Homeopathy for Pain

Compilation of some of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies for pain. Some of these substances are specific to particular organ (kidney Cantharis, Verbascum, facial neuralgia; Cheledonium, liver; Euphorbium, cancer, etc..), And others are more related to the type of pain. There are many other homeopathic remedies used to relieve pain without the need for drugs, but as always will be the homeopath who to know the type of pain, along with the mode and location will be better prepared to know what remedy Homeopathy is the most appropriate in each case.

At the end of the article we have put more homeopathic remedies according to specific procedures. For more information on the remedy can search our search engine.

Homeopathic Remedies for Pain

(+++) Terrible burning pains, burning, as if a red-hot charcoal or coals were on or within the affected parties, internal or external, especially in cancer, carbuncle or erysipelas (when Anthracinum Arsenic or not improve). Burning pains in the bones. It is one of the best remedies to relieve cancer pain. Pressing pains, tearing or piercing, worse at rest, better by motion.

(+++) Symptoms such as fever, sweating, twitching, seizures, etc.., And especially the pain, appear and disappear abruptly. "It's one of the most painful remedies, and their pain is usually pounding, throbbing, terebrantes, burning, cutting, pinching, pressing, as if scraping, stabbing or tearing, aggravated by the pounding, movements, cough, light , touch and cold. They come in short fits, paroxysmal, and accompanied by redness of face and eyes.

Berberis vulgaris
(+++) Berberis pains are stinging, burning, lancinating, in jerks, tearing pinzantes and constantly changing place, with radiation in all directions and at any distance, even far from the place of origin that usually is the back especially the lumbar region). The pain can strike up or down. The pains are aggravated by standing or active exercise or movement, and enhance the outdoors. Wandering pains.

(+++) Bone pains, the bones are very sensitive to touch (more on the lower limbs), with red, raised spots on the skin, very painful. Inflammation of bones and joints with pain worst intolerable cold night and movement. Touching any part of body, mind feels extremely sore, and ulcerated. Periostitis with suppuration and necrosis. Deep bone pain, worse walking. Periarticular skin suppuration. Gouty or rheumatic pains, erratic, diagonally. Growing pains.

(+++) Facial neuralgia (one of the most important drugs), especially caused or aggravated by temperature changes, left or right, which occurs mainly at 9 pm or 9 to 16 hours (reaching the maximum at noon and then gradually decreases until it disappears at 16 hours), the pains are paroxysmal, drawing or pressing or as if you squeezed with pliers, and is worse in bed, lying down, by air currents, cold air and stormy weather, the general movement of the jaw, chewing, under pressure, sneezing, talking, playing and waking, with lacrimation and, sometimes, coryza, extending to the malar bone. Pain in the temporomandibular jaw joint.

(+ +) Tearing, darting, stinging (and bones), nerve, high intensity, which are down; numbness almost all pains.

Formica rufa
(+ +) Wandering rheumatic pains, which appear abruptly, with stirring. Pains worse from motion, better by pressure, with right predominance. Burning pains, worse from washing in cold water. Cutting pains. Dolores going from left to right or vice versa.

(+ +) Pains, neuralgic or rheumatic have very distinctive patterns. Generally they are tearing, erratic, often with local sensation of numbness, and they are aggravated by disturbance of the atmosphere sarométricas, especially before and during storms or sudden changes in weather, cold wet and rest, and improve after storms, in dry and stable weather, moving or walking and local heat. The pains come from the inside out.

(+++) Painful swelling of the mastoid, worse by touch (very sensitive) marrow cavities and suppuration in the mastoid and petrous temnporal. One of the main remedies for acute mastoiditis; tearing.

(+++) Burning pains, burning, sharp, raw, excoriated, aches, internal and external tearing and stinging from the outside in, pinching in inner parts. Stitches.

(+++) Acute nephritis. Kidney pains during an urgency to urinate, burning, sharp, paroxysmal, tearing, spread to the urethra and penis, better pressure on the glans, with tearing pain in the coccyx.

(+++) Severe pains, neuralgic, shooting, cutting, cramping, stabbing, tearing, burning, pressing, extremely violent, intermittent, with great agitation, anxiety and cries, which usually appear after an anger, indignation and mortification, more frequent on the left and always aggravated by extension and relieved by pressure, bending, hard pressure or by movement or local heat. When the pain reaches sufficient intensity, are nausea and vomiting or fainting. These types of pain are similar to those of Magnesia Phosphorica, Colocynthis contains salt in considerable quantity.

(+++) Gnaphalium The main indication is in sciatica, especially the right side, with severe pain as sharp or arrows, alternating with local numbness or are replaced by him, ranging from the right hip, his face posterior limb to the foot, worse lying down and moving; better sitting on a chair and flexing the thigh on the abdomen. The going gets very tiring.

(+++) The main focus of action of Chelidonium is the liver. Stitches in the liver extended to the back, especially the lower and inner angle of right scapula. Pains in the liver extended to the back or down, better after eating. Biliary colic by gallstones.

Magnesia phos
(+++) Intense neuralgic pains, very sharp, which follow the course of the affected nerve and appear suddenly, like lightning that comes and goes, quickly changing, that appear in paroxysms that make cry, which can be all types of sensation, predominantly as cramps, but never hot, or are aggravated by the slightest cold and the slightest contact and improved heat and hot applications and pressure, dominated on the right side of the body, generally agree or alternating with a feeling of constriction with great prostration and sometimes with profuse sweating.

Arsenicum album
Dolores (+++) burning, burning: the affected parts burn like fire, like they were hot coals, with the curious peculiarity that improve with local or general heat.

Homeopathy for pain according to specific procedures
Gradually appears and disappears suddenly: Argentum metallicum Argentum, Puisatilía.
Gradually appears and disappears suddenly: Belladonna, Hypericum perforatum, Lachesis mutus, Puisatilía.
Appears and disappears suddenly: Argentum, Belladonna, Kali bichromicum, Nitric acid, decandra Phytolacca, Rhus tox.
Throbbing pain: Belladonna, China officinalis.
Burning pain: Apis mellifica, Arsenicum album, Bryonia alba, Cantharis vesicatoria, Capsicum annuum, Causticum, Phosphorus, Spongia Tosta, Sulfur.
Changing pain, wandering Kali bichromicum Pulsatilla.
Sharp pain, like pricking: Apis mellifica, Bryonia alba, Kali carb.
Splinter sensation: Agaricus muscarius, Argentum, Hepar sulfur, Nitric acid, Silica.
Contusion or bruise: Arnica montana, China officinalis, Eupatorium períoliatum, Rhus tox, Ruta graveolens.
Hypersensitivity to pain: Chamomilla vulgaris, amara Ignatia, Lachesis mutus, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Sepia officinalis, Silica, Staphysagria.

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