Honey: properties and benefits

Although there are different types, flavors and forms of presentation, as the raw material used by bees to sip honey, basically everything is honey, ie the product obtained from the flowers made by bees in the combs. According to the varieties of flowers from which it honey different flavors emerge.

The composition of honey
Honey generally consists of different types of sugars, especially levulose or fructose (fruit sugar), dextrose or glucose (grape sugar) and some sucrose or cane sugar. With the industrial manufacture of cane sugar or beet sugar, honey lost its position as the only material used sweetener in food. Diabetics tolerate honey due to its high proportion of fructose it contains sugar which is a very well tolerated by diabetics.

The honey and white sugar
The disappearance of honey household has provided no health advantage, quite the contrary, and today with the huge boom that has taken the consumption of white sugar, raw material free of natural vitamins and minerals, has resulted in the because of the appearance of a countless number of serious metabolic disturbances, and especially of dental caries. Honey has among other advantages over the soft sugar, which does not require vitamin B1 and minerals (calcium and phosphorus in particular) for combustion so that continued use does not dispel the body, like white sugar.

Honey and natural medicine

Honey is truly a medicine and is used with great reputation in the treatment of cancer diseases (solution mead), as well as in the treatment of heart disease, as well as in the cases of nervous system stress, overwork (burnout), in the cooling (hot drinks) and in cases of indigestion, insomnia, and in convalescence.

Honey and its bactericidal power
Natural honey exerts enormous influence over diphtheria bacilli by its bactericidal action, allowing you to act favorably in cases of diphtheria. It has been shown that honey is not only almost perfect bacteriological, but acts as a natural barrier against pathogens, the colon bacillus, spore-forming bacteria, the pigment and vibrios.

More properties of honey
Assimilation of honey is very easy to digest and great power energy, and is well accepted by people even delicate stomach, and nursing the sick, children, etc..
It also serves as a brain tonic because of the large amount of phosphorus it contains. It is also essential in the diet of the cirrhotic liver and because it provides the necessary glucose to the liver to produce glycogen (which is the only available form and stored together in the liver). It also helps due to rheumatic and arthritic containing formic acid, and thanks to its rich iron content and vitamin B strongly influences the recovery of anemia.

With honey You can sweeten herbal tea, which his action is not only stronger but even improved.
According to the flower that is available, it is a more or less aromatic honey, and its aroma reminiscent of flowers, rosemary, eucalyptus, orange blossom, heather, etc.

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