Homeopathy for Influenza

Given the growing concern about the pandemic of influenza A (H1N1), investigations and the possibility, more secure, its expansion and fear for their resemblance to the 1918 pandemic in the next northern hemisphere winter We indicate some homeopathic remedies have been used for decades to combat the symptoms of avian influenza and prevent its virulence.

There are many other homeopathic remedies that can be used for flu, but without a doubt, these have been those that have shown greater effectiveness over the years.

We recommend going to a hospital, health center or professional should suspect the possibility of being affected by the influenza virus A.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Influenza

(+++) This nosode flu, according to some authors, should be the drug most commonly used in chronic diseases in homeopathy at the incidence of the disease and the aftermath, sometimes unapparent or very late, which leaves currently being prepared in France (0. A. Julian) virus from a crop of two kinds of viruses (3 parts of viruses and virus-Asian European), the Pasteur Institute prepared especially for this purpose. There is also a Spanish Influenzinum (Pierre Schmidt) and other "1918" (Nelson, London). The clinical pathogenesis (and another does not exist) is:

Eupatorium perfoliatum
(+++) Is, without doubt, the drug most widely used and most important avian influenza, but also indicated other processes feverish, as in intermittent fever or malaria, measles, on dengue typhus , bilious fevers, etc.. Influenza are present in the characteristic pains, with great prostration, sore throat and cough, with very sore larynx and thorax; intense coryza and pronounced thirst, with vomiting to drink cough hurts the head and thorax, which must hold hands with (Bry).

(+ +) Influenza, "at the beginning or as a preventive as well as in convalescence" (C. Schmidt). Since early, is effective, giving a dose of the 200th C (which is the only power that this drug is used) every 2 or 3 hours (Julian), on acute problems. Chills, fever, great decay, generalized pain and headache.

Eucalyptus globulus
(+++) Avian and sequels (and even as a prophylactic). Typhoid fever with high temperature, very offensive discharge and tachycardia; given in tincture in doses of 1 to 20 drops, the odor disappears and recovery is faster. "If I were limited to a single drug in the treatment of typhoid, would choose the latter" (Hale).

(+++) In influenza, along with Eupatorium perfoliatum, the most appropriate medication with severe chills going up and down the back, great heaviness in the limbs, tremors, weakness, terrible occipital headache, dizziness and lack of thirst (in Eupatorium is marked thirst and pains as if broken bones). Disorders (stingrays, fever, fatigue) from the flu weeks earlier. It is also extremely useful in the prophylaxis of influenza.

Natrum sal
(+ +) Is one of the best medicines asthenic effects of flu (Boericke). Post-infectious asthenia, with indolence and drowsiness after infectious conditions (especially influenza), especially if bone or periosteal pain.

To learn more homotoxicology remedies (homeopathy 2nd generation) takes into account the following remedies:

Homotoxicology flu: Gripp-Heel (ga), Aconitum-Homaccord (ga), Bryaconeel (c) Engystol ca), Echinacea comp. forte (a), Traumeel (GCAP), Viburcol (sup), Euphorbium comp. (G.A) Euphorbium comp.-Nasal Drops (neb.nasal)

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