Homeopathy: Medicines, Dilutions, granules, pellets, drops

The homeopathic medicine
A principle of homeopathy is already discussed the principle of infinitesimal dose, ie the use of the drug in highly diluted doses.

If a patient's medications were used in doses too heavy weighting would be added to the clinical drug intoxication. Given this need to minimize the toxicity of drugs, Hahnemann had the idea to gradually decrease the dose of substance used to achieve, after numerous investigations infinitesimal dose. He realized that the external dilution of the drug, accompanied by a certain number of shocks after each solution, not only decreased the toxic effect but increased the effectiveness of the medicinal product.

The infinitesimal is justified by observation of clinical and experimental facts, as from 4 CH nothing remains of the substance used in homeopathic medicines.

Classes dilutions
Fold dilution Hahnemann - CH:
The most commonly used (at 1/100th) prepared by mixing one part of base substance and 99 parts solvent. The mixture is shaken vigorously-is said to be energized "by a vibrating device, then we have the first Hahnemann-1CH-hundredth, one hundredth part of this first Hahnemann mixed with 99 parts of solvent is the 2CH, and so on.

Dilution decimal Hahnemann - DH:
It is a dilution of 1 / 10. Used mainly in homotoxicology.

Presentation of drugs
The granules come in tubes of 4 g. 80 granules in all dilutions prescribed at the rate of 5 pellets per shot.

The globules, smaller than the granules. A tube-dose of 1 g. contains about 200 cells and is absorbed at once, leaving it to dissolve slowly under the tongue.

The drops used an excipient fortified to 30 v / v. They are rather reserved to low dilutions (decimal Hahnemannian DH and TM) and absorbed either alone or diluted with pure water.

All other dosage forms exist in homeopathy: creams, ampoules, suppositories, ova ...

These medications include:

unit, ie a single substance is used in medicine.

complex, ie different substances used in homeopathic medicines that have side clinical indications. These are used primarily in homotoxicology.

Points to consider in Homeopathy
As to whether homeopathy can be combined with any type of feeding, especially with substances such as coffee and mind, we say that according to some studies, contrary to popular belief, the mint as is the cafe taken to distance of homeopathic medicines do not pose an antidote to its action. However, the true Homeopathy recognizes the usefulness of a dietary change to improve the effect of homeopathic medicines. If we wish to mobilize the energies of the patients asleep! The better was achieved in advance if we change old mental habits and food are what led us to the disease!

So we need a real health regimen back to the vegetarian and revitalizes the body tired and sick of so much food poor in vitality and energy. With that achieved in most cases that homeopathy is only a supplementary measure to help patients in a chronic state, need to rely on homeopathy to feel an easing of certain disorders.

Taking drugs does not exclude the association of other drugs, including allopathic, since its action is not located at the same level. But it would be a great contradiction to use both types of drugs because then what we get with homeopathic medicines with strong destroy what we allopathic medicines.

Recall the Arndt-Schultz law:

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