Illecebrum paronichia. Homeopathy

(Mexico plant Sanguinaria de Cuba)
Pathogenesis of M. M. From Legarreta. 1907.

1 - () Weakness nervous, feeling of split personality: he feels that there are two different people within it, which contradict and argue about their diseases. Quiet, quiet.

2 Worse by motion or effort whatsoever. Left-sided predominance.

3 faint, weak, sleepy and can not move when lying on its side.

4 - () Pain in the temples, as compressed by a helmet. If you move your head, sounds like a jet of water. Scalp very painful, can not bear hair. Sensation of emptiness in the brain.

5 - () look sad. Red Eye, leaking and tearing. Eyelids heavy and hot, you need to refresh it.

6 - () Ears hot and painful. Dry ear canal. Download hot liquid and excoriating the left ear which, when dry, form scabs that bleed from scratching.

7 Anosmia. Mild epistaxis. Nostrils blocked by cobalt.

8 chapped lips. Cracks in corners of lips.

9 - () Dry mouth. Language aspera, yellowish white with fur. Saliva thick, dark yellow. Coppery taste. Sordes Teeth covered with thick and yellowish. Breath fetid, putrid, nauseating.

10 Thirst for water or iced drinks, which are vomited just ingested, heartburn. Belching and regurgitation.

11 Rumbling in the right iliac fossa. Difficulty to pass gas.

12 - () fecal incontinence, foul smelling liquid. Diarrhea with greenish feces smelling sour milk. Rectal bleeding. Perianal burning with anal excoriation.

13 - () Incontinence of urine. Dysuria with urgency and involuntary loss of feces. Hematuria. Dark urine and copious sediment on cooling.

14 - () Congestion prostate, with tenesmus and burning urination.

15 - () menorrhagia or metrorrhagia during menopause, with violent headaches.

16 - () Chest pain, worse on the left intercostal region and to change his position. Dyspnea and cough with frothy sputum intercostal pains, rusty or blood-streaked that is expelled with difficulty. Pulmonary congestion. Neumotifus. Rales crackles.

17 Press violent, full and hard. The heartbeat is strong, is in the ears and they bother you.

18 - () and continuous high fever, ranging from 38.5 or 39.5 or, or from 39.5 to 41st or dry, oppressive, with catarrhal symptoms, the patient is constantly uncovered. Copious sweat smelling sour milk. Typhoid.

19 - () even petechial rash on the back of their hands. Sloughs of decubilo.
Injuries excoriating sweats.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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