Homeopathy for the Liver

Homeopathy for liver:
Below are some of the major homeopathic remedies for the liver. According to the symptoms that occur and will be the election that the homeopathic physician will make all the homeopathic remedies available.

Carduus Marianus
(+++) The scope of Carduus Marianus focuses primarily on the liver. There is a passive congestion, a plethora of portal venous system. Right upper quadrant fullness in need of inspiration. Pain in the liver, twitching or throbbing, worse from pressure and lying on the left side lay stress on the right side.

(+++) The main focus of action of Chelidonium is the liver. Stitches in the liver extended to the back, especially the lower and inner angle of right scapula. Pains in the liver extended to the back or down, better after eating. Biliary colic by gallstones. Hypertrophy (perpendicular) and hepatic congestion, with fullness and tenderness. Liver swollen, hard, painful. Acute and chronic hepatitis ..

Magnesia mur
Induration and enlargement of the liver, with burning pains and pressing cue made worse when walking.

Also called Hepatine, has been used in very prolonged hepatitis virus, giving the medication proximate the 6th, 3 times per week, resulting in 3 or 4 weeks normalize bilirubin, improve erythrocyte, to remove the pigments and bile salts erina and halt the increase in blood transaminase.

25 - (+++) The liver is one of the main centers of action of Digitalis. Liver sore and hard, congested, sensitive to pressure. Liver in cardiac hypertrophy. Tables obstructive bile duct, with large liver pain, jaundice, slow pulse and feces discolored.

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