Homeopathy for Sinusitis

Homeopathy and remedies for sinusitis

Definition of Sinusitis
Inflammation of the lining of a breast, face especially. It distinguishes a frontal sinusitis, maxillary, ethmoid and sphenoid according to site of inflammation.

Causes of Sinusitis
* Can be produced as a result of nasal or dental infection. It translates as pain above or below the orbit associated with a sense of tension that often increases when lying flat, with coughing and straining, or at nightfall. Sometimes it causes purulent discharge, either through the nose or down the throat.
* A local trauma can cause sinusitis.
* It also tends to favor the appearance and chronicity of inflammation sinus blockage of nasal passages (often congenital), in these circumstances seromucous secretions of the mucosa can not flow outward and stored in the breast itself, forming a optimal ground for the emergence of microbes.

Different symptoms of sinusitis and its treatment with homeopathy
In case of sinusitis, we always recommend consulting with a homeopath or health care professional. The following are some homeopathic remedies that can alleviate the symptoms of acute sinusitis.

In chronic sinusitis, homeopathic treatment requires finding a substantive remedy. For more information on homeopathic remedies click on their name.

Homeopathic remedies for sinusitis

Kali Bichromicum
Pain around the eye socket and cheekbone, thick mucus, sticky, sticky, greenish yellow discharge.

Mercurius sol
Greenish yellow secretion that irritates the nostrils, the smell is foul, aggravation by heat and light. Earache. Appears after exposure to damp cold.

Heaviness in the forehead, often to the left, which is aggravated in the morning. Secretions thick, sticky, stringy, yellow, streaked with blood. Nasal obstruction, discharge into the throat.

Yellow discharge that is irritating, especially in the morning, evening nasal obstruction, loss of smell. Is aggravated by heat. Pulsatilla (should be avoided in case of otitis).

Hepar sulfur
Sinusitis superinfected, thick secretions, pus, pain aggravated by cold.

Superinfected sinusitis, persistent, with recurrence in autumn and spring, in a fatigued person who needs to sleep, whose discomfort decreased with the heat.

Sinusitis superinfected, very offensive.

Kali iodatum
Pain in the bridge of the nose, aggravated by cold.

Bryonia alba
Frontal pain relieved by intense pressure, aggravated by movement, nasal dryness, thirst (the person drink large quantities of cold water), respiratory distress.

Burning pain in the bones of the face, which radiates into the nose.

Lachesis mutus
Pain in the forehead and left temple, worse when you stop the flow mucoid.

How to take these remedies
These remedies are usually taken in dilution 5CH or 7CH, 5 globules twice daily for 48 hours. The interval takes longer as it will be appreciated improvement.

Other homeopathic remedies and other features of sinusitis

() Acute or chronic sinusitis, frontal, with pains in the middle of the forehead and the root of the nose with purulent nasal discharge and postnasal, yellowish or greenish, fetid, thick, sometimes bloody and often soft, non-irritating.
Acute maxillary sinusitis or chronic pains that are aggravated by local or general cold and relieved by warmth, with a runny nose.
Headache in the forehead by frontal sinusitis, with chronic coryza.

Eucalyptus globulus
() Chronic nasal catarrh, purulent, fetid. Watery coryza with obstruction. Frontal and ethmoid sinusitis.

() Frontal or maxillary sinusitis subacute. Face pale yellowish or white, with a look tired. Erysipelas of the face. Canker sores on the lips.

Kali Bichromicum
Frontal headache with sinusitis, which runs from the root of the nose, especially the left eyebrow.
() A foul odor from the nose. Chronic frontal sinus with a sensation of obstruction above. Violent stitches in the right side of nose blowing. Nasal polyps. Pain in nasal bones and at its junction with the cartilage.

() The main site of action of sponges is on the mucosa of the upper airways, especially in the nasal mucosa. Blocked nose, stuffy, with frequent sneezing. Coryza acute sinusitis and headache.
Nasal catarrh thick, white, worse on the left. Sore throat, nasal obstruction. Severe acute coryza, sometimes feverish, with flu-like pains in the limbs, dull headaches and lightheadedness. Acute and chronic sinusitis, frontal and maxillary (the drug produces an improvement of symptoms with mild nasal discharge). Allergic rhinitis and atrophic. Coryza hay. Ozena, Epistaxis.

() Toothache sharp against a background of dull pain in the teeth, especially incisors and upper right canine, with extension of the right maxillary sinus pain, which is inflamed and infected (sinusitis of dental origin).

Petasites officinalis
() Pain in the sinuses, frontal sinusitis.

() Acute sinusitis with frontal pain very much alive (burst burning and radiating in all directions), sometimes with redness and burning eyes cos. The pain is so intense at times that the patient is afraid to lose my mind.

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