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BELLADONNA or BELLADONA ( Plant from the solanum family) 

Properties of belladonna

1.- Feverish flu-like symptoms that begin quickly, are infectious, or exanthematous, appearing suddenly, with perspiration, flushed face, and hyper-excitability. Infant convulsions caused by fever. 

2.- Pharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, tracheal bronchitis and angina with the need to gulp continuously. 

3.- Inflammatory symptoms, with hot flushes, intense swelling with radiated heated, sharp, violent and pulsating pain. 

GENERAL SYMPTOMS of Belladona: Abundant constitution of blood that rushes towards the head causing congestion to head; Accumulation of blood toward the parts that they suffer, with a sensation of excessive plenitude, as if about to burst; Redish skin colour with swollen veins; great burning sensation with thirst; Headache across the forehead, atony (floppy muscles), dilatation of the pupils, difficulty in swallowing, anguish and restlessness. 

Belladonna:  Worsens: with external stimuli, light, noises, cold air, shaking,  heat to the head. 

Belladonna: Improves: With rest. 

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