Homeopathy for menstruation (Rule)

Menstruation may be accompanied by a number of associated symptoms that can cause unbearable for some women.

Premenstrual Syndrome
It is named the set of physical and psychological discomfort that occurs in some women during the days before menstruation. Its origin is the subject of multiple hypotheses, much discussed, and is associated with a hormonal disorder (not enough progesterone).

Premenstrual syndrome is a variable time after ovulation. As appropriate, causes fluid retention, leading to swelling of the ankles or eyelids, passenger weight gain, swelling and soreness of breasts, feeling of abdominal distention, pain in lower abdomen, skin problems (acne), headaches, eating disorders, etc.. In psychological terms, this syndrome is primarily responsible for stress, feeling unwell and alterations in mood.

Homeopathic treatment
Many homeopathic remedies are useful in treating premenstrual syndrome and the various symptoms associated with menstruation. For this reason, choosing the appropriate remedy is necessary to investigate the particular characteristics of the patient. In the case of disturbances in mood, for example, is presented as sadness, anger, violence or crisis unjustified jealousy? Do you have the patient in some other disorder before menstruation (hemorrhoids, sweating, dizziness)? Do you need to wear a bra to relieve breast pain or, conversely, can not bear bra? What position is most comfortable? Do you have a real relief when menstruation occurs, or discomforts persist during or after?

Painful periods. Homeopathic Remedies

Severe pain, spasmodic. Patient agitated and angry. The pains are relieved when lying down with knees bent.

Veratrum album
Violent colicky pain associated with diarrhea and vomiting. Patient ice, covered with cold sweat, often agitated, talkative. Exaggerated sexual arousal before menstruation.

Viburnum opulus
Dolores as heaviness in the region of ios ovaries, associated with pain in the lower back that radiates down the thighs. Agitated patient. The pain is most intense just before menstruation.

Dolores moody, often as heavy. Short and delayed menses, intermittent. Chills before menstruation. Patient sad, crying a lot and seeks solace.

Sepia officinalis
Periods of low abundance, usually delayed, which may be extended with little bleeding and blackish. Pain associated with a feeling of heaviness that radiates to your lower back. Patient depressed and irritable, especially with those close, sometimes prey to a mania for order before menstruation. The pain is relieved with exercise or movement.

Cimicifuga racemosa
More intense pain is the more abundant the flow. Radiating down the thighs and calm down when the woman is folded in two. They are associated with pain in her left breast and lumbar heaviness. In some cases, cramps, muscle twitching, restlessness and anxiety.

Other homeopathic remedies for menstruation

Aletris farinosa
(+++) Frequent and profuse menses, with labor pains. Passive haemorrhages, with large clots, black. O amenorrhea or scanty menstruation and far between.

(+++) Menses copious, bright red mixed with dark clots, fluid containing blood clots, or pale, warm like melted wax, painful, frequent or late, offensive; suppressed.

Premenstrual fatigue, cramping, anorexia, and blurred vision. During menstruation: cramps, yawning, chills, anxiety, thirst, burning, cramp-like pains in the back and arms, night sweats, chest.

(+++) Menses early, too heavy, very painful, with pinzantes pain or cramping, nausea and gastralgia extended to the lower back. Membranous menses (dysmenorrhea membranous). Flow transparent albuminous, like boiled starch or egg white, acrid, excoriating, burning, sticky, especially between the two periods, in mid-or post-menstrual cycle, heavy, warm, giving the sensation of hot water that seeps through thighs. Bloated feeling in the clitoris with needles. Vulvar itching, eczema of vulva.

(+++) Menses frequent and copious, or late, sparse and short, the blood flows only at night (day nothing), with pain bearing down. Metrorrhagia mild intermenstrual. Menses every two weeks, dark and clotted. Premenstrual or postmenstrual flow, transparent or white, albuminous, pungent, sticky, greenish-worst walking and night, leaves green stains on clothing. Pubis pain during menstruation.

Carbo animalis
(+++) Menses frequent and prolonged; offensive; black. Flow burning, worse walking, which stains clothes yellow. Menstruation leaves only tomorrow. Metrorrhagia.

(+++) Menses too early and copious (with fainting) of bright red blood, clotted, thick blood. During menstruation, pain radiating from the navel to the uterus, nausea and vomiting. After menstruation, weakness out of proportion to the amount of blood lost.

Dolores bearing down towards the genitals and anus.

Lac caninum
(+++) Menses scanty, with great irritability on the first day, sometimes nauseous paroxysmal pain, or pain in the left ovary or lumbar region pains better bending backwards. Menses early, heavy, coming out in spurts, bright red, sticky or stringy, or until membranous. Flow only during the day, worse standing or walking, bloody, white or yellowish. Severe and constant pain in right ovary, the better from menstruation, pain in left ovary, which crosses the hypogastric, the pains extend to the thighs or alternate sides.

Magnesia carb
(+++) Menses late, scanty, short, bloody, thick, dark or black as tar and it is difficult to clean; with cutting or delivery, back pain, weakness and chills. Menstruation flows much more or only at night, lying down or sleep and goes off when walking or when the stomach hurts. General aggravation during menstruation, headaches, fainting. White mucus and corrosive.

Frequent and copious Menstruacioncs (+++) with serious, painful and intense lacrimation, dysmenorrhea membranous, with erosion or ulceration of the neck. Thick and irritating. Imminent abortion. Constant sensation as if menses come. Metrorrhagia. Lumpy breasts hard and painful.

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