or mucopurulent discharge. Gonorrheal rheumatism. Tender, swollen, indurated. Induration and burning in the prostate. Redness and acrid moisture between her thighs and testicles.

(+ +) Urethral discharge dark red or greenish yellow, thick, with frequent obstruction; gonorrhea. Gonorrhea acute and chronic mucous or purulent discharge profuse thick yellow or green, glutinous, which hardens the clothes, with burning pain on urination and urinary frequency. Urethritis.

Lac caninum
Flow (+++) vulvar itching acrid, excoriating. Swelling of the left lip, gonorrhea.

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