Hydrastis canadensis. Homeopathy.

(H. canadensis Golden Seal Orcaneta Yellow)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Goldenseal
1 Forgetfulness, can not remember what he is reading or saying. Often omitted words or letters in writing. Aversion to all mental work.
gloomy or sad, melancholic. Depressed, sure of his death, and the like. He complains or cries sometimes pain.
3 irritable, resentful. Disgusting.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Goldenseal
4 - () mucous secretions are yellowish (color characteristic of the drug) or white, thick, viscous and stringy, especially colds almost any mucosa: nasal, pharyngeal, bronchial, gastric, duodenal, intestinal, urethral or vaginal.
5 - () Empty feeling, faintness or languor, which may be widespread, but particularly in the stomach, and is constant and not relieved by eating; come with most of the symptoms of Hydrastis.
6 - () One of the most important drugs in cancer ( "It's been more cases of cancer cured with this drug than with any other" (Clarke), stomach, liver, breast, skin, etc.. Scirrhus. Cancers hard , adherents, with mottled skin ulcerate before, and with cutting as the main symptom, with profound weakness and significant weight loss.
Cancer cachexia. It is also very important in the precancerous state with indefinite general ill health, without obvious tumor, with physical and mental depression, weight loss, weakness, pale or straw color of] the skin, hypotension, gastrointestinal atony with constipation.
7 - () Worse: at night, from heat; by strong, dry wind, by motion and touch; by alcohol; by tight clothing (but in English).
Better-for repose and pressure.
8 - () Great prostration and physical weakness, very weak muscles, hypotonic. People very weak, the elderly, who tire easily; constitutions Aruin excess alcohol, these states are generally accompanied by colds (see 4). Access sudden fainting, cold sweats, abundant and widespread. The wounds, even small, bleed much.
SPECIFIC Goldenseal
9 frontal headache and heaviness, or sharp pains in temples and over eyes, but the left worse than 9 to 10 hours, and in a warm room, better in open air and the pressure of the hand. Sensation as if brain pressing against the frontal bone. Headache on vertex, by day, starting at 11, with nausea, retching and anxiety. Left occipital headache. Eczema on the edge of the frontal hair, worse when moving to a warm room, oozing liquid after washing. Seborrhea.
10 profuse tearing. Burning in eyes and eyelids, which stick. Opacity of the cornea. Inflammation of the eyes with discharge thick, yellowish, sticky, slimy and irritating. Conjunctiva dark greenish yellow.
11 - () noise in the ears, like a machine. Right otalgia, or retroauricular pain that goes to the right shoulder. Otorrhea thick, fetid, purulent, sticky and yellowish. Partial obstruction of the Eustachian tube, with hearing loss.
12 - () Tickling like a hair in the right nostril. Nasal obstruction, worse in a warm room. Constant secretion of mucus thick and white.
nasal becrecion thick, yellowish and sticky, it falls back. Yellow-green nasal secretion. Watery coryza, excoriating, worse in open air, with burning and feeling of being raw on the nose, throat and chest, with sneezing and fullness on the eyes, the air feels cold in the nose. Ozena purulent and bloody secretions. Epistaxis from the left side, followed by itching. Septum sore that bleeds on touch.
13 - () frontal or maxillary sinusitis subacute. Pale or white face
yellowish, with tired expression. Erysipelas of the face. Canker sores on the lips.
Epithelioma of the lips and eyelids. Filante adherent mucus hanging from his mouth. Herpes on the lip.
14 - () peppery or bitter taste. Tongue swollen, large, red or white or yellowish, with teeth impressions on the edges. Tongue yellow at the base and center. Tongue as if burnt or scalded, with a vesicle at the tip. Excessive mucus, thick and sticky. Cancer of tongue with prominent nodes and stinging pain. Hard and painful tumor in the palate, which bleeds easily.
15 - () Chronic pharyngitis with yellow mucus, thick and adherent, which come mainly from the nostrils, forcing him to cough constantly, with dry throat and sore, as raw, worse morning on waking and coughing. Uvula relaxed sore. Ulcers in the throat. Goiter in puberty and pregnancy.
16 - () indigestion in the elderly. Not well digested bread or vegetables, it produces acidity and weakness. Dyspepsia, indigestion. Belching and acid regurgitation. Vomits everything he eats. Feeling of faintness or languor vacuum or hole in the epigastric, worse at 11 hours, with aversion to food and eating that does not improve, it is a key symptom that accompanies any process to be used Hydrastis, sometimes coincides with palpitations or is preceded by gastralgias. No appetite. Nausea at 11. Gastralgias sharp, cutting or burning. Chronic catarrhal gastritis. Gastric ulcer.
Cancer of stomach with gastric weight loss and listlessness.
17 - () torpid liver, stunted; enlarged, hard, with nodules, liver cancer, liver cirrhosis. Sharp, intermittent, in the reunion hepatica, irradiated to the shoulders. Jaundice, with gastric or duodenal catarrh. Gallstones. Burning in the region of the navel, with empty.
Rumbling loud with lower abdominal pain and sacrum, worse when moving, as if to come diarrhea. Colicos cramping, worse than 9 to 10 hours, relieved by eliminating foul gases. Cutting pains in the hypogastric and drawing in English, spread to the testicles; not bear clothing in English. Sharp pains in the cecal region and in the splenic region.
Ulcerations in the intestines.
18 - () Constipation without any desire to move the belly or ineffectual urging, especially laxative abuse or pregnancy, with small stool, harsh, diced, coated or mixed with yellow mucus, thick and adherent, with headache Cough or languor, constipation alternating with diarrhea. Obstinate constipation, for whole days. Stool acres, Aerde, clear, soft, followed by vacuum or fainting. Burning pain in rectum during and after stool, which continued long after.
Hemorrhoids. Proctitis. Anal Fistula. Inactivity of rectum.
19 - () Dull kidney. Urine fetida, or thick mucus Filante;
chronic cystitis. Dysuria. Anuria. Incontinence of urine. Gonorrhea acute secretion yellow, thick, viscous, sticky or greenish. Chronic gonorrhea with copious, painless.
Weakness from spermatorrhoea 20. Drawing from the right groin to the right testicle, then the left and then left groin. Offensive sweat on the genitals.
21 - () Cash watery hot or heavy, irritating, yellow, thick, sticky and filante, or purulent; continuous worse after menses, with vulvar itching and sexual excitement. Ulcer of the cervix and into the hole, with great sensitivity, the test, go out for a yellow thread of the hole. Uterine prolapse. Uterine cancer. Menorrhagia and metrorrhagia by fibroids, or in menopause. Breast Cancer is one of the most important drugs, with stabbing pains, hard and irregular tumor, retracted nipples, painful axillary lymphadenopathy and wasting may predominate in the left breast and pain, lancinating, cutting or burning, extending to shoulder and arm. Cracked and sore nipples in nursing women, and have also hurt his mouth. Vaginal bleeding after intercourse.
22 - () dry cough, painful for laryngeal tickling. Chronic bronchitis in the elderly exhausted, with yellowish expectoration thick, sticky and stringy, sometimes bleeding. Bronchial catarrh. Tuberculosis with anorexia, gastric emptying and weight loss. Burning and soreness in the chest, with feeling of being raw. Asthma. Pulmonary edema. Cancer of the right lung. Dyspnea just lying on the left side.
Violent palpitation 23, more than morning, worse lying on side. Chest pain spread to his left shoulder, with numbness of the arm.
Bradycardia during the chills.
24 - () Muscle pain in the neck. Lumbar pain and stiffness, with heaviness and tearing, worse on rising from sitting, you need support or help with arms, better walking. Sacral pain in menopause with uterine disease.
25 Fatigue and pain in the limbs, worse in knees and legs.
Wandering pains: the right arm to the right and then left leg, the thigh to the left leg. Rheumatic pains in his right shoulder, elbow, forearm and left thumb. Pain from hip to knee while walking.
Pain in the sole of the foot. Atonic ulcers in the legs.
26 Sleep restless. Difficult to wake.
Chills of 27 morning or evening, especially in the back and thighs, with slow pulse. Flushes. Typhoid fever or bilious, gastric disorders, jaundice and weakness, skin dry and warm. Tendency to sweat copious.
s28 - () skin yellowish, earthy and unhealthy (the small wounds fester too long), with frequent ulcerations and excoriations (or oozing) burning (worse by heat, but on the bed), with yellowish discharge, thick and sticky. Pressure ulcers. Epitheliomatous: breast, face, lips, nose, etc.. Lupus. Jaundice with yellow skin, dark green. Dark purple skin. Erysipelas on the face, neck and upper limbs, burning, intense heat can later desquamation. Urticaria, worse at night and scratching. Cracks in the orifices of the body. Intertrigo child. Smallpox pustules with intense itching and dark, with great prostration and faintness. Eczema, with thick crusts and burning, viscous secretion, but on the edge of the scalp.
Lycopodium Thuya.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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