Homeopathy for the Throat

Homeopathy Remedies for throat problems and their symptoms (dry throat, sore throat, swollen throat, stitches in the throat, trouble swallowing, swollen throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, indurated tonsils, sore throat, etc.).

If any of these symptoms see a homeopath or health care professional to examine your case and find the appropriate homeopathic remedy for you.

Homeopathic Remedies for throat

() Belladonna finds its main indication in acute abrupt onset and violent, often inflammatory (especially brain, lung, liver and throat) and generally febrile, which always present a series of objective signs that cast doubt: face bright red, bright eyes, dilated pupils, throbbing and superficial artery dilatation throughout, especially in the carotids, and tachycardia with a pulse full and hard. And in general is:
a) Local Heat violent, radiating intensely, just bring your hand to feel it;
b) Redness red hot, on;
c) Burning, objective and subjective, like fire;
d) pulsation or throbbing;
e) Swelling;
e) Major pain.
() Acute inflammation of the throat, especially right, and the tonsils, with irritation, burning, redness large (throat, tonsils and uvula) and intense sensation of dryness and tightness with swallowing, pains of all kinds especially in speaking and swallowing liquids, and swelling, with widespread pain in the ear. Foreign body sensation, with hawking. Constant tendency to swallow. Spasms of esophagus. It chokes at bedtime. Sore throat by cold air. Red spots on the neck.

Aesculus hippocastanum
() Purple-red or bluish red shade of the affected parts (throat, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, ulcers, etc.)..
() The mucous membranes (mouth, throat and rectum) are swollen, hot, and dry and feels like raw.
() Pharynx distended and tortuous veins, varicose. Throat feels hot, hot, dry, raw, with a tendency to swallow swallowing often and stitches that extend to the ear. Throat and tonsils, purple or dark red, swollen, worse on the left, with sensation of fullness; sensitive to inspired air. Atrophic and follicular pharyngitis. Chronically sore throat.

Ailanthus glandulosa
() Very swollen throat and pharynx, red-dark purple, with prominent tonsils with deep ulcerations that exude a foul-smelling discharge scanty, with intense pain that prevent him from swallowing (or hurt the ears when swallowing), or dry, rough, sore, swollen and tender neck, with lymphadenopathy. Cryptic tonsillitis.

() Throat dry and hot, with prickling. Uvula elongated. Constriction in the throat, seizure, with inability to swallow liquids; worse when they heard water running. The food out through the nose. Swallowing difficult or impossible, worst of liquids.

Argentum metallicum
() Sore throat, worse when you cough, swallow, breathe or yawning. He swallowed hard foods. Accumulation of mucus thick, gelatinous, slimy and gray morning with profuse expectoration easy; chronic pharyngitis with painful swelling of the throat, cervical lymphadenopathy and stiff neck. Tension in the jaws, especially the right side, worse when yawning.

Kali carb
() Throat hurt, with lancinating pain on swallowing. Difficulty swallowing. Difficult swallowing caused by inertia of the esophageal muscles.
It sticks in the esophagus (food very slowly down the esophagus and small food particles enter the windpipe). Abundant accumulation of mucus in mouth and throat. Dysphagia, globus sensation with mucus in throat. Gurgling. Dryness in the back of your throat. Tingling and sore throat by taking cold, like a thorn in the throat, stitches to take cold, by uncovering the neck. Frequent desire to swallow, but could not be choked by swallowing, the food flows back, narrow esophagus.

() Throat and tonsils, purple, dark red, elongated uvula.
Foreign body sensation in the throat, not relieved by swallowing. Sensation of breadcrumbs on the throat, the better hawking. Feeling of lump in throat, painful, worse sleeping, with constant tendency to swallow.
Dryness in the throat, often extended to the ears, nose and chest, worse on awakening or at night. Swelling with redness, burning and excoriating pain, worse on swallowing; in the throat or in the left tonsil. The food is detained in the throat, pain in the root of the tongue. Choking, drowning, with feeling of constriction, as if you pinched and strangled him. Swallowing is impossible to swallow in a vacuum or liquids, especially hot, the best pass solids. Tendency to sleep afterwards hawk. Sore throat or tonsillitis or diphtheria, worse on the left or from left to right, radiating to the ear on swallowing, with dark purple throat, worse swallowing liquids in vacuum or hot (better tolerates solids) or after sleep or day, or lying, or by touching or heat in general, with prostration is provided with the appearance of the throat. He swallowed hard, especially pungent foods, liquids, saliva and sweets. Accumulation of large amount of mucus in the throat, painful cough. Chronic sore throat and old, with very sticky mucus. Sore throat, alternating with nasal obstruction, when he speaks. Sore throat, foul smelling, very acute suppuration and pain on swallowing. Spasms of esophagus at night. It has a feeling of constriction in the neck outside. Can not bear the slightest touch on the neck, not even clothes, is drowned; always bare neck. Goiter left. Varicosities.

Hepar sulfur
() Sore throat as if a splinter, a bone, an internal tumor. Hawking, with difficulty speaking and swallowing. Sore throat on cooling, as a thorn in swallowing, extending to the ear while yawning or turning the head. Pulsations in the throat. Bn throat violent oppression, fear and suffocation. Impaired swallowing or almost impossible without great effort. Dry throat. Inflammation, hypertrophy, and suppuration of tonsils. Tonsillar cellulitis. Abscesses in the neck. Worse for uncovering the neck. Angina with threatening suppuration.

Artemisia vulgaris
() Throat sensitive, as raw, with dryness and burning, hawking. Constant tendency to clear the throat by hawking and coughing. Dry painful, worse when swallowing. Need to swallow excess mucus. Pharyngitis.

Baptisia tinctoria
() Throat dark red sores, inflammation with little or no pain, I completely disagree with the appearance of the throat. Pharynx red shade with small ulcers, very painful and putrid odor. You can only swallow liquids, by constriction or contraction in the esophagus, the least solid food gags him, or swallowing solids with great difficulty. Feeling of constriction in the throat, which induces frequent swallowing efforts. Tonsils and soft palate of deep red.

Baryta mur
() Uvula elongated. Varicose veins tonsils and throat. Recurrent tonsillitis, but in Spring and Autumn, by taking cold. Tonsils suppurating just take cold. Pain in the right side of the throat (Lycopodium).
Induration of the tonsils with hypertrophy.

() Pharyngitis or nasopharyngitis subacute or chronic, with bloating, burning, dryness and itching in the throat and nares, with constant desire to swallow saliva to relieve dryness, itching, or throat, and dysphagia, with little or no secretion . Feel the elongated uvula. Sensation of heat down the esophagus, worse when you eat. He wakes up with a sharp pain in the right amygdala, with painful lymphadenopathy in the neck.

() Tendency tonsils every time he takes cold, with hypertrophy and induration of tonsils. Swellings and ulcerations of the throat, with pain, burning, dryness and constriction. Uvula elongated. Varicosities in the pharynx. Difficulty swallowing solids and even liquids by paralysis or spasm of the esophagus.