Homeopathy for uric acid or gout

Gout is defined as "morbid state constitutional dystrophic acute or chronic, characterized by excess uric acid or urates in the blood and inflammatory pain attacks, usually at night, in the joints of the toe as a particular training urate deposits (tophi).

From a clinical point of view is expressed as:
Acute gout (acute uric arthritis) characterized by submission, more or less often acute gouty access, consisting of painful arthritis affecting one or more joints.

Chronic gout (uric chronic arthritis), characterized by the deposition of so-called tophi (uric acid concretions precipitate in the liquid blood) in articular and periarticular tissues and deformation of joints affected with the disorder more or less remarkable functional of them.

Are masses of uric acid precipitate from the blood, increasing in size slowly to a walnut and even an egg.

Are formed near the joints (especially the hands) along the periarticular ligaments and muscle tendons in the bone heads.

At first, tophi are soft and tender, and then become painless and very hard, coming to show a stony hardness when calcified.

We compiled a number of homeopathic remedies that help to combat excess uric acid or gout in the body in the presence of tophi. Each homeopathic remedy has its own characteristics so their use is determined by patient symptoms. It requires a homeopath or health care professional to determine the particular symptoms of the affected and prescribe the appropriate remedy.
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Homeopathy Remedies for uric acid. Drop

Benzoic acid
(+++) Nodules in the joints that creak from motion. Tophi and gouty concretions. Gouty deposits in the wrists and metacarpal swelling of the elbows. Fingers swollen with stitches. Red spots on the fingers. Itching in the palms. Ganglion of the wrist and toe bunions are often cured with Benzoic Acidum (Clarke). Felon.

(+++) Gout. Concretions, nodules, gouty tophi and affecting all the joints, especially knees, wrists, hands, fingers and toes, with tearing, stinging, redness and swelling of joints, worse at night, with cracks by the slightest movement. The pain on the left and then right. Hyperuricemia. Alternation of cardiac symptoms and urine in gout.

(+) Wine aggravates their urinary symptoms, gout and rheumatism.

Calcarea sulphurica
(+) Stiffness in the fingers. Gouty joints. Acute and chronic rheumatism. Coxalgia. Cramps in calves. Suppurating wounds. Burning and itching on the soles of the feet. Varices. Legs sensitive little swollen feet.

(+++) Acute or chronic rheumatism, gout especially in members from right to left; erratic and pains that are aggravated by movement and by cold and relieved by moist heat occurs mainly in autumn spring or summer and in hot weather, or when days are still hot and the cold nights. Acute flares in chronic rheumatism. Hyperuricemia.

Urtica ureas
(+++) Acute gout attacks, which recur every year at the same time, often accompanied by urticaria. Burnett, who was the introducer of this drug in the Materia Medica, as indicated in the attacks in the form of tincture, 5 drops in a glass of warm water every two or three hours, getting quick relief with heavy downloads of urate in the urine, which was becoming dark. Rheumatic pains in arms and ankles, worse on the right. Pain in right deltoid, you can not put the sack on his right arm, worse lying on it or moving it, feels bruised muscles can not lift or stretch your right arm pain, then the pain goes to the doll right, and then the arm, wrist and finger of the left side. Arthritic nodes in the joints of the fingers. Red and itchy blisters on hands and fingers. Rheumatism urticaria simultaneous or alternating. Rheumatic and gouty pains hyperuricaemic with an acid urine with excess urates and whose body gives off a smell urinous, the pains are worse in wet weather or snow and washing. Rheumatic pain in both ankles.

Formica Rufa
(+++) Gouty or rheumatic pains, rheumatic old general or local, internal or external. Nodosities periarticular.

Swollen, stiff, painful (local heat and aggravated by the slightest movement), who can not tolerate the pressure and heat. Pain and swelling in the bones, or bone softening and suppuration. Caries and conditions spongy bone (tibia and tarsus mostly), who can not tolerate even the slightest contact.

Exostoses. Drop. Articular gouty nodes. It promotes the spontaneous opening of abscesses, gout (tophi) or not, much to the relief of pain. In syphilitic rheumatism.

Kalmia latifolia
(+++) Especially useful in neuralgic pains, rheumatism or gout, coming as a sequel of heart disease. The neuralgic pains are like lightning, lightning, and suddenly changing place, by the slightest movement, and are of great weakness flared and twitching; neuralgia extend from top to bottom or from the root to the tip of the member, and are accompanied or followed by numbness of the affected part. Lightning pains of tabes. Neuralgia from suppressed eruption at the site of the eruption. Severe rheumatic pains, suddenly changing place, going from one joint to another with a tendency to go up and down, and root to the tip of the member; with joint hot, red and swollen.

(+++) Bone pains, the bones are very sensitive to touch (more on the lower limbs), with red, raised spots on the skin, very painful. Inflammation of bones and joints with pain worst intolerable cold night and movement. Touching any part of body, mind feels extremely sore, and ulcerated. Periostitis with suppuration and necrosis. Deep bone pain, worse walking. Periarticular skin suppuration. Gouty or rheumatic pains, erratic, diagonally. Growing pains.

(+++) Gouty rheumatism, bone pains worse at night, warmth of bed and moving.

Pinus sylvestrus
(+ +) Reamatísmo gout in the joints of hands and feet, especially the fingers, stiffness and cramps. Weakness in legs and ankles, especially in children with lower limb slender ankles that twist easily. Stiff and sore knees. Pain in the shins. Cramps in the calves when stretched at night in bed. Pain at night between the 1st and 2nd phalanx of right big toe, applying best hand.

Acidum Uricum
(Uric acid)
1 - (+) in hyperuricemia.
2 - (+) for urate stones.
3 Gout, rheumatic gout.
Lipomas 4. Eczema hyperuricaemic and gout.

Ammonium Phosphoricum
(+ +) Nudosidaades nodules or in the joints of the fingers and back of hands, or hyperuricaemic gout. Heaviness in limbs, a staggering gait.

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