Hypertension. Symptoms and causes

Hypertension or high blood pressure has become a disease to which we are getting used like normal. At a certain age, it is true that atherosclerosis becomes a normal process of aging organic. However, they are getting younger individuals with typical symptoms of arteriosclerosis with hypertension. This process is due to premature aging suffering their arteries.

Hypertension and arteries

We can say that hypertension appears as soon as you start the hardening or ossification of the arterial walls. The arteries, consisting of muscle tissue should be soft, elastic walls and enough tone to assist the cardiac impulse. But gradually become brittle and rigid by the gradual infiltration into the walls of oxalic and calcareous deposits, which causes its natural elasticity will be lost. In summary, arterial calcification occurs.

Hypertension and iridology

It is easy to see this trend through iridology, since in the upper area of the iris is seen as a whitish spot that begins to cover this area due to lack of irrigation or oxygenation. It is what we call in Iridology by "arcus."

Causes of hypertension
This sclerosis of the arteries (common in old age) we observed that each time is presented to a less advanced age mainly due to the bad habits of life especially in Western civilization. These emphasize:
- Errors in feeding, especially the use of animal fat which leads to the formation of cholesterol in the blood.
- A hearty diet too rich in protein: meat, eggs and cheese.
- The snuff. Nicotine leads to a narrowing of the arteries.
- And in a special way the use of alcohol, which can damage the hair and promote them sick arteries.

In women who cross the age of menopause is often something of hypertension appears even without sclerosis of the arteries. Also, ongoing emotional stress can cause permanent vascular spasm leading to hypertension.

It is a fact that before an annoyance, or a strong emotion can produce an instant rise in blood pressure.

On top of this hypertension can be either constitutional, family and inheritance, as evidenced by the existence of entire families suffering from cerebral apoplexy.

Symptoms of Hypertension
In people with hypertension tend to be common:
* Dizziness and headaches.
* The progressive mental weakness.
Insomnia at night.
* Sleepiness after meals.
* Congestion of the face.
* Heart palpitations.
* Tingling.
* Digestive disorders, nervous, auditory, visual.
* Nosebleeds.
* The heart tends to hypertrophy.
* The pulse becomes full and tense.

If these symptoms are not treated the right way, eventually there may be a risk of hypertension, whether progresses, more serious consequences occur as stroke or brain hemorrhage, paralysis, stroke, etc..

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