Homeopathy for Slimming

Homeopathic remedies are also used weight loss or obesity in its different forms and symptoms: childhood obesity, obesity in women, obesity with hypothyroidism, obesity, digestive or endocrine disorders. Analyze the various symptoms of obesity are described and click on the remedy you want more information.

Slimming Remedies Homeopathy

(+++) Slimming, paradoxical or obese (P). "A state of swelling and obesity may be considered a key symptom of Thyroidinum" (Clarke).

Ammonium mur
(+++) Especially useful in obesity in which the body is big and fat, with great accumulation of fat in the abdomen and lower limbs, especially legs are thin.

Calcarea carb
(+++) The usual constitutional type is the blond boy, plump, or fat, flabby musculature, soft, red-faced or pale and sickly, who sweats a lot and easily, and also cold easily, with his head large fontanelles and cranial sutures with taking longer than they should be in closed r; with bulging belly and legs twisted, but sometimes there may be thinning. Tendency to obesity in children and teens and also adults. "Fat Girls and plethoric, that grow too quickly" (Allen). "Textiles in quantity and poor quality.

Nutritional and digestive disorders: overeating, obesity, diarrhea. Dyspeptic disorders due to phenomena of fermentation.

Fucus vesiculosus
(+ +) One of its main indications are in obesity. Usually used in dyeing or very low power. Chavanon as indicated at a dose of tincture of 10 drops daily.

(+) Retention aqueous female-type obesity. According Bergeret and Tétau, giving the 1000 meetings, once or twice a week in obesity with bulimia, or if there 200th bulimia. Hypothyroidism, with decreased basal metabolism.

(+ +) Women with a tendency to obesity, with scanty menses and prolonged.

Allium sativum
(+ +) Especially useful in eaters, especially meat, drink little and select their meals, with a tendency to obesity. Dyspeptic.

Antimonium crud
(+ +) Suitable especially in the extremes of life: children and elderly. Children or young people prone to obesity, irritable, unable to tolerate being touched or looked at.

(+) Obesity as weight loss, muscle strength repurchased.

Anterior pituitary lobe
It is used as an endocrine regulator, the 200th, when gonadal dysfunction, or obesity as a mobilizer of fat.

Endocrine, Metabolic Psychic: Decreased activity, laziness, indecision, indifference, hipermotividad, obesity, feeling cold, anemia, slowing metabolism.

(+) A tendency to obesity or corpulence, with a round face, with fluid retention. Slowness of mind and body.

Kalium bromatum
(+) Especially useful for individuals prone to obesity in children, in nervous women.

Kalium carb
"For old with edema disease and paralysis ..., with a tendency to obesity" (Allen).

Thuya occidentalis
(+) Thinning and rapid exhaustion, or obesity, especially in hips and thighs.

(+) Especially useful in plethoric persons, flaccid, which tend to obesity. Fat, chubby children. In elderly.

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