Hydrocianicum acid. Homeopathy

Hydrocyanic acid
(Hydrocyanic acid)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Hydrocyanic acid
1 - () Unconsciousness with incoherent words. Clouding of the senses with insensitivity to external stimuli, do not feel any pain and is insensitive to the insanity.
2 Furious delirium and agitation, he pulls back and forth, wants to bite the people around him, with protruding eyes, motionless and contracted pupils, and tachycardia. Great irritability.
3 Can not think, weakened memory, aversion to any mental or physical work. Depression, sadness, fear and oppression, worse in the epigastric hollow. Discouragement. Fear of imaginary diseases. Fear of horses, carriages, houses collapsing, and so on.
4 - () jerks or violent, usually tetaniformes or toning, with stiffness of the body (that is directed backwards), neck contracture, facial cyanosis, trismus, foaming mouth, loss of consciousness and paralysis.
Epilepsy. Tetanus. Cataleptic state.
5 - () There is a state of extreme weakness and fatigue, profound prostration, located in the States, really leads to paralysis that begins in the lower limbs, to rise later to superiors. However, if widespread, enters a state of collapse, especially in severe cases with widespread cold (cold marble), cyanosis (even the ones), bradypnea, very weak and irregular pulse, almost imperceptible, and unconsciousness. Lack of vital heat.
6 - () Worse: at night and by the movement. Better: open air.
7 - () Vertigo or dizziness, with sensation of weakness or of being intoxicated, with difficulty to stand on rising from stooping or sitting with a staggering gait, and feels like something is moving in the air, it carries with it; best outdoors and worse by movement. Feel like a cloud over his brain. Head heavy, numb. Headaches alone at night, so stunned, in the forehead, vertex and occiput, and from this to the front, better outdoors. Tension front. Brain like fire.
8 Ojos semi-open, motionless; prominent. Difficulty moving the eyes.
Eyes wide open, motionless, as if paralyzed. Pupils dilated and motionless, not reacting to light. Shocks in the upper eyelids. Vision turbid, is a gauze before the eyes, or waving the objects seen. Blindness.
9 Earache, sometimes with ringing, roaring or stamps. Hearing loss.
90 Burning in the nostrils. Dilatation of the nostrils, which are cyanotic. Nose dry.
11 Face bloated, aging, pale and cyanotic, ashen and gray.
Distorsion corners of the mouth. Lockjaw. Facial muscle contractions. Cyanates and pale lips. Foam mouth.
12 Boca dry or drooling. Tongue white, then dark, cold, with burning at the tip. Stiffness or paralysis of the tongue, which often comes from the mouth, loss of speech. Pain and swelling in the palate. Sweet or bitter taste.
13 - () spasms in the esophagus, as evidenced by the gurgling noise that makes the liquid you drink (even a tablespoon of water) to pass through the esophagus or stomach to enter it's your key symptom. Pain as if scraping the throat and esophagus, with heat and burning, pharyngitis, esophagitis.
14 - () Anorexia. No thirst, or with burning thirst. Nausea, vomiting black liquid. Gastralgias. Cold in the stomach. Pressure in epigastrium, with great oppression; great languor in the stomach. Spasmodic contraction in the stomach. Heat and heartburn. Gurgling drinking (see 13). Gastritis.
Hot 15 around the belly (with stitch), sometimes alternating with heat.
Rumbling in the belly.
16 - () Stools involuntary hiccups and great prostration. Asiatic cholera.
Abrupt cessation of all discharges.
17 Retention of urine, or copious emission of watery urine, pale, with deposit cloudy. Urine with thick reddish sediment. Incontinence of urine.
Burning in urethra.
18 - () Burning and scraping in the larynx, with constriction, swelling and inflammation, tingling and pain, with roughness and hoarseness. Frequent cough by pricking in trachea and larynx dry, tearing, choking with sobs. Hemoptysis. Breathing slow or rushed, noisy or rattling, deep and very difficult. Visits of asthma with extreme dyspnea, with sense of constriction in the chest and chest pressure in the region, with anxiety and marked cyanosis, with violent palpitation with anxiety chest and signs of heart failure (rapid pulse, irregular, hypotensive, with cooling cyanosis limbs). Sharp pains in the chest, worse when breathing deeply. Choking cholera.
19 - () Violent palpitation with anxiety chest. Weak and irregular heart. Pulse rapid, irregular, feeble, imperceptible. Venous congestion.
Angina pectoris with excruciating pain and sudden cries, with suffocation.
20 Cooling and cyanosis of the extremities; violets. Livid spots on the legs. Varicose leg ulcer.
21 Frequent yawning, with shivering. Drowsiness, sometimes uncontrollable, but after eating. Almost can not sleep, wakes up frequently. Dreams of death or anxious.
22 Chills with shaking, especially after midnight or tomorrow. Sensation of cold and abroad. Heat in the head with cold extremities. Burning fever, sweats widespread is worse after noon, with intense agitation and excitement.
Dry skin 23. Cyanate tinted general pallor. Itching in various places, especially between the chin and lips. Pimples or blisters itching or burning.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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