Honey. Its properties and indications

Honey: An alkaline food in proportion to their increasingly dark color. You do well to everyone, including diabetics need not pancreatic juice.

Composition of honey
The overall honey, is composed of different types of sugars, especially levulose or fructose (fruit sugar), dextrose or glucose (grape sugar) and some sucrose or cane sugar. With the industrial manufacture of cane sugar or beet sugar, honey lost its position as the only material used sweetener in food. Diabetics tolerate honey due to its high proportion of fructose it contains sugar which is a much better tolerated by the diabetic.

Benefits of honey over white sugar
White sugar has been much in the last boom years but has not resulted in any advantage to the health of the population. The white sugar is devoid of natural vitamins and minerals, and has led to the appearance of a countless number of serious metabolic disturbances, especially dental caries. Honey, however, has among other advantages over white sugar, which needs no vitamin B1 and minerals (calcium and phosphorus in particular) for combustion so that continued use does not harm the body, like white sugar.

Honey as medicine
Honey is truly a medicine and is used with great reputation in the treatment of numerous diseases, including cancer diseases (solution mead), as well as in the treatment of diseases of the heart, the nervous system, excess work, colds (with hot drinks) and in cases of indigestion, insomnia, and in convalescence.

Natural honey exerts enormous influence on the cases of diphtheria. It has been shown that honey is not only almost perecta bacteriological, but acts as a natural barrier against pathogens, the colon bacillus, spore-forming bacteria, the pigment and vibrios.

Likewise as brain tonic honey is excellent due to the large amount of phosphorus it contains. It is very good in the diet of the cirrhotic liver and because it provides the necessary glucose to the liver to produce glycogen (which is the only available form and stored together in the liver). It also helps due to rheumatic and arthritic containing formic acid, and thanks to its rich iron content and vitamin B strongly influences the recovery of the anemic.

The honey and herbal infusions
Can be sweetened with honey all teas or herbal infusions, so its action is not only stronger but even improved.

Properties of honey
* Honey is rich in glucose very assimilable phosphorus.
* Helps with arthritis, liver, constipation, hypertension, dyspepsia, patients with excess stomach acidity.
* Has a vasodilator and diuretic.
* The honey tones the heart, increases blood supply to the heart. Normalizes stress.
* The honey works well on the sympathetic system, corrects liver and lung disorders. - Congestion in the bronchi and soothes the throat.
* Has healing properties making it great in gastric and duodenal ulcers.
* For your honey formic acid is an active antiseptic and antirheumatic, absolutely harmless.
* For treatment of canker sores is mixed with lemon juice and leave it in the mouth in contact with small sores as long as possible.
* For all diseases.
* Still have not found all the properties of the skin.

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