Hyoscyaminum. Homeopathy

(Hydrobromide Hyoscyamine Sulfate and or Duboisina)
1 - () Delirium violent animal sees around her family does not recognize, the next day not remember anything except the animals. Delirium quiet, calm, even pleasant, with visual hallucinations, or with great drowsiness or lethargy, which sometimes comes out if asked or talked to or in a conversation, but if he leaves all or leave it alone, rests his stupor (with mild shaking in the limbs, or murmurs) or this with eyes wide open, wants to take something, looks at the floor and says he thought something fell on the floor and the walls are moving. Pinch or grab objects, and they fall off. Sometimes he rubs his hands. Fits of laughter or uncontrollable laughter.
Stunning 2, clumsiness. Difficulty in concentrating his thoughts. Coma, with occasional jerky movements of arms and legs.
3 headache with congestion of face and head and pounding endarterectomy.
Dizziness with instability when rising from a chair or walking. Heaviness front.
4 Eyes bloodshot, restless. Terebrante pain in his eyes. Mydriasis with pupillary areflexia. Vision foggy; dipiopia. The letters come together to read, writing must away to see better or, conversely, a few centimeters closer. Vision impaired colors and sizes. Vision yellow.
5 Face flushed and hot, especially on the cheeks.
6 Tongue dry and brown in the middle, hard, rough. Dry palate. It costs 6rticular words by drought. Foul breath.
7 Throat very dry with dysphagia.
8 vomits during coma.
9 Dysuria, weak jet or drip partial retention of urine. Urine or pale green, alkaline phosphate deposit and with increased density.
10 Dry cough, tracheal. Fast blast.
11 Tachycardia, followed by soft, slow pulse.
12 - () occasional twitching in the limbs. Can not walk and can not rise from his chair without help, and when seated, has mild shaking in the extensors of the legs, with projections of the foot forward.
Weakness in the legs or feet can only walk if you stare at the
floor. Tremor in multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's.
13 yawned, sighed, tired. Drowsiness. Or wide awake or very sleepy.
Hot, dry skin 14. Fever.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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