Iberis amara, Ichthyolum, Jaborandi, Kalium CYANATUM, Kalium sulfuricum, Lac caninum

Iberis amaraPericarditis and endocarditis with palpitations and pre-cordiales.lchthyolumArtrosis distorting stitches. Pustular eczema. Acne.JaborandiCrisis perspiration with hot flashes. Sialorrea.Kalium cyanatumSituaciones shock and collapse. Respiratory paralysis. Very serious cases of agotamiento.Kalium sulfuricumlnflamaciones yellowish mucous secretions (medicine works! According Schussler). CaninumCambio Lac daily place of the affections, in case of headache and migraine as pharyngitis. Colds with nasal con-gestion to switch sides. Wandering rheumatic pains in joints, muscles and limbs, including neu-ralgias. Mastopathy with premenstrual mastodynia marked. Menstruation very advanced or very inten presented sa. The puerperal agalactia, but also in galactorrhea (loss of breast milk) during lactation. Aftermath of diphtheria. Gastritis after nerve disorders of appetite, constipation with tenesmus rec-tal, gastric upset if allergic to milk. Tongue coated with rojos.Agravacion edges with cold (shivering in general) and in the mornings during the periods. Improvement when bending backward (thoracic and lumbar pain, abdominal pains and pains in the index finger).

*Automatic Translation