Hyoscyamus. Homeopathy

(H. Niger Beleno)

1 - () Basically, the feature is the prevailing mental delirium of Hyoscyamus, assuming a variety of forms of expression, but this drug "falls somewhere between Belladonna and Stramonium, lacking the first constant cerebral congestion and fierce anger Manic delirium and the last "(Allen). "The delirium of Hyoscyamus is more the type murmuring or grumbling or grumpy-pitched or low, while that of Belladonna tends to be violent and angry. Hyoscyamus also has fits of uncontrollable rage, but violence is not as sustained as that of ... and Belladonna Belladonna's face is red, while that of Hyoscyamus is pale or bluish "(Clarke). Hallucinatory delirium is a passive, rather stuporous (with alternating states and cries every so often), and grumbling, which can be acute or chronic, calm or restless, manic or angry, anxious, busy, violent or even savage, erotic or religious . Delirium can be caused by pain, by abuse or adversity, jealousy (see 4), by vigils prolonged or unexplained. The patient does slapstick, or jumps suddenly from the bed and escapes, or attempts to escape, especially at the street (see 5), or talk business or occupation, or the chatty and talks like a whisper or grunt unintelligible or incoherent, nonsensical, inarticulate, and often changing quickly from one topic to another, or say ridiculous things, speaking in a hurry, in a lively and loud, as if drunk, or want to be naked (see 3), or rie (see 11), or having hallucinations (see 2); answers well to ask, but quickly falls into delirium, worse on waking, his face pale or red, and wide-eyed and unresponsive. Delirium tremens. Delirium or not.

2 - () suffers hallucinations of all kinds, especially as related to delirium (see 1): visual and has visions, sees animals (they're going to bite), cats, or dead (with speaker) or figures or ghosts, or apparitions ggarrar wants and the distances and objects and bodies, or even parts of it, are enlarged, he has offended people, that is pursued by enemies or police, or it will be murdered or that he was poisoned or wounded by those around him, which has suffered badly and that is possessed; religious hallucinations, who is away from home or not there are believed surrounded by rats and mice.

3 - () wants to be naked, and in delirium (see l), or the morning in bed, or sleeping, because she likes to be uncovered. Displays her genitals erotica mania. Nymphomania on, especially during menstruation. Obscene: say, do and sing obscene things. It is totally shameless, do not mind exposing her nakedness. Lust. Dementia erotica. Tore his clothes.

4 - () Together with Lachesis, are the two medicines most zealous of Materia Medica. His jealousy are terrible, are accompanied by intense anger, which may come to induce him to fight or kill causing jealousy, jealous frenzy by setting a real, supported by a distrust or suspicion out of control.

5 - () wants to escape, usually in his delirium, believing that they pursue and they want to poison or kill, wants out of bed (sometimes for the chills) or directly jump to it (sometimes for the fever) and runs off the streets.

6 - () There is heightened aggressiveness in behavior. It's violent, quarrelsome, violent anger or rage (but in the evening or night) with a desire to kill (think you should kill someone, with a knife, sometime by drunkenness) or hit (and hit people present or imaginary objects), or broken; insults (even in children who insult their parents) wants to bite, swears, curses, curses, it's cruel, inhumane, arrogant, insolent, impatient, irritable (with insomnia). Sometimes, aggression is turned against itself, prone to suicide, especially by drowning, and especially by an unrequited love. It complains and complains. Rude.

7 - () is full of fears: of being alone (there is a constant and intense desire for companionship, the worst being alone), to dogs, and being bitten or hear water running water (and becomes very anxious ) (hydrophobia); people and men (which surround and capture) to be poisoned, to eat or drink to be sold; of syphilis, the ghosts. Of constant fear, with starts. Anxiety at night, feelings of guilt, remorse.

8 - () Almost constantly gestures, gestures or weird, strange or ridiculous, associated with delirium or other mental picture. Sometimes violent gestures, or gestures like a drunk or involuntary movements or, especially, have movement and pinching or groping carfologicos bedding or anything, constantly, whether in delirium or febrile processes.

9 - () is of great verve but is usually expressed in low pitch as growling or grumbling (see l). He talks to himself, or think you talk to people already dead or imaginary, or answer questions that do not have. He speaks very little, it aggravates the conversation of others. Talking in sleep, confess aloud. Dislikes to be spoken to. When speaking, does not find the right words to express. Mumbles or grumbles for insomnia. Have an aversion to answering the questions, refuses to answer or does so unintelligible. Gossip. Reserved.

10 - () with convulsive stupor. Amazement, as if drunk; between seizures. During this stuporous state, answer the questions if required, but immediately falls into his stupor. Unconsciousness, especially during fever. Frequent absences. It does not recognize anyone, or their relatives. Stunned during fever, and drowsiness. As in a dream.

11 - () Laughs or constantly or excessively loud or foolishly. Laughs before menstruation or sleeping. Smiling.

12 - () Disorders that occur: in advance, from fright, from grief.
Disorders unrequited love: with laughter or sadness or anger or astonishment or suicidal or despair or seizures. Mental Disorders efforts.

13 - () Cries sudden: in the stupor, sleeping or waking, during seizures, and in the puerperium, for anxiety. Cephalic cry.

14 - () active memory, especially for past events. Low on memory: for what he has to do or think, for what he has said or heard or read. Errors when reading.

15 - () This cheerful, good humored, especially before menstruation; dance, sing, laugh. Sadness. Crying in children. Alternating laughing and crying. Cries sleeping.

16 - () Religious Affections, speaking of religious subjects. Insanity: religious insanity in drinkers, erotica, megalomania. Insanity in pregnancy and puerperium. Insania with exuberant joy or concern. Misantropia. This sat rigid, solemn and quiet in a corner and muttering. Refuse to eat in mental disorders. Premenstrual hysteria.

17 It starts from fright, or sleeping. Hypersensitive to noise during the chills. This worst seeing shiny objects. Restlessness at night.

18 Gran greedily, hungrily grabs with both hands and everything they offer.

19 Imbecility with sexual excitement. Difficulty concentrating. Confusion.

20 Great reverence and respect for those around you.

21 Other mental excitement aggravates The aversion to company.
Alcoholism mental symptoms worsen or occur before or during menstruation.

22 - () Seizure-in children, from fright or intestinal parasites, after eating, the child vomits, cries out suddenly and lose consciousness. Seizures worse at night or sleeping or from fright or after nomer; before and during menstruation and the puerperium; in the dentition, for excitations, starting on the face, with unconsciousness, body trio, with fall and paralysis. Spasms with loss of consciousness and deep concern, "every muscle in the body is jerking or twitching, from eyes to toes" (Allen). Contractures, shaking, shaking, trembling.
Tetanus. Korea. Seizures with cyanotic and puffy face, loss of urine, foaming mouth, teeth grinding thumbs back and prominent eyes, with shouts and unconsciousness, followed by deep sleep with snoring. Fainting. Subsultus tendon.

23 - () Aggravation: at night and dusk, when lying, whereas before the start and during menstruation; from cold and cold air, by touch.
Better: sitting, walking, by motion, for the heat of day.

24 - () Grand weakness prostration, slides down in bed. It has a sense of levitation, as if walking on air. Paralysis, especially post diphtheritic.

25 - () Vertigo as if intoxicated, dimming of vision.
Stroke, with red eyes, red face purple, and snoring loss of consciousness. Concussion. Severe frontal headache after eating. Headache with sensation of brain loose and shaken like walking. Stitches over his right eye when coughing. Violent throbbing headache that wakes you at night, with intense throbbing carotids. Acute encephalitis with violent throbbing in the head with head thrust and heat, worse from taking cold and after eating, rather stooping and heat. Hydrocephalus with stupor, and head movements from side to side. Acute meningitis.
Head hot with cold body. Tendency to take cold in the head, mainly dry cold.

26 - () Red, fixed, seizures, prominent. Jerky eye movements. Strabismus following brain conditions.
Eyelids swollen, with shaking. Spasmodic closure of the eyelids or can not open them. Mydriasis with pupillary areflexia. Vision cloudy. Diplopia.
Nearsightedness or farsightedness. The objects appear much larger than they are. Go red objects, or with colored edges, especially yellow.
Night blindness.

27 Ringing in the ears. Hearing loss.

28 - () Epistaxis. Pressure at the root of the nose. Nostrils dry. Dryness in the nose. Anosmia.

29 - () face cold and pale cyanotic, or swollen, red or dark rolo. Face distorted, cyanotic, his mouth wide open. Twitching in the muscles of the face. Pressure in the malar cramp, cramps in the jaws.
Lockjaw. Dry lips. Face hot and red. Mumps with brain metastasis.

30 - () Dry mouth. Saliva salty, bloody. Foam mouth. Foul breath.
Hot tongue and asleep, as if burned. Tongue dry, leathery, cracked, with brown or black layer, or red and bleeding. Paralysis of cengua worse to want to haul it hits your teeth.

31 - () Toothache tearing and throbbing, worse or caused by cold air and morning, that despair, causing or accompanied by spasmodic jerking in the muscles of the face, arms and hands with hot, red face and swollen gums, in hypersensitive people nervous and excitable. Difficult dentition. Teeth feel too long or loose.
Grinds teeth, worse during seizures, or sleeping. Constant tendency to clenched teeth. Sordes on the teeth.
Absence of taste.

32 - () Throat dry and hot, with prickling. Uvula elongated. Constriction in the throat, seizure, with inability to swallow liquids; worse when they heard water running. The food out through the nose. Swallowing difficult or impossible, worst of liquids.

33 - () Bulimia with violent thirst, but can not swallow, with aversion to water.
Thirst, little sips. Fear of drinking water, have seizures after drinking. Hiccups after eating and night. Gastric emptying sensation before a seizure. Nausea pressing the epigastrium. Belching bitter.
Retching and vomiting with cutting gastralgias tear you cry, worse after coughing. Vomiting, watery, mucous, blood or food (eating quickly) with violent pains in the epigastrium. Newspapers stomach cramps, better by vomiting. Epigastrium very sensitive to touch.
Gastritis with burning pains.

34 - () Huge tympanic distension of the stomach, as if to burst with sharp pains or cramps. Dull pains in the liver. Belly aching to touch. Painful blows in the belly when walking or breathing.
Excoriating pain in abdominal muscles when you cough. Rumbling with hiccups.
Red spots.

35 - () Constipation. Frequent diarrhea, watery or mucous membrane, very bad smell and very irritating, diarrhea in postpartum. Involuntary evacuation of anal sphincter paralysis, worse sleep or nervous excitement or stupor or unconsciousness. Very bleeding hemorrhoids.

36 - () Paralysis of the bladder after birth, with retention or incontinence of urine, there is no urge to urinate at puerpera; with pressure in the bladder.
Involuntary discharge of urine. Frequent urination with oliguria. Urine copious and clear as water.

37 - () Increased sexual desire in men, lust. Impotence. He plays with his genitals during fever. Displays her genitals (see l).

38 - () excited or violent sexual desire in women; lascivious fury, she undresses, shows off her genitals (see l), heavy periods or deleted.
Metrorrhagia, bright red or pale, with seizures. Puerperal fever. Suppressed lochia. Before menstruation: hysteria and fits of laughter. During menstruation: delirium, copious sweating, convulsive tremors in hands and feet.

39 - () Flushing with accumulation of mucus in the larynx and trachea, with hoarseness. Hysterical aphonia. Dry cough, spasmodic, choking, paroxysmal, riolenta, which shakes the whole body, worse at night, after midnight, waking him, almost incessant since the bed and while lying, being deprived of sleep, forced to sit on the bed , which makes it better, the cough is worse after eating or drinking, or talking or singing, or sleeping or outdoors, for laryngeal tickling, after a measles, sometimes with dark red face and vomiting mucus. Pertussis. Spasmodic nocturnal dry cough in the elderly, by tickling laryngeal or as if the uvula were too long. Coughing green or salt; hemoptysis with clots.
Hemoptysis in alcoholics. Slowed breathing and rattling. Pressure on the right side of the chest, with anxiety and dyspnoea, worse when climbing stairs. Dyspnea better bending forward. Pneumonia in the elderly.

40 Pressure, anxiety and chest constriction. Precordial oppression and stitches. Violent or irregular heart action. Palpitation with fear of choking. Pulse full, hard, strong, or fast, intermittent, or slow, or barely perceptible.

41 pains in the back, especially lower back, with swollen feet.
Lancinating pain in the lumbar and shoulder blades.

42 - () tremor in arms and hands. Numbness and painful stiffness of the hands. Swollen hands. Fingers with the thumb bent inward during seizures. Carphology (see mental). Feel very thick fingers. Hands somewhat paralyzed. Painful cramps in the front of the thighs and calves. Stains and vesicles gangrenous leg. Stiffness in the knee. Cold feet and swollen. Contraction of the toes when walking or climbing.

43 - () Drowsiness and coma vigil. Severe insomnia in people irritable or excitable, "by problems at work or business, often imaginary"
(Allen), the patient is awake for hours Hyoscyamus 30th is one of the most useful drugs in ... insomnia "(Allen). Sleeplessness from nervous excitement or excessive mental exertion or after great anguish, sometimes with shaking. The child sobs and cries to sleep, without waking. deep sleep, coma, seizures and limb movements, especially hands. The sleeping smiles. He wakes up scared.

44 - () Shivering with cold throughout the body and heat in the face.
Typhoid fever, or scarlet fever or pneumonia that quickly becomes Tifico type, with clouded sensorium, staring, Carphology, sordes on the teeth, tongue very dry, incontinence of sphincters and tendon jerks. Quartan or everyday. Sweats debilitating sleeping, cold and sour. Tifies Avian shape.
45 dry and rough skin, or hot and fragile. Miliary eruptions. Frequent and large boils. Bleeding ulcers.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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