Hydrophys cianocinctus. Homeopathy

HYDROPHYS cyanocinctus
(Sea Serpent)
Pathogenesis of Dr.J.R. Raeside, Brit Hom. Journ., VII, 1959, pag. 196.
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR HYDROPHYS pathogenesis cyanocinctus
1 - () marked depression with fatigue. > Alone crying; <consolation. Tired of life.
2 - () Forgetfulness, can not concentrate.
3 - () Aggravation: on waking before noon; from heat; lying left side. Left sided.
4 fatigue and heaviness, worse on waking. Hypermenorrhea.
5 - () over the left side headache, especially frontal, worse from heat. Cephalic heaviness. Sense of dressing. Itching of the head. Burning nasal catarrh.
6 - () Burning in the eyes, worse in left. Itching of eyelids; heaviness.
7 - () dry and sore throat worse on waking, speaking, and premenstrual
left side, which causes coughing. Dry mouth tomorrow. Toothache in the left molars. Pain left maxilla.
8 - () Thirst for cold drinks. Nausea. Pruritus ani. Gastralgia after dinner. Right upper quadrant pain. Stitches in the abdomen, worse in the morning and left. Constipation and sharp pains after stool. Piles swollen and painful.
9 - () stitches in the chest. He wakes up with chest tightness. Chest pain. Extrasystole. Dryness and burning in the chest. Hoarseness in morning and after speaking. Dry cough with tickling and laryngeal.
10 Pain from the back, worse on the left. Heaviness and weakness in legs and arms, sharp or stabbing pains. Paresis, and paralysis. Cold feet.
Heaviness and numbness in limbs. Stitches in the hip, left arm and thumb.
11 - () You wake up at night for dreams (nightmares), with fears. You wake up at 2.30 to 4.30 am. Light sleep. Insomnia.
12 Fever with chills; with angina. Copious sweats.
Dry skin 13; itchy, chapped hands
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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