Hydrocotyle asiatica. Homeopathy

Hydrocotyle asiatica
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Hydrocotyle asiatica

l Misantropia; tendency to solitude. Sad thoughts. Indifference.
By contrast, there can be joy and verve.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Hydrocotyle asiatica
2 - () Processes with hypertrophy and induration of the connective tissue. Infiltrative and inflammatory processes of the subcutaneous cellular tissue.

3 - () sensations of pain, as if he had been beaten in the muscles, worse on waking. Erratic and drawing pains in the muscles. Fatigue, with inability to everything.

SPECIFIC Hydrocotyle asiatica
4 vertigo with dizziness. Congestion with heaviness in the head. Cranial neuralgia. Pain and swelling at the occiput, with sensation of constriction and sensitivity to touch.

5 prick in her eyes. Conjunctiva injected. Vision cloudy. Stare.

6 Pain in the left auditory meatus. Throbbing in the right ear. Hey rings or puffs or noise, but on the left. Ear plugged.

7 - () Nose swollen. Lupus excedens, especially in the nasal fin. Dry coryza, nasal obstruction. Tickling worse in the left nostril. Itching on the tip of the nose.

8 - Expression intoxicated. Intermittent pain in the left malar. Papules and erythema of the face. Lupus in the face.
9 white spots under the edges of the tongue. Difficulty speaking.
Hyperemia of the entire oral mucosa. Red soft palate with swallowing pain worse. Sialorrhea. Insipid or bitter taste.

Pinchacitos in the pharynx 10. Esophagus dry, harsh, burning and stinging.

11 Anorexia, then strong appetite. Frequent belching and acid. Nausea.
Gastralgias as cramps. Anxiety and heat in the stomach.

12 Rumbling; gases. Pains in the stomach, especially in the transverse colon. Liver pain. Feeling that all organs of the abdomen were in motion. Heat hypogastrium. Sudamen in the womb.

13 Weight in the rectum. Burning and pruritus ani. Ineffectual urging to stool.
Stool dry and dark.

14 Crawling in the kidney area. Irritation of the bladder neck, with frequent urination. Constriction in the bladder. Urethral irritation. Urine increased, turbid and without sediment turns brown as it cools.

15 Drawing in the spermatic cords, worse in left. Scrotum relaxed. Intercourse is indifferent. Impotence. Sense of weight on the prostate.

16 - () Vulva, vagina and cervix very red. Heat in the bottom of the vagina. Vulvar and vaginal itching. Copious flow. Pain in the ovary. Heaviness in utero. Pain in the uterus, most left, severe pain, like labor.

17 - () Dryness in larynx and trachea. Voice weak, so tired to talk. Respiratory tract irritation. Difficult expectoration. Chest tightness that comes and goes. Pustules on the chest,

18 Constriction of the heart. Irregular heartbeat. Pulse strong and full.

19 Rheumatic pains in the back, worse pressure. Sore back and beaten. Heaviness in the kidney region.

20 - () contractions in muscles of the forearms and legs.
Irresistible tendency to stretch. Joint pain, worse on the left side aches. Sensation as if hot water run through the bone marrow. Fatigue in the shoulders. They sleep the forearm, hand and fingers straight. Unsteady, can not stand.
Pains in the hips. Tired legs. Cramps in calves. Intolerable itching on the soles of the feet (or sometimes on the palms) with cutaneous thickening and sweating. It is one of the most important medicines in elephantiasis of the legs, with infiltration of subcutaneous tissue induration and thickening and dryness of the skin. Yellow spots on the legs. Purple stain on the sole, sunken, it hurts to walk. Red spots on the hands. Cold hands and feet.

21 yawning and stretching. Daytime sleepiness. Sueno heavy. Sounds continuously.

Chills 22 afternoon. Fever, skin hot flushes. Profuse sweating.

23 - () The skin is the most important organ of action of Hydrocotyle, especially in the form of a tendency to induration, infiltration and exfoliation. Nearly circular spots, with raised edges and scaly. Red spots with white scales. Erythema with intense itching. Acne rosacea.
Ichthyosis. Psoriasis. Lupus. Eselerodermia. Dermatosis crusted with great desquamation. Leprosy. Gangrene after amputation. Acne.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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