Hydrotherapy: Use cold water

The fundamental properties that water has are: solvent properties, transforming elements eliminated by the body to all those substances which are water soluble; excretory properties, dragging the dissolved substances that are assimilated by the body to the corresponding emunctories of elimination, and emunctories are primary, secondary, pathological or artificial, and strengthening properties, strengthening by natural defenses nervous reaction to be specified using our life energy for health maintenance.

The benefits of water, like clay or fruit and vegetable juices or herbal teas can be applied both in internal and external use.

Internal use
The water we use must always be as natural as possible so that ingested substances that are normally dissolved in the water used by civilization. Natural water not being infected and thus need not boiled do not spoil their minerals and vitamins. Must always be at room temperature should never be taken or excessively cold or too hot, as in this way would be detrimental. Water must be licking palate.

External use
In the external application of water the skin plays a very important role. The contact of hot or cold water causes the reaction to this result, whatever the form of hydrotherapy. The application of water in the body always exerts a thermal stimulus. The thermal response is a vasoconstriction or vasodilation, as may be cold or hot water applied. You'll always be the opposite reaction. The cold causes heat in the skin, cold and the heat. Hence the advantage of cold water on hot when it comes to producing nerve reaction in the skin to influence this with cold water, which provoked heated reaction in the skin, thus dragging internal heat or fever to the outside of the viscera easing the noble organs.

The beneficial effects of cold water leaving the body are increased without drying, except skin folds.

Elementary rules for the practice of hydrotherapy
1. Before any application of cold water is necessary that the body is able to react to the stimulus of that heat. The skin and especially the feet should be warm. At least 36.5 o C in the axilla.

2. Ensure that the body reacts with heat after application of warm or cold water through physical exercise

3. Cold water applications should be made with empty stomach, except as indicated especially by your instructor.

4. Applications of ice should not be used.

5. Women and girls must stay hydrotherapy treatments during menstruation, some three days or so, except clay poultices, compresses and other applications that are indicated specifically.


¨ analgesic action.
¨ sedative action. For example output (baths arms).
¨ Action hemostatic (stops bleeding).
¨ Increase metabolism.
¨ Action toning of the muscles and tissues.


¨ cardiac or vascular diseases (angiospásticas).
¨ Intestinal conditions (colitis, diarrhea).
¨ Ailments of the urinary bladder (cystitis)
Rheumatic ¨.

Rub cold water. She rubs her whole body with cold water with a wet towel and drained, occasionally changing the face of the towel, not to hot. Begins to rub his leg towards the heart right up to the shoulder, and also the arm. Repeat with the left side, then the chest, belly and between her legs. End up at the back of the legs, spine and back. It always entertains without drying
To improve blood circulation, is replaced by a damp towel brush tail that is used by soaking and brushing the body repeatedly. Average length: 1 to 2 minutes.

Cold sitz bath: She sits in a tub or similar, leaving the legs out, so the cold water reaches near the navel. Just be wet buttocks, genitals and lower abdomen, keeping the rest of the body adequately warm. If it is "friction sitz bath," you must rub all the time with a sponge or washcloth and cool water, the lower abdomen in a circle, following the direction of clockwise. Average length: 10 to 15 minutes.
Indications: Hemorrhoids, congestive states lower abdomen, chronic constipation, insomnia, varicose veins.

Bath face and eyes: In a bowl with cold water dives face to the place where the scalp so that no hair gets wet. Previously inspire deeply and, with his face in the water, including chin, opening and closing his eyes several times, while slowly expel the air trapped in the lungs. The process is repeated three times, after which they face very dry. Reaction must follow. After taking the bath must avoid contact with cold air. You can use eyebright and fennel.
Indications: Cold bath: Strengthening and revitalization of the ocular apparatus.
Hot bath: acute and chronic conjunctivitis, irritation bodies
strangers, stye. Be avoided if any detachment

Cold bath arms: are introduced slowly both arms in a basin with cold water (or sink if not available) until the level reaches the middle of the arm (between elbow and shoulder). Application Time 20 to 30 seconds. After your arms secaremos us with a rough cloth or a thick towel and will move aggressively to promote the local reaction.
Indications: Local action on the circulation, temperature, and metabolism of the upper limb. Improved blood flow on the heart. Sedative action on a too rapid pulse or heart hyperexcitability, as recommended on nervous disorders. Vascular training.

Cold bath standing:
We use a bucket to allow the correct entry of the feet. The height of water will reach half of the calves at least, preferable that reaches the top of the knee. The duration is between 30 and 60 seconds, stopping if a sharp cutting pain at the calf. Once practice ended a vigorous friction with the hand or glove string of parties will be bathed or physical exercises to encourage local circulatory reaction.
Indications: head congestion, constipation, tiredness of the feet, nosebleeds (preferably a few minutes)

Bath life
: He sits on the edge of the bidet vacuum or on a stool in the empty bathtub (no wet feet). Apply continuous stream of water to the pit of his stomach, falling to his genitals and gently rub in a circle around the belly in the direction of clockwise. Average length: 10 to 15 minutes.
Indications: As the cold sitz bath, plus a general tonic.

Genital bath
: She sits on the edge of the bidet or on a table lying across a full tank of cold water. Wash the genitals gently with cloth or sponge soaked in cold water. The men will do likewise, but introducing the female genitalia in cold water while gently wash it. May also be used to make this bath a continuous stream of water or shower phone. Average duration: 30 minutes.

Cold wraps absorb heat from the applied area and produce an increase in sympathetic tone of the autonomic nervous system, with vasoconstriction, a moderate increase in blood pressure and stimulation of local tissue metabolism and breathing faster and deeper. These effects last for about 5 minutes until warm reactive phase gives way to a predominance vagotonic. Is observed less muscle tone, both of skeletal muscles (muscles of the neck, lower back, etc..) And smooth muscle in internal viscera (bladder, urinary tract, intestines, etc.).. Relaxant effect is accompanied by some pain sedation.

If the sheathing is absorbing heat (wrap not drained) the indications are:
Indications: Febrile diseases. Local inflammations. Acute arthritis. Bruising. Sprains.

If the sheathing is producing heat (wrap drained) the indications are:
Indications: Insomnia. Headache (derivative action). Stimulation of metabolic reactions in functional disorders of the digestive organs.

Wrap Waist: Wrap strip-shaped ribs English with a towel or cloth soaked in cold water and drained. Applying above or wool cloth or towel dry, gripping and entertaining as a belt. At least one hour.

Wrap the trunk: (from armpits to English). It extends over a hard bed a wool blanket folded over it properly and place a towel or cloth soaked in cold water and drained. Lying on the damp cloth that is wrapped up and it shaped belt, and once well set is wrapped in the blanket that is placed under sheltering belt as well. At least one hour.
Indications: If you are cool: Diseases of the respiratory system: bronchitis (acute, chronic asthma) pleurisy, pneumonia. Metabolism, obesity, hypertension, griposos states (to sweat)
If you are hot: Pertussis

Wrap long (underarm to feet). It does the same as in the jacket of trunk, but rather spread a blanket and a sheet wet with cold water and drained so that the strip-shaped envelope reaches the feet.
Uses: digestive disorders, chronic catarrh of the respiratory tract, rheumatic disorders, gout, obesity, generalized eczema, menopausal disorders, infectious diseases sweat suits.

Compress abdominal applies mostly to the belly (of ribs English) a wet towel or cloth wrung from cold water. Cover with cloth or wool or cloth strip shaped to hold and stays at least an hour.
Indications: stomach ulcers, intestinal cramps, bloating, biliary tract disorders, chronic inflammation of the gallbladder disorders during menstruation.

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