Homotoxicology: Definition. Difference with homeopathy. Reflections.

In this article we will discuss:
Definition of homotoxicology
Differences with classical homeopathy
Differences with chemical medicine
Reflections on Natural Medicine and Medical Chemistry

Definition of homotoxicology
It can be defined as the science homotoxicology biological alternative to chemical medicine dedicated to studying the homotoxins (human toxins) both endogenous and exogenous, and their removal or neutralization by second-generation homeopathic medicines.

The difference with classical homeopathy
Its difference from traditional homeopathy is that in addition to using classical drugs of homeopathy use other new and totally toxic homeopatizados:

- Nosodes: viral, bacterial vaccines, tissues or organs with pathological changes, secretions, blood and endocrine secretions.
- Homeopatizados allopathic medicines.
- Catalysts intermediaries: acid citric acid cycle, quinones and others.
- Organopreparados -

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