Homeopathy for Ulcers

The term ulcer is defined as loss of substance, ie a circumscribed erosion of the skin surface or mucous membrane, which has little tendency to heal by granulation and healing process, by contrast, tends to spread and deepen surface.

Causes of ulcers

The sore can be triggered by many causes: physical (burns, frostbite, radiation, etc..) Chemical (caustics), microbial (ulceration of tuberculous nodules of sifilomas, etc.)..

Here are some of the homeopathic remedies that are used to treat some of the different types of ulcers that may occur (stomach ulcers, corneal ulcers, varicose ulcers, sore throat, skin on the penis, etc. .). Because the symptoms can be very varied it is imperative that a homeopath or health care professional meets these symptoms.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Ulcers

Mercurius sol
(+++) Tissue destructive tendency to suppuration and ulceration.
Antisyphilitic is the "type" of Hahnemann and, as Boericke, is especially useful in secondary syphilis, where the 2nd X "will do an amazing job" with its effectiveness. Mercurius purulent secretions are green or greenish yellow and streaked with blood, especially on mucous membranes.

(+++) Ulcerations in the mouth: lardaceous base, burning, offensive, painful, small, syphilitic, yellow at the orifice of the salivary glands, gums, palate, the veil, in the language, syphilitic.

(+++) Ulcerations: in the penis, bleeding, hard, or cheesy lardaceous base, and

(+++) Ulcerations on the skin: bleeding, burning (more on the edges), crusty, deep, bloody or purulent discharge with raised edges, in the glans and foreskin, syphilitic chancre.

Mercurius cor
(+++) The throat is a major area of activity of Mercurius cor. Is intensely sore throat, painful, red and so swollen shadow which impedes breathing, with feeling of constriction and suffocation, swallowing very painful, even for liquids, when trying to swallow even a drop, to make the effort, there esophageal spasm, retching and vomiting are burning pains in the throat and esophagus, as if I had them raw, and they are aggravated by the slightest external pressure or contact.

Tonsils swollen and covered with sores, with cutting pains.

Ulcerations in the throat, which spread rapidly. The pain may spread to the ears. There is a huge swelling of glands in the neck and submandibular, and neck it. Uvula elongated, swollen, dark red. Burning in the esophagus. Ulcers on the uvula.

(+++) Lesions usually carbuncle, sores and abscesses, have five major characteristics: a) horrible burning pains, quenzantes b) black (sometimes blue), c) make a scab, d) pus is horribly foul, and e) are generally very indurated.

(+ +) Or hypochlorhydria Gastric Hyperacidity, heartburn. Stomach chronic conditions including ulcers, with great food paroxysmal pain and vomiting immediately after eating or hot drinks; better after vomiting. Epigastrium very sensitive, with swelling in the region pyloric pyloric tumor. Peritonitis. Diseases of the Pancreas.

(+ +) Ulceration recent or old: irritated, inflamed, painful, bruised, with no tendency to heal with excessive purulent discharge.
Varicose ulcers. Warts and ulcerated tumors, cancer (complementary to Cadmium).

Geranium maculatum
(+ +) With profuse secretion catarrhal gastritis, ulcer trend. Gastric ulcer, hematemesis, decreases vomiting (give it in tincture).

Muriatic acid
(+++) Black base deep ulcerations or vesicles or pustules in the language. The mouth is full of deep ulcers. Canker. Foul breath. Hard nodules on the tongue epithelioma. Buccal mucosa red, tender, raw, with white spots. Stomatitis malignant lymphadenopathy

(+ +) Acute keratitis or corneal ulcers that are worse at night, burning or stabbing pains or like sand, with lacrimation, photophobia, eyelid edema, redness and blurred vision, worse in reading. Acute iritis is worse at night, with adhesions and hypopyon, with miosis. Acute blepharitis. Burning or stinging eye pain (such as glass particles) or like sand, worse after midnight, or breakfast, or maver eyes, by sunlight, with dryness, worse from washing. Recurrent styes.

(+++) Varicose leg ulcers, old ones, which do not improve with the remedy. Give a daily dose for 5 to 6 weeks often contributes significantly to the healing. Jaundice.

(+ +) Ulcerations (mouth, nose, genital and skin), with gray base.

Carbo animalis
(+++) Is the remedy for tumors that are transformed, ulcerate and take a malignant progression. It is one of the principal remedies for cancer (lacrimal glands, nose, face, lips, tongue, pharynx, stomach, testis, uterus, breast), and a great palliative pains. And lymph glands (armpit, English, breasts, testes, salivary glands) are swollen, enlarged, hardened as rocks (scirrhous), and the skin overlying takes a violet purple, with lancinating, cutting, burning and great prostration. This skin becomes ulcerated or fistulizarse; indurated ulcers and fistulas, torpid, edged violet, with bloody discharge, burning, ichor, offensive. Suppuration benign to malignant conditions change. Polyps hard. Gums. Spongy growths and ulcers.

Carbo veg
(+ +) Ulcers in the lower limbs, especially legs, black base and blue areola, burning, fetid, variegated and are aggravated by heat.

(+++) Corneal ulcers. Opaque spots on the cornea, sometimes bluish, due to injuries. Chemosis.

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