Hypothalamus. Homeopathy

There pathogenesis. The symptoms are of clinical origin (0. A. Julian).
1 - () sad, blue, with surprising sexual impulses, either morbid fear of the opposite sex or, conversely, irresistible attraction.
2 - () Depression, physical or mental exhaustion. Extremely tender and soft. Crying over trifles. Alternating smiles and tears. It easily discouraged. Great indecision that leads to a lack of will. Mental fatigue, with ideas that can not be grasped by shifting. Intellectual retardation.
3 - () Anxiety worse in the dark. Afraid to sleep for fear of not waking up

4 - () Convulsions, especially in puberty, with almost complete loss of consciousness and severe facial pallor.
5 - () Retention aqueous female-type obesity. According Bergeret and Tetau,
give the 1000A, once or twice a week in obesity with bulimia, or if there is the 200th bulimia. Hypothyroidism, with decreased basal metabolism.
6 - () <cold. Right side.
Desire and aversion of the hypothalamus
7 - () Aversion to raw foods and sweets, not to tolerate them.
8 - () occipital headaches accompanied by an intense feeling of sadness, worse at night. Baldness in women, especially in menopause, with thinning hair at the edge of the scalp.
9 Tongue white. He does not feel comfortable. Gastralgias two hours after eating.
Bulimia or anorexia (see 5).
10 Flatulence with loud bowel sounds, especially on the right side of the belly.
11 obstinate constipation, with stools like black marbles very difficult to remove. Hemorrhoids that bleed easily.
12 - () Incontinence of urine when lying or when coughing or walking.
Enuresis in Young. Burning on urination and after. Urgency.
13 Drawing pains from the knee to the testicle, especially the right. Chronic epididymitis.
14 - () Menses irregular, too short or too long. Menses copious, better lying down, very dark blood with clots. Amenorrhea physical or mental exhaustion. White discharge worse during ovulation.
15 - () yellow discharge, thick and irritating, worse from cold, better by heat. Heavy cough, worse lying down, better when standing, it pains in the clavicles, sternum and occiput. Asthma at the end of menstruation.
Dyspnea with tightness and soreness in his left arm.
16 - () You feel as if his heart had stopped beating and then resumes, but faster. Circulatory disorders, livid color of the lower extremities and acrocyanosis.
17 - () Insomnia, or sudden and overwhelming desire to sleep, which is short and occurs several times in a day.
18 - () sensation of intense heat, as if he were sitting on a very hot oven. Fever rises in the evening from irregular appearance, but can last several months.
19 - () Acne at puberty, purple, itching aggravated by the
scratching. A fragile, with white spots. Perionixis. Varicosities visible violet.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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