Indigo. Homeopathy

(Blue indigo juices of various plants, especially Indigofera tinctoria)
1 - () Melancholic, sad, unhappy, stuck inside yourself. Cry alone.
I want to stay busy.
2 - () severe convulsions, preceded the previous days of sadness, agitation, excitement, and announced by an aura consisting of a sensation of heat rising from the abdomen or solar plexus to the head or a sore spot between the shoulders, the seizures begin with dizziness, and usually are of reflex origin (for intestinal parasites or cold or fear, or fright, every 7 days.
3 - () Worse, at rest or sitting after noon or evening, after dinner or supper. Best: from motion, stand or walk, by pressure or friction.
4 - () Vertigo with headache. Rush of blood to the head, or from heat rising from the womb, or heat to bubbling, as if boiling water in the occiput. Sensation of head enlarged and occupies more space. Feel like having a tight bandage on his forehead. Tearing pain in vertex or brain. Heaviness in the crown. Undulating sensation in the head, back and forth, with blurred vision. Beats and noises in the head. Sensation of head frozen, or cold in the scalp. Occipital spikes. As if he plucked a strand of hair. Headaches worse at rest, better by motion, pressure and friction.
5 Shocks in the eyelids, which can 'see. Pressure in the eye.
6 Tearing in the ears and back. Pressure and ringing in the ears.
7 - () Excessive sneezing, epistaxis followed by intense and dimming of vision. Tearing pain in bones and nasal cartilages.
8 Dolores tearing and gnawing on the bones of the face, especially in the mandible and the zygoma. Congestion facial with hot cheeks. Pain in the submaxillary glands.
9 - () Numbness in the interior of the mouth, the morning after rising. Burning in the tongue and palate. Vesicles on the tip of the tongue. Metallic taste. Bloody saliva.
10 - () Neuralgias tooth on the right side, as if plucked teeth, extended to the temple and ear, with drooling and sweating on the right side of the head or widespread, and pulsation in the right mandible, the pains are worse from heat better from motion or cold air.
11 Belching. Regurgitation with sweetish taste or to ink. Nausea, vomiting, watery or mucous arcades, sticky. Sensation of gastric emptying, with hot regurgitation, worse sitting. Gastralgias.
12 - () soft or liquid stools, with colic and great urgency. Persistent constipation. Anal Itching worse after eating and at night or constipation.
Parasites. Anal prolapse after each deposition.
13 - () renal colic. Frequent urination, burning in the bladder, and painful Broadcast scanty and cloudy. Organic or spasmodic urethral stricture.
14 Rare sexual desires. Itching in the urethra, glans and scrotum.
Menses 15 more, advanced. Punctures in the breasts, the rubbing 1omentaneamente disappear. Burning in the breasts during menstruation.
16 - () Cough, violent, oppressive, coqueluchoide, worse in the evening before or after bedtime, and that can cause vomiting or nosebleed. Rattling in the chest with each inspiration.
17 Points between the shoulder blades, or on the sacrum, which disappears after a bowel movement.
18 - () Weakness in the arms. Tearing painful: in the deltoids, from the neck to the left arm, or from the shoulder to the thumb, better by motion. Tearing and erratic in their forearms. Veins of the hands red, swollen and tense. Convulsive arms.
Brachial neuralgia with tearing. Sciatica with pinching or tearing, worse in the evening or at night feeling better from the movement or walking. Indescribable pain from the thigh to the patella, or tearing from knee to ankle, worse sitting or at rest, better by motion or walking. Leg pain, worse after every meal. Great weariness in the legs in the evening, it feels even after retiring. Subsultus tendon.
19 Sleepiness in the evening, disturbed sleep at night. Children who wake up at night with a terrible pruritus ani. You wake up at night with a jolt.
20 Shivering with cold hands and headache. Intense heat, especially in the face.
21 Skin covered with pimples or abscesitos. Itching of the skin, constipation, better by friction.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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