Ichtyolum. Homeopathy

(Product Ichthyol distillation of bituminous material in the Tyrol, rich in fossil fish)
Pathogenesis of W.H. Dieffenbach ( "New, Old and Forgotten Remedies" by E.
Pollock Anshutz, Boericke and Tafel, Philadelphia, 1917, pag. 284).
1 Lack of concentration, forgetful, not wanting to study. Lack of ambition. Tired. Depressed.
2 Loquacious; happy. It feels great.
3 - () or frontal headache over the eyes, but on the right, worse when climbing stairs, by a strong light, by moving the eyes, cold air, jarring, moving the head, better by eating, washing face with cold water, heat.
4 - () Tearing soft, with burning eyes and constant sneezing, worse by bright light or in a warm room, better outdoors. Eye pain, worse on moving. Feel like you have sand in their eyes, as if they were beaten or, worse on the right. Injected eyes.
5 - () Throbbing or sharp pain that goes from the throat to the ears, but the left. Left auricular pain. Fullness in the ears.
6 - () Irresistible desire to sneeze. And very frequent spasmodic sneezing, with constant eye and nasal discharge non-irritating. Coryza, spasmodic, worse from temperature changes. Excessive dryness of the nasal mucosa with dry scabs and pain, worse on the right side and cold air.
Runny nose and cold soft, abundant on waking.
7 Feel the face dry and itchy a lot worse from scratching and warmth, better by cold water. Acne on the upper lip and chin. Facial neuralgia
Throbbing in the left jaw, supraorbital, better by cold. Lower lip dry and cracked in the middle, with pain.
8 Language White in the center with red edges and tip. Bitter taste or rubber or acid, or ugly, with burning on the tongue and nausea, better by eating or drinking cold water.
9 - () Acute pain that goes from the throat to both ears. Sore throat all night, worse on swallowing, with excessive dryness in the morning, better by drinking cold water. Hypertrophied right tonsil, swollen and sore to the touch. Pain in both tonsils, worse on waking and night swallowing or coughing better outdoors or lying. Hawks starting soft and whitish mucus.
Intense irritation of the throat, better by eating or drinking.
10 - () Appetite increased. Nausea with bitter taste in the mouth.
11 Colicos sudden left upper quadrant and hypogastric and umbilical region, better by bending or by pressure or at bedtime.
12 - () Pollakiuria by urethral irritation, with burning. Dribbling at end of urination. Urine sediment clay red or white gravel. Abundant crystals of uric acid and calcium oxalate. Burning at meatus during urination.
13 We awake at midnight with burning pain at the urethral meatus, erections and discharge of prostatic fluid. Nocturnal emissions without dreams.
14 - () Cough dry, irritating, tormenting, all day or worse at night, that appears or is exacerbated by any temperature changes. Bronchitis and intractable cough in the elderly, worse in winter. Bronchiectasis. Tuberculosis.
Pertussis. Sore spot in the free edge of the ribs on the right side, worse when you bend the body forward or backward. Chest discomfort.
15 shiver down your back, lowering the legs. Severe back pain.
16 - () pain in the shoulder or deltoid rights, worse at the start of the movement,
following or better by pressure. Sensation of paralyzed arm and hand. Dolores muscuares. Sensation as if hanging something heavy on his left shoulder, the better the move. Intense itching in left armpit.
Reddish spots, burning and stinging on the right biceps. Excessive soreness and weakness in the right lower limb. Pain in the Achilles tendon, stretching the foot better. Fatigue and pain in the calves. Great itchy right heel. Uricemico Rheumatism.
17 Sueno interrupted by sharp pains in different body sites.
18 - () Itching in different parts of the body, worse from heat and
scratching, better by hot water or cold. Urticaria. Ichthyosis.
Psoriasis. Erysipelas. Rosacea. Eczema. Pruritus of pregnancy. Abscesitos Collection.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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