Homeopathy for Syphilis

Syphilis is an infectious and contagious venereal disease caused by Treponema pallidum or Spirochaeta, also called lues, evil boils, mentulagra, pundendagra.

Homeopathy has remedies that have been used for years to combat syphilis at different stages and manifestations. We made a compilation of some of the most important description of the type of symptom that is the homeopathic remedy.

Any symptoms, see your homeopath or health professional who treats the right way. The SaludBio items are simply informative and not a substitute for health professionals.

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Homeopathic Remedies for syphilis

(+++) Tissue destructive tendency to suppuration and ulceration.
Antisyphilitic is the "type" of Hahnemann and, as Boericke, is especially useful in secondary syphilis, where the 2nd X "will do an amazing job" with its effectiveness. Mercurius purulent secretions are green or greenish yellow and streaked with blood, especially on mucous membranes.

Mercurius cor
(+++) Is one of the main drugs of primary syphilis.

Mercurius auratus
(+) Syphilis of the nasal bones, or suppurative osteitis of the nasal bones or facial or ozena with fetid nasal discharge and pain worse at night.

Nitric acid
(+++) Is one of the main drugs of syphilis patients and very mercurializados sycosis.

(+++) Indicating Syphilinum arises, though the similarity is not very clear, when the well selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently cure the sick Syphilitic with a personal or hereditary syphilis, in any morbid event that evolves over a field syphilitic acquired or inherited. In patients who have had a syphilitic chancre locally and as a result, have suffered skin disorders or throat during anios, are almost always benefit from this remedy at the beginning of treatment, unless some other remedy is clearly indicated (Allen). In children with congenital syphilis showing signs of disease. In children or babies underdeveloped, shrunken and wrinkled or old lspecto.

Hard chancres (+++) in or glans penis, with raised edges and base lardaceous with inguinal lymphadenopathy. In primary syphilis, some authors give Syphilinum 1000th meetings nightly dose, an increase of blight in the first two weeks, and then decreases until it disappears, then no secondary lesions were observed. Phagedenic Cankers spread quickly. Swelling and induration of the spermatic cords and testicles, sometimes with excruciating pains in the cords, or with swollen testicle and scrotum and painful.

Kali iodatum
(+++) Is one of the most important drugs for syphilis at any stage.

(+ +) Syphilis, especially related to bone pain or pcriósticos alive, sharp, lancinating, worse on movement and humidity, especially localized in the tibia, bones of the skull, jaw, vertebrae, and so on.; And neuralgia of origin syphilitic (trigeminal, sciatic, head, etc.).. Exostoses. Bone cavities.

Aurum mur natronatum
+ +) Syphilis. In syphilitic very mercurializados. It is one of the most important drugs in anti-syphilitic antenatal prophylaxis (Hering).

Anantherum Muriaticum
(+ +) Cankers on penis and urethral meatus. Syphilis.

Arsenic iodatum
(+) Syphilis: can be curative in all stages and forms of syphilis, especially the secondary.

Aurum arsenicicum
Useful especially in cancer, epithelioma, indurations and bone decay, and in tertiary syphilis. Edema.

Aurum metallicum
(+ +) In syphilis patients and very mercurializados.

Aurum mur
(+) Old syphilitic thinning. Very useful in chronic effects of syphilis and gonorrhea, when present simultaneously syeotic warts and syphilitic ulcers (Kent). Children under color of old (Hering).

(+) Child Syphilis with large generalized lymphadenopathy. Syphilis in general. General paralysis.

(+) Syphilis; anemia in syphilis cure ulcers and standardizes the general breakdown.

Clinical experience has shown its effectiveness in syphilis, especially in primary and secondary lesions in cankers, nodules syphilitic ulceration of the mucous membranes and scalp with hair loss, and gum with nighttime pain.

(+ +) Syphilis. Cancer.

Hepar sulfur
(+ +) Syphilitic chancre. In ancient syphilis have been treated with massive doses of mercury and mercury still potentized.

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