Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth can result in some women cause of functional derangement, more or less important. Homeopathy has proven very effective in disorders that can accompany childbirth (weak labor pains, prolonged labor, threatened abortion, hemorrhage, prevention of preterm birth, nausea, vomiting, postpartum depression, postpartum wounds, fear of death in the delivery, frequent urination, seizures during labor, constipation pregnancy or childbirth, fainting, hemorrhoids, fatigue, exhaustion, etc.).

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Homeopathic Remedies for Pregnancy and childbirth

During pregnancy
Homeopathy, which offers the advantage of not involve any toxic risk to the fetus, can easily alleviate many common minor ailments such as nausea, fatigue, leg pain, hemorrhoids, constipation, etc.. Examples include Collinsonia canadensis, Aesculus hippocastanum or Lachesis mutus to soothe hemorrhoids, or Colchicum autumnale, one of many possible remedies for nausea, which is prescribed as smell or just think of food causes nausea, if the slightest movement of and if the patient worsens gets cravings for different foods that turn into aversion as the smell.

Facilitating labor
Proper treatment of a woman during pregnancy may allow delivery confront calmly. From the viewpoint of homeopathy, ideally in a defensive manner prescribed a specific remedy for the patient, "similimum", shortly before delivery, during delivery, if necessary, and after delivery.

- "False labor" contractions are ineffective to dilate the cervix, which is rigid. The patient feels weak and thirsty. Caulophyllum thalictroides.

- "False labor" accompanied by chills and severe muscle weakness nervous. The patient does not feel thirsty, your face is purple. Gelsemiumsempervirens

- Extremely intense pain in the back, accompanied by cramps in the calves, desire to defecate and urinate and sometimes fainting. The patient is very irritable. Nux Vomica

- Back pain that radiates to the buttocks. The patient needs to pressure on the back, has the feeling that your body is hollow. Frequent belching. Kalicarbonicum

- Remedy nonspecific, sometimes indicated as a preventive at the start of labor to support the delivery or muscular effort to facilitate the removal and foster a good recovery afterwards. Arnica montana

- Facilitates labor when there rheumatic pains (especially in the hips and left breast) in late pregnancy or during (as contractions. It is recommended if contractions accompanied by cramps, chills, nervous or intense excitement, with irregular dilatation the cervix. Cimicifuga racemosa

Postpartum and breastfeeding
Homeopathy can accompany the young mother during the postpartum stage, sometimes delicate, help her overcome postpartum depression (transient depression that often occurs in the period following the birth of the baby) or if not reset or pregnancy or childbirth. As for breastfeeding, numerous remedies promote the secretion of milk (Lac caninum, Urtica urens, Zinoim metallicum), while some others may try various incidents such as cracks in the nipple (Graphites, for example) or painful rise milk.

Homeopathy Remedies
(+++) The large area of activity is the female genital organs, and especially so during childbirth, when the pains are irregular, when general exhaustion and stop when they are too painful, making the long and exhausting labor. The opening of the cervix is rigid and does not dilate during labor, there is a total uterine atony. The labor pains are spasmodic, paroxysmal, irregular, interrupted or weak, and come to an end, or are short and ineffective, often appearing in English and lower limbs. False labor pains, erratic is stomach pains during childbirth. Hemorrhage. False pregnancy. It is also the preventive par excellence, not only the disorders just mentioned in childbirth, but also preterm delivery. The indication is to take a daily dose of Caulophyllum 3rd or 6th or 12th or 30th for a month before the expected date of delivery, and are thus very normal births, little painful, easy, normal or short duration. It is also very useful in the flow of small, when copious and debilitating. Retained placenta weak with exhaustion and pain.

(+++) Burning pains in the vagina. Uterine pain of anger, paroxysmal. Bearing down pain in the uterus. Uterine cramping, after a fit of anger or premenstrual or during menstruation. As labor pains during menstruation. Excessive labor pains, spasmodic, that the much altered, or false, rigidity of the cervix during labor, uterine contraction in an hourglass, the fetus goes up instead of down.

(+++) Bleeding bright red blood and clear, that appears or is exacerbated by any physical effort or movement. Epistaxis, and meno metrorrhagia, melena, bleeding postpartum or pregnancy or uterine cancer.

Coffea cruda
(+ +) Very severe pains in threatened abortion or childbirth, excessive pain after. Labor pains irregular, ineffective and intolerable (see 2), cease, with verve and complaints.

Bladder pain (+++) as distension or fullness, after urinating pressive. Dysuria in women, especially during pregnancy and after childbirth, with extreme urgency and frequent urination, severe pain immediately following the end of urination, urine drops. Cutting and burning in urethra when urinating and after.

(+++) False labor pains that run up and back.
Labor pains sharp, very annoying and ineffective, which can be felt throughout the body. No pain in childbirth, with widely dilated orifice of the neck and complete lethargy. Spasmodic labor pains, weak, with great discomfort, go up the back. Nervous chills, with chattering teeth, the onset of labor. With every pain, the fetus seems to rise instead of fall. Threatened abortion by sudden emotions depressants or scares. During pregnancy: uterine violent pains, headache, double vision, drowsiness, dimness of vision, dizziness, and bradycardia, cramps in the belly and legs, seizures, albuminuria. Seizures during labor and puerperium.

(+ +) Chronic constipation, from puberty or since the last birth, with ineffectual urging and hard stools, small enough (if you think there is something in the rectum), difficult to pass because the urge to defecate is followed by a painful contraction of the anus or rectum (feces and receding), or during bowel prolapses. Constipation in pregnancy.

(+++) Is one of the main drugs on bleeding, they are painless, without fever, without anguish, liquid blood bright red, shiny, that appear in any body or any body opening, which can be spontaneous or traumatic origin, or in wounds, surgical or not, bleeding profusely, especially after a fall. Hemorrhages appear after muscular exertion or lifting weights or after the abolition of menstruation after abortion or childbirth (may be a preventative). All patients with bleeding tendency or Lachesis Millefolium should receive preoperatively (Vannier) or antepartum or before extracting a tooth.

(+++) Spasmodic contraction of the cervix during labor, especially first-years; contraction hourglass uterus, retained placenta with bleeding; wrongs. Abortion. False labor pains or ceasing; very weak.

Calcarea fluorica
(+ +) Since during pregnancy, favors an easy delivery.

Nux Vomica
(+ +) The birth pangs will cause fainting or urgent desire to defecate, pain of childbirth, false or inefficient, with the feeling that you must move your bowels or urinating. Entuertos very violent and prolonged.

(+++) Tendency to abortion or premature labor, the fifth to seventh month.

Trillium pendulum
(+++) Uterine bleeding caused by a threatened abortion (especially in the third month), or before or during or after childbirth, or menopause or movements or uterine fibroids.

(+++) Marigold is truly homeopathic antiseptic. In vulvo-vaginal injuries caused spontaneous or during birth. Indicated after cesarean in ruptures of the perineum during childbirth.

Viburnum prunifolium
(+ +) Labor pains weak, irregular and ineffective, or no progress despite having severe pain.

Genital area very sore after childbirth prevents postpartum hemorrhage and puerperal complications. At menopause pain, extreme weakness, hot head, cold body and bruising to the child, contact.

(+++) His thoughts revolve around death, "his death," the senses, predicts the time it will happen, there is real fear of dying, especially during pregnancy and childbirth.

Amylenum nitrosum
(+) In the epileptic seizure or still in status epilepticus, one inhalation to feel the aura can stop or mitigate the attack. Tetanus. Puerperal convulsions just finished the game.

Bellis perennis
(+ +) Great tired, in need of lying. Extreme fatigue after a great physical overwork, or after masturbation or childbirth.

Labor pains that go up, with frequent belching. False labor, decrease of the fetal head. Breast pain breastfeeding opposite: pain in left to suck on the right, and vice versa.

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