Homeopathy for Rheumatism

Definition of Rheumatism
A term used to designate a connective tissue disease whose symptoms are prominent pain and stiffness of some musculoskeletal structure.

They are different types of rheumatism which have been classified: acute rheumatoid arthritis, chronic joint, blennorrhagica rheumatism, cardiac rheumatism, gout or chronic, infectious, inflammatory, muscular rheumatism, etc..

Homeopathy offers remedies for many different INDICATED, so as the symptom picture and will be the homeopathic remedy must be used.

If necessary visit to a homeopath or health professional. And if you need more information on homeopathy remedy click on their name.

Homeopathic Remedies for rheumatism

Rhus tox
(+++) The great general feature of Rhus Tox, is formed by a very special form of their pain (and even other disturbances), which are commonly rheumatic worsen at the start of movement (after standing still or at rest, to get out of bed, sitting, etc.), but are improving as the movement continues, and then there are more moving or while moving, or moving the affected part.

(+++) Pains in the limbs, rheumatism, made worse when you start moving and relieved by movement, especially when walking and is continuing or by local heat, general or bed. Rheumatic pains after taking cold or in cold or wet. Acute or chronic rheumatism.

Joint pain the same methods, (tearing pain in tendons and ligaments, periarticular. Pain in the upper limbs, teor on the left (with cardiac symptoms) at night in stormy weather or to grab something, better by motion. Pain in the shoulders, as if dislocated, on cooling or wet weather, better from motion, walking and local heat.

Ledum palustre
(+++) Is one of the main drugs for rheumatism and especially gout, both acute and chronic. Pains are sticking, tearing, throbbing, settling in the joints, especially in small (see 26), which have around your painful nodules or tophi and crack on motion. The pain suddenly change places, jumping rapidly from one joint to another and always from the bottom up, and in the same or in subsequent attacks, usually starting in the feet, getting worse at night, motion and the warmth of bed (it is intolerable, and is revealed or leaves) or local, to improve the local cold for a cold bath or putting your feet and legs in cold water or felada, although the joints, pale and swollen, are cold to the touch (but not subjectively).

(+++) Neuralgic pains, rheumatism and bone, which appear and disappear suddenly, like an electric shock, radiating throughout the body and abruptly changing place, worse in damp weather, motion and night. Dolores periosteal living, burning, worse at night and wet weather, forcing the patient to move, without relief. Dolores osteócopos. Pain in the tendon insertion. Rheumatism and periosteal fibrous tissue.

Rheumatic gout, bone pains worse at night, warmth of bed and moving.

(+ +) Neuralgic or rheumatic pains in the limbs, drawing or tearing, especially in the upper right particularly worse at rest, at night and windy, cold and damp before the storms or to touch, improving the movement and walking, the pains seem to feel in the periosteum or bone, or the insertion of the tendons. Acute inflammation of the joints, swelling, redness and pain, jumping from joint to joint, since the weather changes and becomes poor, with particularly intense pain at night, at rest and stormy weather, and better from motion ; with abundant voids, which reduce the pain stop. Chronic rheumatism which particularly affects the small joints and ligaments. Pain in the wrists in the fingers, on your thighs, relieved by stretching the limb, and turning from side to side, or walking; in the knees and legs, better walking, on foot, in the heel and in the toes.

Salicylicum Acidum
(+++) Acute articular rheumatism attacking one or more joints, particularly the left side, with great swelling, heat and redness of joints, severe pain exacerbated by the slightest motion and touch the joint or by any shake, worst night, get up after sleeping an hour, with high fever, excessive sweating acrid smell, followed by a miliary eruption, tachycardia with pulse, full, soft, often caused by a cold, sometimes local dry heat relieves pain . Rheumatoid arthritis in menopause. Rheumatism from suppressed foot sweats.

(+++) Chronic rheumatism, worse from cold and new moon. Pain in the limbs: after sex, better by heat and humidity on the shoulders to take cold in the bones of the fingers, nail, ulcerative at the tips of the fingers, especially index . Constricting pain in the knee. Soreness in the feet when walking, the tips are painful. Joint stiffness in hips, knees and ankles. Contracture of the flexor muscles of the hands, with great pain to move the fingers.

(+++) Pains in the limbs, and growth. Gradual stiffness of all joints. Rheumatic pains, especially in long bones, as if they saw; nochce worse, the better the heat of the stove. Palms and soles sleeping with pinchacitos as pinpricks.

Rheumatism of the shoulder joint or the deltoid insertion, worse raising arm laterally if you want to lift it above the horizontal, the arm drops sharply. Very painful arthritis, swelling, redness and intense heat. Hard nodules rheumatic muscles. Sciatica, worse at night.

(+++) Rheumatism, when there is much pain and still no bloating, diarrhea or disappear suppressed hemorrhoids, cardiac metastases. Rheumatism especially in the upper limbs, wrists and ankles.

Actaea spicata
(+++) Is a prominently rheumatic drug, especially of small joints, wrists, ankles and fingers (especially the right index finger) and feet in the right arm and wrist, the wrist is swollen and red. The joints swell by less fatigue. The pains are tearing or drawing and are aggravated by touch or movement.

Formica Rufa
(+++) Rheumatism appears suddenly, with preferential localization joint, especially on the right side, with concern, although the movement needs to move him the pain worse, better by pressure, friction, and after midnight, with sweats, who did not improve; erratic pains. Gouty pains or rheumatic rheumatic old general or local, internal or external. Nodosities periarticular. Feeling as if the muscles were stretched and were torn from their attachments. Stiffness and contraction joints.

Calcarea phos
(+++) Rheumatism worse in cold weather or exposure to cold, better in the spring, is back in autumn, flying pains from getting wet in the rain. Aching thighs in wet, cold weather. Stitches in small spots on the buttocks. Rheumatic pains in upper limbs worse in cold weather, first left, then right. Knee pain going from left to right, worse walking. Arthritic finger nodes. He slept the legs, buttocks and belly, worse sitting (can not rise from his chair), traveling and night.

(+++) Pains in the limbs, rheumatism, relieved by warmth of bed and they are aggravated by air and from the slightest exertion or when starting to move; erratic. Joint pain, especially right upper limb. Pains in shoulders, elbows, fingers, hip, thighs and knees in the open air on the feet and soles, better by warmth of bed. Soreness in the thighs and legs in the morning in bed, and between the thighs. Sciatica.

Lacticum acid
(+ +) Is an important drug for rheumatic fever or chronic rheumatism, swelling, stiffness, tenderness and joint pains that are aggravated by movement (Bryony) and jump from one joint to another, especially when it coincides with diabetes .

(+++) Hot Arthritic swelling of the hands. Painless paralysis of limbs.
Painless paralysis of lower limbs cold. The knees are loosened by weakness, worse walking, unsteady gait, seems to fall to one side feels useless legs. Hemiplegia. Tabes. Pain: in the thighs, knees, can not rest in any position, worse on motion. Knee is swollen and sore, with cracks when moving. Acute articular rheumatism.

(+++) Acute or chronic rheumatism, gout especially in members from right to left; erratic and pains that are aggravated by movement and by cold and relieved by moist heat occurs mainly in autumn spring or summer and in hot weather, or when days are still hot and the cold nights. Acute flares in chronic rheumatism. Hyperuricemia. At the beginning of acute rheumatism, before being fully extended. Rheumatic attacks that begin and end suddenly. Rheumatic pains in the joints that are stiff, hot, very painful, red and swollen, especially in small joints. Tearing in warm weather, stinging cold.

Ferrum mur
(+++) Weakness in the limbs with a tendency to lie. Sudden cramps day. Acute rheumatism of right shoulder joint, with tearing pains that prevent any movement or Lift up the arm, worse at night, he does get out of bed and walking slowly, improving pain, pain extended to the collarbone, arm and elbow.

Fluoric acid
(+ +) Pain in right shoulder joint with stiffness, for rheumatism, the pain spreads to the fingers, like turning air downward. Rheumatic pains blennorrhagica home in shoulders and arms, in the right arm.

(+++) Rheumatic pains in muscles of neck and back, with violent pains stiffness, tension and spasmodic contractions, worse on the left, the head is directed backward, not turning it. Pain in the back, worse bending forward. Stiff neck from cold air, even shaking hands. Tenderness of the spinous processes of the first three thoracic vertebrae and cervical spine, worse fatigue, typing, playing piano, sewing, knitting, etc.., The slightest pressure causes a sharp pain and even vomiting.

Kalmia latifolia
(+++) Rheumatic pains in the limbs, acute or chronic joint or muscle, particularly in arms and lower legs and ankles, jumping abruptly from one joint to another and go from the root to the tip of the limb; Hot, red and swollen, the pains are usually lancinating, and aggravated by movement, in the first part of the night and at noon (following the curve of the sun rising and falling over), and improve eating; accompanying or alternating with numbness local, often with heart complications.

Rheumatic (+++) in the limbs, especially in women, especially located in the small joints (Actaea Spic., Sticta) and the short muscles. Drawing pains, intermittent, paroxysmal, on wrists, fingers, thighs, knees, ankles, feet and toes. Rheumatic pains in the joints of the fingers, erratic, changing place every few minutes, with marked stiffness. Joint pain cutting to close the hands. Cracking joints when walking or turning around. Rheumatism in menopause.

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