Homeopathy for Insomnia and the Dream

Insomnia is defined as lack of sleep, abnormal wakefulness.

Insomnia can be classified into:
- Dormicional: difficulty of reconciling the dream upon waking in the night.
- Posdormicional: Wake up early.
- Predormicional: difficulty falling asleep.

Sleep disturbance (difficulty falling asleep, early morning awakening, insomnia, fear of further exacerbating the lack of sleep, feeling of not having slept enough or have not slept well, excessive sleepiness) are a frequent reason for consultation. There are many people who take medication to sleep or not to wake at dawn.

The many drawbacks of the classical treatment can lead to consult a homeopathic physician, especially for end dependence and balance recover without medication. We must stress the importance of medical monitoring, since the cessation period is always delicate. The doctor may accompany your prescription with suggestions of healthy lifestyle and healthy habits, such as the abolition of stimulants (tea, coffee, etc..), A balanced diet and regular physical activity, favoring the recovery sleep normal.

Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia
It is used by many homeopathic remedies for insomnia. These may include:

- Insomnia because it provides a tense situation: Gelsemium sempervirens

- Insomnia from exhaustion in a very active individual: Nux Vomica

- Patient outdated that it can not get up in the morning due to his excesses: Lachesis mutus

- The patient is invariably exactly at two o'clock in the morning: Arsenicum album

"The patient wakes up at five in the morning and can not go back to sleep: Sulfur

- The patient feels well early in the morning but would go back to sleep at ten o'clock in the morning: Natrum mur.

The following table indicates some remedies that, if the symptoms are, occasional insomnia can be treated by a well-defined cause:

- Coffea cruda: Joy over

- Gelsemium sempervirens, Ignatia amara, Natrum mur: Great sadness sudden

- Chamomilla vulgaris, Colocynthis, Nux vomica: Cholera.

- Calcarea carb Colocynthis, Ignatia amara, Staphysagria: Vexation

- Staphysagria: Dispute

- Aconitum napellus, Bryonia Alba, Cocculus indicus, amara Ignatia, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox, Veratrum album: Fear, fear.

- Cocculus indicus: Lack of sleep (sleep, sick care, etc.)..

- Ambra grisea: lively conversation

- Nux vomica: Abuse of alcohol

Sleep disturbances in children
Sleep disorders reflect a constitutional problem, particularly when they appear at birth or an acquired problem, for which there is necessarily a causal factor which should discover in order to choose the appropriate remedy.

Sometimes when the child confuses night and day from birth and feels good during the day and longer at night, you can treat it with a single dose of Luesinum. Moreover, we need to distinguish between insomnia at bedtime (the child will not go to bed) and insomnia characterized by waking up at midnight or at dawn, whatever its cause (night terror , nightmares, fear of the dark, etc.)..

The table below indicates some remedies prescribed in case of insomnia for children

Homeopathy for sleep disorders in children
- The child refuses to go to sleep for being agitated. Medorrhinum

- He wakes up at midnight. Arsenicum album, Kali carbonlcum

- The child has insomnia because it alters its environment, including changes in the location of furniture or objects. Vipera berus

- The child gets up at night and entertain at home alone. Cactus grandiflorus

- The child suffers from insomnia when sleeping away from home: Capsicum annuum.

Here we note another of the dozens of homeopathic remedies for sleep disorders:

(+++) Dream lethargic or comatose, with severe snoring or rattling breathing, deep sleep during chills and fever, which does not rest; worse between seizures. Coma vigil; incomplete dream, can not awaken. Sleepy, but you can not sleep. Falling asleep during the fever. Restless sleep with anxious dreams. Insomnia with great hyperacusis, the ticking of the clock or any noise, even minimal (up to the crowing of a rooster) keep you awake with anxious concern, takes many turns in bed. Strong shaking sleeping or carphology (see 9). Weird Dreams, pleasant, erotic.

(+++) Sleep disturbed, restless. Takes to fall asleep at great flow of ideas is awake nearly all night, insomnia (Foubister). He wakes up with shivering. Sounds exciting. The child sleeps in a characteristic position, knee-chest or Mohammedan prayer (Medorrhinum). They also sleep on your back, arms overhead (Pulsatilla).

(+ +) Dream day, insomnia at night. Tendency to sleep much. Sleep disturbed by cramps and diarrhea. He wakes up very early and can not go back to sleep by heat in the head and many ideas. Night terrors in children with convulsive movements of the hands.

Carboneum hydrogenisatum
(+ +) Long and very deep sleep, interrupted by cramps in the jaws and toes.

(+ +) Dreams anxious, worse lying on left side or after a mortification ... pleasant drowsiness or sleep at night after noon overwhelming. Sleeplessness before midnight to 2 or after until dawn, coughing, eating very late and in abundance, excitement, fear, for headaches or congestion of the head, by itching, by shaking, by pains in the limbs, by palpitations, for discomfort, shocks or surprises in the States ...

Magnesia carb
(+ +) Sleep is not rest; is more tired when you get up to at bedtime. Violent yawning. Daytime sleepiness. Insomnia from flatulence or discomfort in the wisdom tooth. Can not sleep after 2 or 3. Anxious dreams: he speaks, screams, and jumps. He dreams of fire, thieves, feuds, mishaps, money, pleasure, death, floods, etc.

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