Homeopathy for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are dilated varicose veins of the rectum, causing stasis of blood within them. Of the homeopathic remedies treat hemorrhoids have made a selection of the best along with a description of the particular symptoms that address each of them. Among these stress symptoms: bleeding hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids congestive burning in anus, hemorrhoids, chronic pain after defecation, and so on.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids recommend carefully analyze and compare your symptoms with homeopathic remedies that are similar to his. Ideally, visit a homeopath for advice appropriate remedy based on your symptoms.

 Homeopathic Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Aesculus hippocastanum
(+++) The rectum is the principal site of action of Aesculus. Pain in the rectum, as if full of small sticks or needles, burning, warmth, heaviness, fullness, dryness and itching. The fullness and other discomforts are worse after a bowel movement and often accompanied by prolapse with dull pain in the back. Burning anus with chills up and down the back (Boericke). Rectal pain begins an hour after a bowel movement, continuing for 2 to 6 hours (Aloe, Sulfur). Hemorrhoids (one of the most important remedies), internal or external, purple, with a sore back, chronic, large, bleeding slightly (and that makes it better), with pain, worse while walking, sitting or standing; better kneeling or local heat, and usually accompanied by throbbing pain sacro-lumbar; in pregnancy and menopause. Fissure and anal stricture.

Plethora (+++) venous passive venous congestion, especially in the portal system and haemorrhoids. Varicose veins and varicose veins, visible veins, bluish and distended.

Muriatic acid
(+++) Difficulty passing stool, feces very small. Diarrhea with abundant stools, dark or bleeding, leaving involantariamente on urination or delete a fart, or moving, can not urinate without moving the belly at the same time, the patient thinks he is going to come out a fart, but simultaneously urine. Ano very sensitive, anal burning and pain, better by heat or hot baths. Hemorrhoids that protrude like a bunch of grapes, blue, very sensitive and painful to the slightest touch (with violent stitches), hot, bleeding, not tolerate, or contact of toilet paper, that suddenly appear in children, in pregnancy, leaving after urinating or defecating, after diarrhea or walking. The anus is very sensitive even without hemorrhoids, and worse during menstruation.

(+++)'m Rectal symptoms that usually determine its indication. The stools, though they are solid, especially at the depart involuntarily flatus, or urination at night in bed.

Hemorrhoids blue, packages such as grapes, hot, painful (not tolerate the slightest touch), bleeding, worse during menstruation, better by cold applications with intense anal itching and burning that prevent sleep.

(+++) The rectum is the large scope of Paeonia. Anal itching, scratching. The anus appears swollen. Hemorrhoids very congested, bulky, very painful; cleaned after defecation causes him intense pain. Intolerable pain in the anus before and after defecation, anal with constant moisture and offensive. Piles with perianal ulceracianes secreting very painful and the pain is burning, stabbing or as chips, are separated by pain buttocks. Anal fissure or fistula, with pain persisting long after defecation, anal moisture. Sudden diarrhea, pasty, with faint feeling in the stomach and burning anal then chilled.

(+++) Is one of the most important drugs for ulcerative colitis, which often seems to be setting in people with the characteristics of Phosphorus. Lost feces or involuntarily to move after a fright or sleeping, the anus remains completely open or only has the sensation. It has an urge to move your bowels apeinas lying on the left side. While anal bleeding bowel movements. Tenesmus after stool. Protruding hemorrhoids that bleed easily (up to flatus), excoriating pain when sitting or lying down. Chronic hemorrhoids. Anal fissure and fistula.

Nux Vomica
(+++) Internal hemorrhoids are very painful to prick, burn and itch, worse at night or walking, better by cold water piles congested, large, bleeding, in drinkers. Disorders removal of hemorrhoids.

(+++) Burning in the anus before, during and after defecation. Chronic hemorrhoids, large, external or internal, that are aggravated or out over night, drink beer, by touching, standing or walking, and disappear when lying down, bleeding. Removal of hemorrhoids disorders: colic, palpitations, back pain, lung congestion. Feeling of fullness or gurgling in rectum. Burning pains in anus and rectum: at night during diarrhea, the flatus, sitting, when you move the belly and beyond. Pressing pain out worse during bowel movements. Stitches in the rectum at night and when lying down or sitting.

(+++) The rectum is the major center of action Rathania. Constipation with hard stools that are expelled with great effort (or efforts are ineffective) with anal stricture, with protruding hemorrhoids with bowel movements, followed by burning pain (like fire), sharp or pointed edges or splinters or punctures, which extend until several hours later, as if rectum full of glass splinters, even sometimes with loose stools. Anal fissure (it's possibly the most important and medicine indicated) with excruciating pain while and after bowel movements, especially if the stools are hard (they do mourn or cry)

Constant sensation of a foreign body in the rectum, as a heavy ball or plug or ball placed between the pubis and coccyx, which causes outward pressure, and not relieved by defecation, feeling that the rectum is always full or are always feces. Rectal prolapse during bowel movements or urination difficult. Protruding piles and defecation when walking; bleeding, worse when walking. Erosion between the buttocks. Perianal condylomata.

(+ +) Hemorrhoids are very painful, making prolapse on defecation, but it is difficult to re-enter; suppurative; ulcerated. Humidity anal. Tension in the rectum. Intestinal parasites: tapeworm, pinworm, ascariasis. Anal or anorectal fistula: is probably the principal remedy, especially when it closes its external orifice, which has the indurated; occurs and an abscess, that opens by the action of the drug, making disposal and reaching to purulent induration periorificial disappear; fistula alternating with chest symptoms. Anal fissure.

Hemorrhoids (+++) large, congested, hard, worse when touched or walk or think about them. Involuntarily soiling; flatus. Noisy flatus, offensive. Stools: greasy, bloody, hard, knotty, white.

(+++) Portal and pelvic venous congestion, resulting hemorrhoids, menstrual cramps and constipation, especially in women.

Ignatia amara
(+) Internal hemorrhoids worse after delivery, ulcerated.
Stitches in hemorrhoids during cough. Hemorrhoids that improve walking.

Ficus religiosa
(+++) Its main action is haemorrhages, where their effect is almost magical and in many cases, instantaneous: in hematemesis, hematuria, and meno metrorrhagia, hemoptysis, bleeding hemorrhoids, stools mixed with blood (dysenteric) epistaxis. The blood is bright red, and medication is given in drops (1 to 5) of the tincture every 3 to 4 hours, or an X through 3 Even success has been used locally by applying very bloody wound.

Burning anal fissures, hemorrhoids, with pain worse when sitting or take a long step, as if he nailed a knife, or after stool; bleed. Rectal prolapse easy, even without a desire to defecate, as if rectum was paralyzed dl. Sore anus wiping. Anal pain while pinching or after bowel movements, burning in cracks or crevices.

Kali carb
Protrusion of hemorrhoids and relaxation during the evacuation, stabbing, burning, also during urination, after first removing blood and white mucus. Inflammation, puncture, hurt and tingling, as ascarid in piles. Haemorrhoidal pustules, painful, bloody, stabbing pain. Hemorrhoids worse by coughing, better with a cold bath and on horseback. Stitches in the anus by coughing.

(+ +) Piles that out (even by loose stools), burn and painful to touch or sit better in a warm bath. Rectal bleeding but only go loose stools. Sensation of rectal fullness, even after bowel movements.

(+ +) Piles blue, protruding (worse at stool), bleeding, strangled, with stitches in the rectum up every time you laugh, cough or sneeze, with pains in sacrum; with cutting, burning, pulsating or hammering in the rectum, worse sitting. Hemorrhoids especially with scanty menses or in menopause. Humidity anal during menstruation.

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