Homeopathy for Polyps

Definition of polyp
Tumor diverse structure, but in a pedunculated, which is formed and grows in the mucous membranes of different cavities. (That has many feet).

They differ with the following terms:

* Adenomatous polyp.
* Polyp heart.
* Polyp fibrin.
* Polyp retention.
* Vascular polyp.
* Retention Polyp
* Polyp Hopmann

Here are some of the homeopathic remedies most commonly used to treat different kinds of polyps: Nasal polyps, polyps in uterus (uterine) vaginal vocal cord, bladder, rectum, and so on. Always take into account each person's particular symptoms. If necessary visit to a homeopath or health care professional to receive proper treatment. For more information on the homeopathic remedy click on their name.

Homeopathic Remedies for polyps

Sanguinarium nitricum
(+++) Nasal polyps, probably is most useful to Sanguinaria, especially when in acute situations, the polyps are swollen or full, determining a total obstruction of the nose, accompanied by heavy mucus or watery discharge, pains hot or raw in the mucosa, with frequent sneezing and copious watering. Sensation in the nostrils as if he had eaten horseradish. Hypertrophied turbinates in the beginning.

(+++) Nasal polyps, with a tendency to bleed.
(+ +) Uterine polyps that bleed easily.
(+++) Aphonia. Edema of glottis. Laryngeal polyps.

Teucrium Marum
(+++) Is one of the most important drugs of nasal polyps, especially the back of the nose, nasal obstruction on the worst side is lying and the warmth of the bed and time, and with a huge red granite below the right nostril near the wall, it hurts and burns when touched, with a constant tendency to blow by the feeling of having a large lump in the nose. Frequent sneezing, even without coryza, with violent tingling, especially at the root of the nose, itching or tingling or constant, worse on the right, with tears in his right eye. Nasal obstruction is worse on the right and does not improve or sneezing or by blowing. Ozena with green or yellow discharge, thick and fetid, with atrophy of the nasal mucosa. Anosmia. Outdoor fluent coryza, worse in damp weather.
(+ +) Isterinos polyps, vaginal polyp like a pear, which protrudes from the vulva.

(+ +) Feeling of swelling in the ear, with hearing loss. Noises in the ears like boiling water or roaring, or crackling when swallowing saliva.
Polyp soft ear, pale red, which bleed easily when touched.
(+ +) Condylomata, warts or cauliflower excrescences on vulva and vagina.
Vulval ulceration, itching and burning. Recto-vaginal fistula. Vagina very sensitive to pain during intercourse, preventing it from doing so. Swelling and soreness of the labia. Uterine polyps. Prolapsed uterus.
(+) Polyps on the vocal cords. Hoarseness in the morning or when reading.

(+++) Is one of the remedies of the indurations, infiltration and stricture or stenosis. It has been used extensively and cancerous lymph glands, especially in scirrhous and epitheliomas, with large lymph nodes. Atrophy of glands. Polyps.
(+ +) Nasal polyps fibrous, hard and elastic. Hyperosmia. Nasal dryness.
(+++) Induration and hypertrophy of ovaries and uterus, with lancinating pain, trauma, induration of the cervix with burning and stinging pains. Prolapsed uterus with heaviness and pain. Uterine fibroid. Uterine polyps. Anteversion of the uterus.

Carbo animalis
(+++) Suppurations benign to malignant conditions change. Polyps hard. Spongy growths and ulcers.

Cadmium Sulphuratum
(+) Ozena. Nasal polyps. "No remedy I have been most useful in cases of ozena and polyps" (Clarke). Nasal obstruction. Nose asleep. Erysipelas. Caries of nasal bones. Nostrils ulcerated. Brown spots on the nose and cheeks.

Calcarea carb
(+ +) Calculation and bladder polyps. Cystitis. Retention of urine. Bladder spasm.

It has been used to 200th in the fibroid and uterine polyps, one to three times a week.

Lemna minor
(+++) The nose is the point of maximum Lemna action. Mucopurulent rhinitis with crusting and putrid odor from the nose. Ozena; atrophic rhinitis. Anosmia. Chronic coryza, with frequent colds and bouts of excessive sneezing, and runny, with swelling of the nasal mucosa or hypertrophied turbinates, with (or without) polyps, which, in very humid and rainy weather, swell and block the nose completely. It is one of the most important drugs in this problem, and occurs in very low powers (3rd X) or tincture (Cooper was a drop and hoped).

(+ +) Red nose, swollen and painful to touch, worse in the back, bright and shiny, especially in the plant. Nasal polyps that bleed easily.
Dry scabs, green and hard inside the nose. Excoriation or ulceration of the nostrils.
Protruding hemorrhoids that bleed easily (up to flatus), excoriating pain when sitting or lying down. Chronic hemorrhoids. Anal fissure and fistula. Rectal polyps. Taeniasis, ascariasis.

(+) Is a drug very deep tissue alterations: in cancer and scirrhous, exostosis, in fractures that consolidate very slowly, osteomalacia, polyps, fibroids; indurations. It is a drug of sycosis and syphilis. Lymphadenopathy.

(+++) Hay fever or spasmodic coryza. Claire says: "Psorinum has cured more cases of hay fever in my practice than any other remedy.

"Appears regularly each year on the same day the same month, asthma history, or eczematous psoric. The patient should be treated the previous winter to eradicate the diathesis and prevent summer attack" (Allen). Nasal polyps. Anosmia. Coryza chronic nasal obstruction by returning to form scabs after removal and postnasal discharge that wakes you at night.

Formica Rufa
(+ +) Has a marked influence the formation of polyps.

Hekla lava
(+ +) Facial neuralgia by dental caries or extraction of a decayed tooth, with local infection. Maxillary sinus polyp grows, distorting the face, compressing the eyeballs upward, blocking the nostrils and extending to the mouth, preventing him from breathing and chewing: with epistaxis and headache. Hypertrophy of the jaw.

Mercurius biiodatus
(+) Nasal polyps in the left side. Scaly eruption in the nostrils.

(+ +) Vulvo vaginal itching. Menorrhagia and metrorrhagia, for polyps and uterine fibroids. Flow corrosive, foul, brown, green or yellow.

(Excerpt from Ovary)
It is used in conditions following the removal of the ovaries, in Sos disorders of menopause (including skin disorders such as acne rosacea and prurigo) and ovarian cysts, usually "in the lower triturations" (Clarke). Bergeret says that is useful in fibroids (to 6th), uterine polyps and sterility (2 to 3 times per week). It seems to be a key symptom improvement during or just after menstruation.

Kali Bichromicum
(+++) Anosmia. A foul odor from the nose. Chronic frontal sinus with a sensation of obstruction above. Violent stitches in the right side of nose blowing. Nasal polyps. Pains in bones LaSala and at its junction with the cartilage.

Kali bromatum
(+) Spasmodic Stricture of the anus. Diarrhea with blood. Rectal polyps. Hemorrhoids are very painful with black stools. Anal fissure.

(+++) Displacement of the uterus prolapse and induration. Vagina dry. Oophoritis, metritis. Uterine polyps.

(+ +) Ovaries hypertrophied, with burning and stinging pains. Ovarian cysts. Menses frequent and copious, clots and blood out of date. Watery discharge, bloody, irritating, very offensive. Breast cancer, open, painful blisters and very fetid discharge; epithelioma; scirrhous. The milk comes out mixed with blood. Uterine cancer. Tumors and polyps of the uterus.

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