Homeopathy for Herpes

Definition of Herpes: It's called the eruption of vesicles so more or less numerous and grouped on an area of skin or mucosa.

Herpes Simplex
Also called labial or facial because it is located preferably on the lips or in its immediate surroundings, usually appears during febrile infectious diseases (pneumonia, pneumonia, etc..) And also in digestive disorders (dyspepsia). Vesicles filled with serous liquid, tend to coalesce with each other. and allowed to dry forming a series of yellowish scabs usually fall without scarring.

Genital herpes
This consists of numerous vesicles regrouped and itching in the genital organs foreskin, mons, large and small labia. This genital herpes, called relapsing because just gone can spring another vesicular eruption, usually occurs after intercourse or in the days of menstruation.

Herpes Zoster
Infect Disease viral nature, having its substrate pathologists in phlogistic process of ganglia and spinal nerve roots of cranial nerves. It is called zoster (waist), by the fact that when you affect one or more intercostal nerves around the thorax is formed for a "belt" consists of a series of cutaneous vesiculillas linearly disposed along the course of the nerve or inflamed nerves.

Presents a compilation of some of homeopathy remedies to treat herpes tratornos and its various symptoms.

Any symptoms, see your homeopath or health professional. For more information click on the name of the homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic Remedies for Herpes

Ranunculus bulbosus
Herpetic eruptions with small blisters, deep, transparent, dark blue, size of a pinhead, oval patches grouped as a coin girl intolerable fiery itching (which can not stand the slightest touch) and that, when opened, exudes a dark yellow liquid, and cover with a crust then cornea; common herpes, herpes zoster: ophthalmic, chest and abdomen. Eczema hon indurations corneas. Corrosive ulcers, with sharp edges, itching and burning, bleeding.

Arsenicum album
Rashes of all kinds, for cooling or other causes: blackened, burning, carbuncles, dry, scaly, pustular, scaly, vesicular (vesicles or bluish black, covered with blood; whitish). Ichthyosis. Eczema.
Psoriasis (is the drug of choice). Urticaria. Lupus; epitheliomas. Sarna. Smallpox. Measles. Scarlet fever. Petechiae. Herpes zoster. Anthrax. Ulcerations, black and blue, black base, bleeding worse at the edges, burning at the edges, which are elevated and indurated, tender and fluffy, with corrosive discharge and putrid, and red areola. Cancerous ulcers, syphilitic sores. Senile gangrene.

Calcarea carb
Eruptions: vesicles on the prepuce, scrotum herpes.
Inflammation of the glans and foreskin. Induration of testes. Hydrocele.
Pain in the spermatic cord and testicles, burning in the scrotum.

Rhus tox
Herpes common with the typical vesicles, especially in the lips, head, eyelids and foreskin. Eczema in the hairy parts.
Urticaria appears with cold air, or getting wet or being in moist after scratching and Spring; with chills, fever and sweats, or coincides with rheumatism or pain with modalities characteristics. Crusty eruptions and wet. Petechiae. Pustules.
Vesicular erysipelas. Sudamen. Chafing. Nodules and indurations.

Croton tiglium
Eruptions, itching, followed by burning pain, the patient can not scratch very hard because the skin is very sensitive, but maybe a soft mnuy scratching. The eruptions are vesico pustules that secrete a burning yellow liquid and then dried into scabs, mainly located in the genitals, face and scalp. Redness with confluent vesicles, secreting, itching, burning and itching. Vesicular erysipelas with intense itching. Generalized eczema itch violently. Very painful shingles.

Eruptions on the foreskin and penis (herpes newspaper), itching and rash on scrotum wet slimy, vesicles on the prepuce. Scrotum brilliant. Edema of the genitalia. Left hydrocele, in children, with herpes.
Herpes circinate hard to the touch and wrinkled, or eczema, intense itching in the crease of the elbow.

Genital herpes. Grazing on glans and foreskin, and between genitals and thighs. Dolorimietito walking in the foreskin.
Ulceration: the penis, bleeding, hard, or cheesy lardaceous base and raised edges, in the glans and foreskin, syphilitic chancre. Testicles: cold, hard and swollen, bright red scrotum, and drawing pains, itching and tingling. Genital copious sweating, worse when walking. Condylomata.
Yellow skin dirty, rough and dry. Jaundice. Eruptions: bleeding, swelling, itching worse at night and from warmth. Herpes zoster. Syphilitic eruptions, coppery spots, round and shiny.
Varicella, smallpox, erysipelas, burning rashes, pustules, urticaria, ecchymosis (blue or black spots), gangrene. Violent and voluptuous itching all over, worse at night and from warmth of bed; lapiel with burning after scratching.

Pains of various kinds, with or shaking chills and sensitivity to cold air. Neuralgia. Burning pain biting. Burning neuralgic pains after a herpes zoster.
Herpes zoster. Ulceration with a thick crust, yellow or white, with thick yellow pus underneath, with burning pain or excoriating; vesicles surrounded by fire and burning as intensely itchy, surrounded in turn each of a bright red areola, the ulcers are painful and bleed when take off your clothes.

Carboneum oxygenisatum
Herpes zoster vesicles along the nerves, especially in the face, left trigeminal branches. Pemphigus with large and small vesicles. Purple spots.

Carboneum Sulphuratum
Herpes on the backs of hands.

Eruption behind the ears: wet, cold. Cerumen greatly increased.
Catarrh of the Eustachian tube. Secretions of the ear, offensive, bloody or purulent. Red ears, itching, burning. Otitis media.

It is a drug with predominant action on the skin. It has been successfully used in low power herpes circinata, psoriasis, herpes tonsurans and rosacea. Vesicular or scaly lesions with foul-smelling discharge with pus and scabs under which become confluent, forming one big scab. Violent itching in the ears, thighs and legs.

Itching, rashes, ulcers on the face; herpes on cheeks; granites. And exfoliates dry lips with blisters and ulcers.
Herpes burning in the hands and forearms.

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