Homeopathy for Hypertension

Hypertension is the increased tone or tension in general, especially increased blood pressure or vascular. Labile hypertension is temporary and whose symptoms disappear spontaneously stabilize the voltage at a fairly constant level.

Hypertension can be primary or secondary depending on whether the case is or is not caused by other diseases.

Here are a number of homeopathic remedies that have been used for hypertension and other circulatory disorders according to symptoms (high blood pressure, congestion, chest pains, violent palpitation, rapid pulse, tachycardia, hypertension, nervous, violent beats, palpitations head, arteriosclerosis, headaches, stinging, etc..

Any symptoms seek help from a homeopath or health professional for their symptoms that can distinguish and associate with the appropriate homeopathic remedy. Remember that homeopathy does not cure diseases but sick, and every patient is unique.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Hypertension

(+++) Is a heart drug par excellence. "Hawthorn is the most positive approach to a cardiac tonic that I know" (Clarke). Excites moderately the myocardium, but obviously very prolonged use may decrease heart tone and weaken their action, but has no cumulative action is a toxic or infarction, as Digitalis. Is given in doses of 5 to 15 drops of tincture, one to four times per day to achieve results.

Myocarditis. Hypertension. Sedative in cardiac nervous.

Decompensated heart with edema or anasarca members. Precordial pain, angina pectoris, pain and cramps, with anguish.

(+++) Violent palpitation, worse lying on left side at night with tightness in the chest and limbs cold, better lying on right side (away). Iron bar feeling strong and pressing transversely between a breast and another, followed by a sensation of lump cardiac arrest and heart, that it ripped right away, except one beat four. Pulse rapid and full; or small, intermittent and very slow or weak, irregular, almost imperceptible. Chest pain radiating from the center of the sternum. Acute Dilatation of the heart caused by physical exertion or a violent shock. With palpitations, chest tightness and pain between the shoulders. According to Boger and Cartier, is the most homeopathic remedy most often indicated in angina pectoris with coronary atherosclerosis and arterial hipertensón the pain radiates from the center of the breastbone to the left hand, and accompanied by violent palpitation, nausea terrible , marked pallor, cold sweats and cold limbs, and terrible fear of dying.

Veratrum viride
(+++) The key symptom of this drug is congestion which, when matched with nausea and vomiting is one of its primary indications in a wide variety of cases.

In hypertension, acute cerebral hemorrhage with violent and sudden, severe headache, head hot and heavy, bloodshot eyes, red face livid,

dilated pupils, ringing in the ears, pounding in the neck arteries throughout the body, violent palpitations and turned hard. The drug is particularly useful for people plethoric, sanguine.

Viscum album
(+) High blood pressure with albuminuria. Hypotension, with apathy, Frilair, dizziness, slow and weak pulse.

Aurum mur
(+) Hypertension of nervous origin. Arteriosclerosis

(+ +) Violent beating worse at night, lying on the left or thinking about them. Pounding in the head. Aneurysms. Hypertension, vasoconstriction, pulse full and hard. Cardiac symptoms from suppressed foot sweats.

Baryta mur
(+++) Hypertension and vascular degeneration, arteriosclerosis (with Bar.C., one of the best drugs) and diseases of the brain origin with high systolic pressure and comparatively low diastolic pressure, cardiac symptoms and accompanying brain. Aneurysms.

(+ +) Tendency to hypertension. Arteriosclerosis. Atheroma.

"In heart failure, if other remedies fail and is not otherwise indicated, give Cholesterinum 30th - 200th (Foubister).

(+++) Great tendency to sudden and violent irregularities from the circulation, manifested by sudden surges of blood congestion or climbing, especially to the chest (heart) and the head or alternatively one or the other site (as if all blood from the body out there), and that the patient perceives as pop sensations or expansion (the Nitroglycerin is a powerful explosive), Tufaro heat up and beats the whole body to the tip of the fingers. Objectively, there are considerable dilated veins and arteries and pounding in the head, neck and heart. It seems that blood vessels would burst; are hard, tortuous, tense, non-depressed, and the face is very red. The drug acts both pathogenetic and from the therapeutic point of view, so fast and violent, like a true sangria. Hypertensive crisis.

In hypertension, especially in older people. Impending stroke.

Posterior pituitary lobe
(+) Throbbing headaches in relation to arterial hypertension, worse by heat, in a closed room or end the day.

The patient "feels his heart" (Iberis). Hypertension with throbbing sensation as blows to the temporal and carotid arteries.

Peucedanum graveolens
(+ +) Hypertension with renal failure and oliguria, especially if symptoms of angina and spasmodic gastric disorders (H. Voisin).

Serun anguillae
(+ +) Hypertension, usually of renal origin.

Spartium scoparium
(+ +) Sparteine sulfate, an alkaloid of Spartium Scop., A decrease of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, slowing pulse and a diuretic. Hence the use of tincture of Spartium, in 2 or 3 daily doses of 10 to 20 drops each and prolonged for months or years) as an adjunct to constitutional remedy when it fails and required a significant decrease of arterial hypertension. Similarly use in the angina pectoris (whether hypertension.

Strontium carb
Hypertension (+++) with circulatory erethism (manifested through violent pulsations in the arteries) and congestion of the head, the result of rush of blood to the head and that is manifested by a red face and hot beats (worse by any effort), and throbbing headache (worse in the evening and head down) or tensive, as if the scalp was tight or the head expands from the inside out, sometimes with dizziness and nausea. This picture, indicative of a hypertensive crisis with a picture of impending stroke, is fundamental and paradoxical feature improved heat in all its forms, local and general, and for much shelter or warmth of the sun or hot baths immersion or by putting hands in warm water, but instead is aggravated by cold air, any air flow in the head (not allowed), or uncovering or efforts. Arteriosclerosis.

Strontium iodatum
(+ +) High blood pressure with stroke, with arterioesclorosis, but their conditions are exacerbated by heat, by the presence of the element iodine (as opposed to Strontium carb).

The general indication is in hypertension and in every condition of the arteries: atherosclerosis (and aging), arteritis, myocardial infarction (used more Coronary Artery), atheroma, etc.. And shall prescribe the 200th. In lower limb arteritis may be used Femoral Artery 200th.

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