Homeopathy for the stomach

Value of homeopathic remedies for stomach and symptoms (throbbing in stomach, nausea after eating, stomach cramps, stomach distension, flatulence, vomiting, indigestion, heartburn, stomach heaviness, emptiness, hyperacidity, ulcer stomach, gastritis, indigestion, burning, hatred and desire for food, etc.)..

Since there are many more homeopathic remedies for the stomach, and cover a multitude of symptoms, we recommend that before any disease of the stomach or digestive visit your homeopath or health care professional in order to receive the best care possible.

Homeopathic Remedies for stomach

Antimonium crud
(+++) The stomach is the center of the pathogenesis of Antimonium Crudum. Belching with like and smell of food, and constant wind, up and down for years. Gastric or indigestion from eating much (binge) or what should not (see 9 and 12) for a cold bath, heat, sour wine to take; worse very hot, cold and 22 hours, with disgust Nausea, retching, vomiting, fullness, and aversion to food, gastric catarrh, stomach cramps, with feeling of having eaten too much. Gouty metastasis in the stomach, often abrupt, or alternation of rheumatic disorders and gastric (improve joints and worsen the stomach or intestine, or vice versa). Constant nausea and vomiting, which relieved him, exhausted him, the thought of food or smell, it causes nausea and vomiting. Nausea from eating bread or sour wine. Measles or vomiting after drinking sour wine. Empty feeling not relieved by eating. Babies that return some just take breast milk or bottle, and refuse to re-take, with irritability. No appetite. Sed at night. Regurgitation sugary. Digestion old easily altered.

 Iris versicolor
 (+++) heartburn, as if fire, which spread to the mouth, all gastric contents seems to turn into vinegar. No appetite. Belching tasteless. Nausea. Crisis gler vomiting of mucus, slimy and stringy. Vomiting acids, bile (with headache), bloodshot, watery and sugary. Vomiting of sour milk in children, vomiting common in babies. "The most effective remedy for vomiting and important in all classes" (Kitchen). Gastralgia before breakfast and drinking water. Cancer of pylorus acids with vomiting and great prostration.

(+ +) Is noteworthy as acid or sour in vomiting, watery and very acidic or sour, the sweat smell strongly of vinegar, and all the individual smells sour, all in the stomach becomes like vinegar.

Hydrastis canadensis
(+++) Empty feeling, faintness or languor, which may be widespread, but particularly in the stomach, and is constant and not relieved by eating; accompanies most of the symptoms of Hydrastis.

6. - (+++) Is one of the most important drugs in cancer ( "It's been more cases of cancer cured with this drug than with any other" (Clarke), stomach, liver ...

(+++) Action Center Bismuth is characteristic of the stomach.
Gastralgias that go towards the spine, pressing, like a stone on a point, or burning, better bending backward; pains like cramps, spasmodic, with heartburn and heartburn. Fluid immediately vomits just drinking, even just a sip (Phosphorus, Arsenic, Cadmium, Bryonia), vomits the water just reaches the stomach retains solid food the most. Vomiting of food in huge quantities, sometimes at intervals of several days, and it does when the stomach is full, eat several days and then vomits.

Vomiting with severe pain, terrible, compulsive and nausea after laparotomy. Sometimes vomiting coincide with liquid stool, offensive, cadaverous, with great prostration, flatulence, white tongue and hot skin.

Nausea after meals. Gastritis. Belching noisy and foul, cadaverous smell sometimes even without eating or drinking water, unpleasant sensation in the epigastric hollow eructations warmly food eaten 24 hours earlier. Slow digestion with belching foul. The improvement stomach drinking cold water. Sensation of stomach hanging. Gastric cancer.

(+++) The large center Ornithogallum action is the stomach, but even more specifically, the pylorus and duodenum. Distension of the stomach and abdomen with frequent and intense belching foul and need to loosen clothing; with painful languor in the stomach and lower chest that is up all night with the feeling that the legs slip or slide on bed. Gastralgias worse at night or cold drinks or food (better for hot drinks).

(+++) The stomach is one of the top sites Phospborus action. Violent thirst, insatiable increasingly large quantities of cold drinks or ice, which are vomited as soon as warm in the stomach. Hunger at night, during fever, with headache. Devouring appetite ravenous hunger worse at night or right after you finish eating, you should eat often, because otherwise it collapses, with thinning. Gurgling in stomach after drinking. Belching and, above all, spitting water, food or bile puffs, after eating and at night. Heartburn.
Nausea by putting hands in warm water or hot drinks in a warm room, better drinking ice water. Vomiting at any time: tomorrow night, after dinner, post-operative, with diarrhea simultaneously.

(+++) Intense sense of emptiness or languor: the head, stomach (nausea) and not by eating, in the abdomen (worse after stool, with burning in the back between the shoulders); in the chest.

 Nux Vomica
(+++) Your stomach is one of its weaknesses. He's hungry, but without appetite satiety. Stomach distended and sensitive to pressure after eating (better sitting still), with sensation of heaviness worst one hour after eating, with heartburn, belching, and regurgitation, fullness, indigestion drug abuse, mental strain, after drinking coffee, eating fatty or heavy meal, or lots of food, with the desire to provoke nausea and vomiting, feel that would be better if he got sick, and better when you vomit. Tight clothing bothers in pit, the better to loosen it (need to). Sensation of a stone in the stomach, one to two hours and eat. Bitter or sour belching, morning or after eating. Arcades on hawking. Nausea in the morning, in bed, constant, faintness and chills after lunch or dinner, when the stomach hurts, during menstruation, when you smoke and then, in pregnancy, when you sweat, with dizziness of the sea. Hiccups. Violent vomiting, spontaneous or induced, that some relief, bilious, bitter, food, fatty, black, foul, after a fit of anger by ripping the throat mucus, during intoxication, during pregnancy, with palpitations. Gastritis. Gastralgias: Morning, after eating or during a fever, and cramps two to three hours after eating, causing a bowel movement wishes, better warm drinks and warmth of the bed. Epigastric pain when coughing. Peptic ulcer disease. Dyspeptic old. Black vomit blood clots.

(+++) The stomach is the site of maximum Robinia action, highlighting the symptoms caused by a marked gastric hyperacidity, a result of hyperacidity, especially at night when lying down, with sour eructation, acid regurgitation, severe vomiting, watery and strongly acidic acidity him up into the mouth, and gives you shivers and sour taste. Heartburn or heartburn that worsen or appear for eating fatty, cabbage, turnips, etc.., And radiate to the back between the shoulder blades. Vomiting of mucus, sometimes tinged with blood or greenish. Nausea sitting. Gastralgias very intense day and night.

Kalium carb
(+++) Everything feels in the stomach, in the epigastrium: fear, anxiety, scares, shocks, bad news, sudden noises. And worse is hypersensitive to noise. Intolerance of human voice.

(+) Want acids, sweets, sugar. Aversion to bread, black bread, meat. Lack of appetite, aversion to food. Intense thirst. Bulimia. The black bread he produces bloating.

(+ +) Gastric distension, as if about to burst. Wholeness, even by a bite. Belching improve it. Belching and acid regurgitation. Burning stomach rising, with spasmodic contraction. Feeling as if stomach were cut into pieces. Constant feeling of having a full stomach of water rolling on moving. Pressure, heaviness in postprandial stomach.

Feeling of lump in stomach the size of a fist.

Throbbing behind the stomach at the navel. Upset stomach especially after soup or coffee with milk, poor digestion of black bread. Dyspepsia in the elderly. Worst ice water.

Anxiety in stomach. Stomach cramps, renewed every time you eat or drink.

 Ignatia amara
(+ +) Lack of appetite and satiety. Hunger is not calm nervous eating. Hunger and nausea at the same time. Thirst during chill. Holds heavy foods and losing consciousness Livanos. Empty stomach that improves with a deep breath and sighs. Empty feeling in epigastrium or weakness. Sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Empty feeling at 2 a.m. not relieved by eating. Belching improving it. Sour eructation. Feeling weak stomach, as if hanging. Indigestion after grief. Heaviness and distended stomach. Regurgitation of food or bitter material. Hiccups by smoking. Nausea with agitation and anxiety. Vomiting food night, bilious, mucous. Newspapers in stomach cramps that disturb sleep and are aggravated by pressure on the affected area. Dull pain in epigastrium and stitches. Cold or burning sensation in my stomach.

The empty stomach does not improve eating.

(+ +) Great hunger, stomach feeling empty and relaxed hanging in the womb. Thirst for cold drinks. It burns like fire in the stomach and abdomen.

Gastritis. Gastralgia as beaten. Spasmodic constriction in the stomach.

Cactus grandiflorus
(+ +) Total lack of appetite, stomach rejects everything. Weight and discomfort in the stomach after eating. Nausea all day. Rising acidity in the mouth. Vomiting. Hematemesis copious. Gastroenteritis.

Elaps corallinus
(+ +) Ice cold feeling inside. It tolerates cold things. Fruits and iced drinks are cold as ice or in the stomach and produce a cold sensation in the chest.

Violent thirst. Feeling cold as ice in the stomach and chest, worse after drinking (Ars., Ver_A.), Especially cold drinks or by eating fruit. Weight in stomach after eating, with nausea.

(+) The Anacardium dyspepsia, the gastralgias, nausea, vomiting and empty feeling better eating and during digestion. Slow or poor digestion with fullness and bloating. Nux vomica is worse two or three hours after eating and better when gastric digestion is over, in Anacardium is exactly the opposite: newly listed pains to tenninar gastric digestion when the stomach is empty, and last till next meal. Nash thinks there are many cases of dyspeptic Anacardium as Nux vomica, and uses the 200th power. as the most effective. Nausea and gastric emptying in the morning. My stomach hurts when empty; gastralgia Pressing after eating, sharp breath. Swallow hard put food and drinks.

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