Hypericum, Hyoscyamus, Icthyolum, Ignatia, Ipecacuanha. Homeopathy

Hypericum (hippuric)
Nerve and brain injuries, for example, concussion. Neuralgic pains in and after the injury. Hemostat.

Hyoscyamus (Bethlehem)
Cough with tickling in bed. States of excitement at night. States of confusion (delirium tremens, Korsakoff's psychosis). Faces. Insomnia.

Ichthyolum (bituminosulfonates ammonium)
Acne. Eczema. Dermatosis. Injuries caused by freezing. Phlebitis.

Ignatia (St. Ignatius Bean)
Psychic depression, exogenous, exhaustion. Mood swings. Migraines. Shortness of breath, can not breathe deeply. Itching. Urticaria. High sensitivity to air currents. Irregular menses with cramping. Tendency to mourn. Symptoms paradoxical. Headache with sensation of having a nail into his forehead. Hypersensitivity of the senses. Functional disorders due to emotional disturbances. Favors
coordination. Cramps. Colitis. Anal prolapse. Hemorrhoids. Vegetative dystonia. Gastrointestinal spasms. Bloat. Belching acids.

Ipecacuanha (Ipecac)
Cough with nausea. Discomfort and vomiting. Periodic Diseases with intermittent fever. Expectorant. Bleeding gastric ulcer. Gastric Prosis. Vomiting dry with a clean tongue. Dysentery with tenesmus. Chemosis. Epiphora. Uterine Bleeding jets (mass). Hyperemesis.

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