Hura brasiliensis. Homeopathy

(Assacu, milky juice of the plant)
1 - () Excited and oppressed, as if it were to happen a disgrace, with fear.
Crying without apparent cause, followed by laughter. Sad thoughts, imagine going to lose someone very dear, and cry all the time, even get to see that person dead imagination. No desire to work.
2 Exaggeratedly lengthy or thoughtful or picky. Irritable, worse if they contradict.
3 pain sharp, acute, which frustrate the patient, with throbbing.
4 Heaviness and numbness in the head, confusion, dizziness. Lancinating headaches. Constriction in the neck. Your skin feels too tight on the forehead.
5 Burning and stinging in the eyes, as if sand. Eyelids red.
Vision cloudy. See sparks and luminous zigzags walking.
6 Pain inside and behind the right ear. Ears. Hey very intense buzzing and hissing.
Left Nostril red 7. Constriction and pulsations at the root of the nose. Hyperosmia. Coryza. Epistaxis.
8 Face dark, dazed, pale mottled with red, red face, flushed scarlet, bloated, with dark circles. Red lips. Heat rising in the face. Swelling in the right cheek.
Toothache and pain to the gums, made out to the ears. White tongue, sore on the tip. Fleshy excrescences on the inner surface of the lips.
Pasty mouth, fetid breath. Taste: copper, blood, smoke.
10 Sore throat with dryness. Spitting blood tomorrow.
11 Hunger marked with gastralgia. Satiety. Sometimes hunger immediately after eating. Hunger pangs. Nausea.
12 - () severe colic with diarrhea and shivering. Beating and cutting pains in the left side of the belly, making it scream. Stitches in the ileocecal region, worse on movement or walking. Painful fullness in the abdomen.
13 - () Constipation with frequent and ineffective, with hard stools, diarrhea or alternating with irritating and burning (pain-free, liquid and fetida) followed by weakness. Constrictive sensation in the anus, with intense burning.
Intestinal parasitosis with roundworms.
14 Acute pain in the right kidney when walking, with great desire to urinate.
Urine clear or greenish, with white sediment.
15 Heaviness in the testes to the walking. Erections intolerable. Erotic dreams with erections. Semen lemon color.
16 Cutting in utero, followed by vaginal pains. Flow.
Menses: scanty or copious; advanced.
17 - () Dry glottis to cough. He sighs and yawns a lot.
Frothy sputum, thick, yellowish, or rusty, bloody or chocolate. Shivering nerve in the thorax. Dyspnea, especially if you think something went wrong. Sharp pains in the chest, preventing it from breathing deeply. Pulsations in the chest or breast. Stitches in the breasts.
Acute pain from the shoulder to the left breast. Sensation of a ball below the right breast. Very sharp chest pain that took her breath away.
18 torticollis or stiffness in the right side with pain from the slightest movement. Pain as if dislocated in the dorsal region, worse sitting. Lumbago, with weakness. Lumbosacral intense pain to want to lift something heavy.
19 - () Members tired. Rheumatic pains or throbbing, lancinating with numbness. Joint pain, as if dislocated.
Throbbing in the fingertips. Feel as if I had stuck a thorn under the thumbnail. Heat in a. Feel like a part of one had been ripped off.
20 yawning and drowsiness. Restlessness at night. Sounds with murderers, with corpses, with travel, with yellow water; than nothing.
21 feet and body generally cold and wet. Heat and sweating. Waves of heat to the face. Cold sweat on face and whole body.
22 - () with vesicles vesicular eruptions so strained that barely touch them explode, expelling its contents sharply; espeialmente appear and are located at the level of bony protrusions or cheek bones and eyebrows.
Granites very itchy. Itching in various parts of the body, which disrupts sleep. Leprosy.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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