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Summary of some of the main homeopathic remedies for skin and its main symptoms: psoriasis, rashes, chapped skin, eczema, herpes, papules, vesicles, pruritus, itching, acne, etc..

Given the need for a natural treatment for skin we recommend a visit to a homeopath or health professional for a detailed description of the symptoms can prescribe the best remedy for the skin.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Skin

() Logically, the most prominent manifestations of morbid Psorinum are those of the skin. It's a dirty-looking skin (as if never washed), cracking (especially in winter), dry, dormant, which rarely transpires, rough or greasy (as bathed in oil), unhealthy, with tendency to suppuration, and an abnormal tendency to have all kinds of eruptions, which occur mainly in winter, disappearing in summer, and altering with headache, cough or asthma. The eruptions are usually itchy, worse heat of bed and bleeding from scratching, worse from washing or overheating; papules, vesicles, crusts, pustules, dirty, dry or wet with secretions intolerable smell of carrion, acne, eczema , herpes, hives, scabies, psoriasis (more in winter). Tendency to have lice.

() The skin is one of the main fields of action of Sulfur. Skin is dirty, rough, unhealthy, dry, chapped, cracked especially in winter or by washing, with burning or stinging, worse by scratching, with brown or yellow spots. There is a tendency to unusual outbreaks of all kinds, usually itchy. Itching may be with or without rash, sometimes in plaques that bleed after scratching, it's burning, burning or tingling or tickling or voluptuous, worse at night, warmth of bed or to keep warm or walking outdoors or in areas that sweat, by scratching (sore afterwards, and bleeding) and wash or wool clothing, must scratch until the skin is raw. Sarna. Eruptions: crusty foul, with corrosive discharge, eczema, foul, pustular, red, vesicles, urticaria. Varicella, Leprosy. Erysipelas. Chafing at the folds.

() The skin has a dirty, greasy, slimy, brownish or yellowish spots in various places, scattered. Condylomata rapidly growing, bleeding, wet, like a fan, that ooze and burn.

Excrescence fleshy, soft, wet, wide, pedunculated, horny, foul, in cauliflower. Warts (Thuya is, perhaps, the first drug that is intended for a patient with warts, and is likely to be prescribed, and the start of treatment or at some other time): frayed or jagged, large or small, wet , bleeding, or pedunculated tubular or flat, brown or red, smelling of stale cheese or brine, and sometimes stabbing pain, or black, soft tissue or corneas, suppurating.

Angiomas. Smallpox, chickenpox. Rashes that appear only on covered parts and burn vigorously after scratching. Generalized psoriasis. Leprosy. Sycosis barbae. Herpes zoster.

() Skin yellow, wrinkled, dry, chapped trend. Chronic urticaria. Painful rashes. Large red spots. Liver spots.

Abundant freckles. Eruptions with thick crusts, wrinkled, yellow brown, moist, purulent, and deep cracks. Recurrent boils. Chafing wet skin of children. Intertrigo with bleeding surfaces. Nevus. Vascular tumors. Psoriasis. Warts. Painful corns. Phlebitis. Gangrene brown. Eczema. Acne.

Calcarea carb
() Skin: rough, flaccid, flabby, cold, with cracks after washing and in winter, pale, with red spots with white spots with dark edges, which become blue. Jaundice. Eruptions: burning, crusty, dry or wet, white or yellowish with white or glutinosa (Graph.), corrosive or yellow, copper, dry, eczema, herpes, itching, scaly and bran; phagadenic; granites with greenish crusts; psoriasis ; pustules, red rashes, scabies, tubers, nodules and induration, urticaria, vesicles, itching, worse in winter. Erysipelas.

() Cold, wrinkled, dry, gray color. Eruptions and syphilitic ulcers, secondary and tertiary punched-out ulcers, lardaceous base, watery, fetid pus, and painful. Cancerous ulcers. Warts.

Corns. Lupus. Urticaria, Scabies. Pityriasis. Psoriasis. Lipomas. Indolent tumors ooze. Pain and induration at old scars. Itching begins in feet and hands, and extends to the whole body, worse from warmth of bed and scratching.

() Is a drug with predominant action on the skin. It has been successfully used in low power herpes circinata, psoriasis, herpes tonsurans and rosacea. Vesicular or scaly lesions with foul-smelling discharge with pus and scabs under which become confluent, forming one big scab. Violent itching in the ears, thighs and legs.

Hydrocotyle asiatica
() The skin is the largest organ of Hydrocotyle action, especially in the form of a tendency to induration, infiltration, and exfoliation. Nearly circular spots, with raised edges and scaly. Red spots with white scales. Erythema with intense itching. Acne rosacea. Ichthyosis. Psoriasis. Lupus. Eselerodermia. Dermatosis crusted with great flaking. Leprosy. Gangrene after amputation. Acne.

Kali arsenicosum
() The skin is the most important field of action of this drug. Erysipelas. Acne with pustules worse during menses. Chronic eruptions, dry, scaly, intensely itching, itching is worse at night, warmth of bed, undressing, walking and cold air outbreaks, with fissures in the folds of the elbow and popliteal fossa; blisters , crusty, scaly, moist. Chronic Eczema and dry. Herpes zoster, especially on the right, the common cold. Psoriasis intensely itchy (one of the most important drugs). Generalized urticaria. Blisters with oozing, crusty. Lichen. Skin cancer, epitheliomas. Jaundice.

() Chafing, cracks or rashes (psoriasis, eczema) and itching in the joint creases. Burning all the skin in the evening and on rising from bed. The skin takes to heal, any injuries tend to ulcerate.

Berberis aquifolium
() The center of action is the skin, chronic diseases, psoriasis. Skin with pimples or bumps, dry, rough, scaly. Acne. Eczema dry.

Sulphuratum Arsenicum rubrum
() Psoriasis (successful cases with the 2nd X crushing), eczema, foruúnculos, acne. Itching. Pellagra.

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