Homeopathy for seizures

Homeopathy has many remedies to treat seizure disorders and the various ways this can occur: seizures in children and its prevention, seizures in epileptic seizures, violent muscle spasms, convulsions in meningitis, seizures, fever, convulsions of anger , etc, etc.

As always recommended, the key is able to explain your symptoms homeopath every patient develops individuals and what makes it unique from another person, so that way the homeopath know decide the appropriate homeopathic remedy for you.

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Homeopathic remedies for seizures
() Convulsions, especially in children with high fever during the teething, during menstruation and the puerperium, for excitement, for bright objects or vexatious or to see water worse by light and when touched; predominant side right or on one side, preceded by a strange aura, as if a mouse was running through the skin, starting at the arm to fall, sometimes backwards, with paralysis. Korea. Tetanus, wounds on the soles of feet and toes.

Cuprum metallicum
() The main area in which centralizes the action of Cuprum is in muscle activity, which is manifested in two ways: through seizures or contracture, cramps or spasms of violence, which appear and disappear abruptly. Seizures have characteristics that allow for easy identification. Seizures in meningitis, cholera, whooping cough, scarlet fever, etc..

Nux Vomica
() The known spasmogenic action of Nux Vomica is reflected both in the smooth muscles, often as antiperistalsis (esophagus, stomach, intestines, uterus, bladder, rectum, etc..) (See Individuals) and in the striated and, in the latter as cramps or contractions, or spasms as electric shocks, or chorea. But especially where convulsions or tetanus is most important. Seizures especially right side, appearing after a fit of anger, by bending the head backwards for any excitement or emotion ..

Agaricus muscarius
() Excessive involuntary muscle activity in the most various ways: shaking, trembling, jumpiness, myoclonus, tremor, choreic movements. All this hyperactivity ceases during sleep. Epileptic seizures suppressed eruptions or milk, or excitement or fright, with fall, every 7 days; worst post-coital, better by vomiting. Body convulsed as electrified. Catalepsy. Korea, pretormentas worse.

() Seizure-in children, from fright or intestinal parasites, after eating, the child vomits, cries out suddenly and lose consciousness. Seizures worse at night or sleeping or eating or after shocks,,,

() Seizures triggered by flashes of direct or reflected light in bright objects on the surface of water or a mirror, or just by thinking about any kind of liquid or water view, by anger, by the slightest contact or the slightest air flow, strain, from fright

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