Hypericum (wort). Homeopathy

(H. perforatum; Wort)
1 - () Poor memory, forgets what he means. Mistype; omitted letters. Sexual thoughts.
2 Great nervous depression following accidental or surgical wounds.
Consequences of scares and effects of shocks.
3 Speak wildly in his sleep at 4 am. Mental excitement. Irritability.
4 - () You feel as if lifted high into the air, anxiously, as if about to fall from height (see 9).
5 - () is a key drug in trauma, whether surgical or accidental, but especially when located in areas richly innervated, especially fingers and toes (especially in the pads), beds of nails, palms and plants, brain or spinal cord tissue, gums and teeth, and so on. Injuries of the spinal cord after a fall on the tailbone or spine, and even distant effects (pain, etc.): is the main drug. Penetrating wounds, deep-sharp or pointed objects (nails, needles, thorns, needles, etc..) Particularly on the palms and soles, or rat bites or splinters of wood in all these cases, along with Ledum One of the main preventive tetanus, and also in tetanus and declared, subsequent to these injuries. Lacerated wounds or crushing, or broken ends of the fingers, espe entity. In the wounds, the pains are very sharp, very intense, intolerable, and may even rise from the wound (or even beaten scars) following the course of the nerves (neuritis ascending). Preserves integrity of torn or lacerated members when they are almost completely separated from the body "(Allen).
Seizures and shock trauma. It is a very important drug in the preoperative surgical procedure performed in the abovementioned regions and is also the 1000th insurmountable given in one dose, one hour before a tooth extraction or endodontic treatment, also can be used in the postoperative (Staphisagria, Arnica, etc.).. In fractures, neuralgia and neuritis (with tingling, burning and numbness). Labor pains and wrongs very violent, especially after using forceps. Dolores post laparotomy. Falls on the soles of the feet. In the post sympathectomy. Wounds with lymphangitis.
6 - () Aggravation: In the dark cold air and humidity, fog, by touch. Amelioration: tilting the head back.
Rheumatic pains Tearing 7. Paralytic weakness.
Desire and aversion of Hypericum
8 - () I want to wine, pickles, hot drinks.
9 - () Vertigo with the feeling that the head is suddenly magnify;
night with urination. Throbbing headache after a fall on your head or the soles of the feet. Headache after a blow or fall on the occiput, with the feeling that the rise in the air and with great anxiety for fear of falling. Concussion. Heaviness and confusion of head.
Tearing stitches in the brain. Pulsation, heat and burning on vertex,
Pe afternoon. Ringing in the crown of night, as if something alive in the brain. Sensation as if he touched his forehead with a cold hand. Headache extended to the cheeks. Wet hair and the rest of the body warm.
10 Stitches in the right eye or eyelid. Stye in the left lower eyelid.
11 Stitches through the right ear, pruritus. Hyperacusis, especially during menses. Eruptions on the right ear.
12 Pain in the bridge of the nose to rise. Nasal itching, you pinch your nose steadily. Dry nose and sore internally, with sneezing, but the left side, with crusts. Hyperosmia.
13 Face hot and puffy. Tension or tearing pain in cheeks, but on the left. Perioral eruptions, scabs greenish yellow with cracks and moisture. Dry lips.
14 Dry mouth, with burning heat. Tongue white or dirty yellow. Taste of blood.
Sensation of a worm 15 to move in the throat. Heat going up the esophagus after a fright or anxiety.
Intense thirst 16. Belching by drinking water. Appetite increased morning and at night. Pressure in stomach after eating a snack. And nausea and vomiting.
17 - () Summer diarrhea with eruption; him out of bed in the morning, with unusual urgency, loose stools, yellow or bilious. Constipation with violent tenesmus, eliminates a ball hard. Sensation of dryness in the rectum of tomorrow, with burning and itching. Bleeding hemorrhoids ( "quasi-specific" [Roehrig]), with much pain.
18 desire to urinate, with violent pains in the genitals. Female urethra swollen and hard, with burning pain. Urgency to urinate, of, night, with vertigo.
Delayed Menses 19. Tension in utero, as if a bandage. Flow. Post traumatic scirrhous breast.
20 - () Hoarseness, with roughness in the larynx, in foggy weather. Asthma worse in wet or foggy weather, improved access by copious expectoration.
Short, dry cough. Pertussis worst 18 to 22 hours. Anxiety in the chest.
Stitches in the chest under the breasts, from the inside out through the left breast and sternum, worse by motion. Pressure and burning, or constriction in the chest.
21 feel as if her heart would fall in the evening.
Palpitations. Pulse fast and hard.
22 - () The spine is very sensitive to touch after a fall or blow to the spine, the slightest movement of the head or arms wrests cries, can not bear to be approached or touched. Cervical vertebrae very sensitive to touch. Violent pains and inability to walk or bend, after a fall on the tailbone. Stitches in the sacrum. This lying on his back with his head jerked back, after a blow to the EU column.
23 - () You can not walk, due to disorders of the spine. Weakness and trembling of the limbs. Articular rheumatism, but in the knees with synovial effusion.
Numbness in feet and hands. Compound fractures. Stitches on the shoulder every breath, pain in his right shoulder. Neuralgia in the left arm. Numbness in left arm. Sense of dislocation in his left foot. Feel like needle pricks on the feet. Intense pain in the knees can not touch. Hip pain postpartum. Traumatic sciatica and rheumatism. Cold and sleeping right leg while seated. Feet swollen. Terribly painful corns and bunions.
24 Constant drowsiness. Jerking when falling asleep. It sounds to travel. Tired on waking.
25 Chills with urination. Fever with delirium, hot head,
staring eyes, throbbing carotids strong, very red and puffy face, hair wet, burning skin, with great oppression and distress.
26 eruptions such as hives on the hands. Sore painful very innervated tissues. Ulceration of the wounds. Scars that are painful.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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