Homeopathy for Psoriasis

Definition of psoriasis
Eritematoscamosa dermatosis of unknown etiology, typical of Caucasians, the average age of his life, persistent or recurrent bouts and remissions with longer or shorter.

Homeopathy offers remedies to treat psoriasis with its symptoms, and for different skin conditions. In this article we have compiled some of the principal remedies used for psoriasis and skin disorders. For more information visit the article Homeopathy for skin. To learn more about the symptoms and natural treatments for psoriasis Psoriasis visit.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis

(+++) In the skin are the most characteristic symptoms of Petroleum.
Cracks or fissures in the skin (dry, thick, rough, dirty-looking), deep and bleeding, that occur or become worse in winter or cold weather, and located mainly in the hands and fingers, holes and creases cutaneous and mucosal articular . Eruptions tend to recur or worsen each winter or cold weather and relieved by heat or summer; crusty, pus-filled pimples; dry or humid bleed after scratching, eczema, abrasions, herpes, with drainage; herpes zoster, itching, papular, phagadenic, psoriasis, pustules, suppurative, urticaria, vesicular, with small blisters, itching, burning and always wet, and always worse by cold and winter. Suppressed eruptions, followed by a download (diarrhea, discharge, coryza). Brown or yellow spots. Itching in the elderly.

Unhealthy skin; slow to heal wounds or ulcerated. Boils. Painful ulcers, deep and raised edges. Bedsores. Warts.

Chilblains (see 29). Itching without rash, scratches to be raw, local cold after scratching, or burning.

(+++) The eruptions are usually itchy, worse heat of bed and bleeding from scratching, worse from washing or overheating; papules, vesicles, crusts, pustules, dirty, dry or wet with secretions from scent intolerable carrion, acne, eczema, herpes, hives, scabies, psoriasis (more in winter). Tendency to have lice.

Extremadmnente intense itching, no rash yet, not relieved by scratching, worse when in heat, even more, by the warmth of bed and after bathing, ends up in desperation and have to scratch until they bleed or until the skin is raw.

Berberis aquifolium
(+ +) Its central action is the skin, chronic diseases, psoriasis. Skin with pimples or bumps, dry, rough, scaly. Acne. Eczema dry.

Calcarea carb
(+ +) Skin: rough, flaccid, flabby, chapped, cold cracked after washing and in winter, pale, with red spots with white spots with dark edges, which become blue. Jaundice. Eruptions: burning, crusty, dry or wet, white or yellowish with white or glutinosa (Graph.), corrosive or yellow, copper, dry, eczema, herpes, itching, scaly and bran; phagadenic; granites with greenish crusts; psoriasis ; pustules, red rashes, scabies, tubers, nodules and induration, urticaria, vesicles, itching, worse in winter. Erysipelas.

Freckles. Excrescences, condylomata. Ulcers: bleeding, scabby; deep; of indurated, painless. Warts: fleshy, hard, cornea; hollow, red, round, pulsating, with the smell of rancid cheese. Wens. Goose bumps. Scalds in children.

Calcarea sulphurica
(+ +) Herpetic eruptions. Abscesses. Cuts, wounds, blows, etc.., Ill-looking, with purulent discharge with a slow cure. Burn that supueran chilblains. Purulent exudates on the skin. Boils or pimples, boils, yellow crusts. Smallpox in the stage of suppuration. Indolent ulcers of the lower limbs. Psoriasis. Urticaria. Dry eczema in children. Lead-gray skin.

Hydrocotyle asiatica
(+ +) The skin is the largest organ of Hydrocotyle action, especially in the form of a tendency to induration, infiltration, and exfoliation. Nearly circular spots, with raised edges and scaly. Red spots with white scales. Erythema with intense itching. Acne rosacea. Ichthyosis. Psoriasis. Lupus. Eselerodermia. Dermatosis crusted with great flaking. Leprosy. Gangrene after amputation. Acne.

Radium bromatum
(+ +) Psoriasis. Eczema. Nevus. Itching all over at night, sometimes with burning. Papules. Corns. Acne. Eczematous dermatitis, followed by ulceration and necrosis (exposure); epithelioma. Warts. Torpid ulcers.

Psoriasis of the penis eczema.

(+ +) Itching in different sites of the body, worse from heat and scratching, better by hot water or cold. Urticaria. Ichthyosis. Psoriasis. Erysipelas. Rosacea. Eczema. Pruritus of pregnancy. Abscesitos Collection.

Kali arsenicosum
(+ +) The skin is the most important field of action of this drug. Erysipelas. Acne with pustules worse during menses. Chronic eruptions, dry, scaly, intensely itching, itching is worse at night, warmth of bed, undressing, walking and cold air outbreaks, with fissures in the folds of the elbow and popliteal fossa; blisters , crusty, scaly, moist. Chronic Eczema and dry. Herpes zoster, especially on the right, the common cold. Psoriasis intensely itchy (one of the most important drugs). Generalized urticaria. Blisters with oozing, crusty. Lichen. Skin cancer, epitheliomas. Jaundice.

(+ +) Chafing, cracks or rashes (psoriasis, eczema) and itching in the joint creases. Burning all the skin in the evening and on rising from bed. The skin takes to heal, any injuries tend to ulcerate.

Voluptuous itching, better scratching; in the tibia and popliteal fossa.

Chronic ulcers, deep blue or purple edged with Ugudos pains worse at night, usually near a joint. Itching with raised patches of red and very painful periarticular. Chronic eczema.

Pityriasis. Erythema nodosum. Itching in sites that transpire; worse by sweating.

Ammonium carb
(+) Body red with crimson spots, as if he had scarlet fever, rash scaly, red, after scratching. Erysipelas in old with cerebral symptoms. Psoriasis. Leprosy. Eczema in folds of the extremities, anus and genitals.

Arsenic iodatum
(+) Eczema that secretes a watery fluid and hot, with comenzón to wash. Skin cold with internal heat. Chronic skin diseases. Psoriasis. Ichthyosis. Marked exfoliation of skin in large scales. Eczema of the beard, watery discharge, itching worse at washing. Pustular acne.

Sulphuratum Arsenicum rubrum
(+) Psoriasis (successful cases with the 2nd X crushing), eczema, boils, acne. Itching. Pellagra.

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