Homeopathy for Memory

Memory can be defined as the psychic ability to retain, recall and recognize past states of consciousness.

Amnesia is memory loss or impairment.

The following are some of the major homeopathic remedies have been used to combat memory loss and its various symptoms. If you have any health problem should visit a health professional so you can meet the right way your problem.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Memory

() Poor or very poor memory: forgetting what is going to do or what you just either do or say just this to say. He forgets the words most familiar. The child can not learn because their memory is poor and not allowed to keep or remember anything, forget the recommendations and reprimands. The adult forgets the topography of the neighborhood where he lives lost even on streets that are well known. The old man has forgotten everything, even the very names and unusual words. Senile dementia.

Kali bromatum
() There is an obvious intellectual deficits especially located in the area of memory. Memory loss. You forget how to speak, we should say the word before you can say it, has lost the mechanism of expression of the word, there is an inability to speak (aphasia with amnesia). Memory is limited to dates and words, his writing is unintelligible by omission of words or parts of words, or by repeating words or wrong in its location. He is wrong in places or talking use inappropriate words or the opposite (eg, cold-heat). Is absent, distracted, or domed, with difficulty in thinking and understanding (especially if you have wet dreams).

() Is forgetful, memory is very poor; forgets his own name, and try to remember but can not remember names, common words and, above all, the initial letter of words has to ask the name of your best friend . Loses the thread of the conversation, because he forgets what he just said or what they will say he can not finish the sentence when speaking.

() Memory weak, weak, for names, persons or places, forget what you just read, what he said or what was said, or where it goes. Has a deficit of ideation, focuses heavily, especially for writing or numeracy (is unable to load), is forgetful, absent, dazed and even confused, especially after eating, and not know where you get lost in well-known streets or not recognize their relatives or their own home. It has errors when speaking (misplaced words), reading, calculating or when speaking of places or locations.

Phosphoric acid
() His memory is limited to the facts of the day, for what you have read, for words, forget the words when speaking, or after sexual excesses or elderly; family by not remember names. He speaks slowly in a garbled, incoherent or monosyllabic.

() There is Conium progressive mental deterioration, evidenced by its inability to mental activity, to sustain an effort or intellectual work (which fatigue) and also a physicist, is indolent, they lack will, slow way of being act (in movement) and think. Slowness in old age. Apathetic, has no interest in anything, indifferent, especially walking outdoors and during fever. This confusing, it costs to fix the attention or understand what he hears or reads. Your senses are obtuse. Has difficulty learning. His memory is diminished, especially for dates, can not express themselves correctly. Feeling tired brain.

() Confusion as if intoxicated by night on waking; walking outdoors. Forgetfulness. Can not remember which side of the street you live, you can not find her house is lost even in well-known streets, because it does not recognize, he is confused: the streets (and more familiar things), we are rare, strange, and The way home seemed very long, can not say where she is or where he was. Do not know who is the same, or recognize anyone, not even their closest relatives, rejects his wife and children.

() Brusca memory loss, especially in old and after a burnout on a long and painful brain work. The patient is very upset and concerned about his lack of memory, because this confused and unable to meet their occupations, everything seems to be a dream or something unreal (Med). "You forget everything, and to be aware of that, you lose your appetite" (Guernsey). Forgetful, especially tomorrow. Insufficient memory for names, for the words and what they just read or think, does not hold nothing better in the afternoon.

Helleborus Niger
() The slow or diminished intellect is manifested in the impairment of memory, which is deficient: forget what you heard or read or said, or what is to say, and also the words.

() His memory is poor, poor, the aggravating and mental effort, for all that, you have an aversion to mental work and can not decide, is undecided. You can get to mental confusion, especially before menses, after eating, mental effort, when you speak and when he awoke, relieved after mourn. It is slow, even to speak, but can also talk fast. As absent.

() His memory is poor, can not remember the names of people who frequent or persons therein, or dates, or titles of books they have read or own, or place names and streets of a city that knows well. Almost total inability to concentrate his thoughts. Children who can not concentrate, with great difficulty in learning, especially those of arithmetic or mathematics. He is wrong in the calculations.

Calcarea phos
() Use the wrong words to write, or repeat the same word twice. Poor memory: do not remember what I just did.

() You need to read a passage several times to get to understand it. Stunning worse by reading or thinking. Poor memory. That very slowly leads to indolence, and fails to finish anything he starts. Indecision.

() Intellectually, he has difficulty in thinking and understanding, especially in children. His memory is poor, for the words to say what you will. He forgets the words when speaking, and it aggravated the mental efforts. Acute or chronic illness by unusual or prolonged mental effort (Allen).

() Loss of memory, especially of recent events. Can not remember what you just read or hear.

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