Iberis. Homeopathy

(I. Amara Carraspique Thlaspi Bitter or White)
1 Very irritable upon arising in the morning. It feels as if frightened or excited, with a permanent fear, trembling and cold sweat on his face.
Lightheadedness and irritability with little memory.
2 Sad, discouraged, depressed, wanting to sigh.
3 - () Worse: at night and the morning on rising, from the slightest exertion, like coughing or laughing, climbing stairs (dyspnoea and palpitations), stooping, walking, lying down, worse on the left side and turning around in bed, sitting still, after noon, outdoors, in a warm room.
4 It feels unable to move even a finger. It feels sore all over. Shooting pains and sharp from front to back. General feeling of trembling, in need of lying.
5 - () Vertigo on rising in the morning (must lie), strain, standing or stooping, in the neck, as if the occiput turn around, feeling faint upon entering the house after walking. Heat and fullness in neck and head, looking away and cold hands and feet. Headache right side or front.
6 Eyes and face red. Sensation as if eyes pushed outward.
See flashes, headache and palpitations.
7 Cara hot and flushed, with red eyes and palpitations.
8 - () You feel the throat as dusty, or as if the two tonsils were enlarged. Constant hawking of mucus thick, viscous and lilamentosas better after eating. Choking sensation in the throat, feeling of constriction in the throat, heart pains, shortness of breath and palpitations. Tickling in throat.
9 No appetite, feels homesick. Sour after dinner.
Nausea with chills all over. Dry mouth with bitter taste and gastric fullness.
10 - () Fullness and oppression in the right upper quadrant. Liver pain with putty-colored stools. Fullness, distention and pain in the belly.
11 Stool: putty color, large white, watery and pale.
12 Frequent urination and scanty, or excessive urination.
13 - () Tingling and dryness in the larynx and throat, with hawking (see 8).
Feeling of constriction in the larynx. Dyspnea and palpitations when climbing stairs. Constant desire to inspire deeply, without relief. Tachypnea.
Mild retrosternal pain in the joint with the third rib retrosternal fullness and constriction, with lancinating pains through the chest.
Continuous feeling of weight and anxiety in the chest. Fullness in chest, head and neck, and face heat carried away.
14 - () The heart is the site of action of Iberis maxima, with a very characteristic sensation of being aware of the activity of your heart. Erethism heart. Palpitations visible across the chest, appearing for the least effort (or laughing or coughing) or by walking or climbing stairs, and improve sitting still, it is accompanied by vertigo, breathlessness, hot and red face, red eyes, headache, with tickling and numbness starting in the fingers of the left hand, which extends to the whole arm, with dull pain in it. Interrupted or intermittent pulse every third beat, or double clicks, or first weak and small, then full and strong. Intense pain at the base of the heart with dull pain and heaviness in the left upper limb, and tingling and numbness in the fingertips. Sense of weight and chest pressure, with sharp pain from front to back, or pass through the heart of night in bed, worse lying on left side, but not better in any position. Dolores as if needles pierced into the ventricles, which prick each contraction. Cardiac hypertrophy. In the heart full of pulse full and rapid, with erethism heart. Fullness cardiac and thoracic, dyspnea, cardiac pressing or stabbing pains, palpitations and full and rapid pulse. Bradycardia.
Cardiopatia post flu.
15 hands and feet cold. Tingling and numbness in the fingers of his left hand, which goes to all member (see 14), worse lying on left side dull pain like I slept on the left arm. Rheumatic pain in right shoulder. Tremor in the legs after exercise.
16 Sleep disturbed by dreams. Takes many turns in bed, by suenos eroticos or horrible.
17 Shivering with fever or nausea. Transient fever.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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