Hypericum perforatum. Homeopathy. Abstract

Hypericum perforatum (Family of hipericaceas)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Hypericum perforatum
1 .- Trauma to the nerve endings. Dolore posttraumatic (trauma or injury at the level of the head, spinal cord, limbs) or surgical (lumbar puncture, dental extraction, old scars, painful, Stump pain after amputation).

2 .- a nail wound, deep puncture without bloodshed, a bloody, toe valgus, pain in the tailbone after a fall.

3 .- neuralgia of traumatic origin with lancinating pains and pangs intolerable level of the affected nerve throughout the course of the nerve (trigeminal neuralgia, herpes zoster, facial paralysis from cold)

4 .- Dermatosis hypersensitive to ultraviolet rays, lucitis, photosensitization.

Hypericum perforatum: It is worse: by contact and less shock.

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