Indium. Homeopathy

(The Indian Metal)
1 - () You feel tired mind, not work, and the mere attempt to study the much altered. You feel stupid and indifferent, can not fix his thoughts on anything.
2 - () Psychopathia Sexualis.
3 - () Worse, in a warm room, for any form of movement (walking, lifting, standing, bending, turning, turning the head or move your eyes) 3 to 4 hours or 15 to 18 hours. Better: open air or cold air: for drinking or washing with cold water.
4 Fainting at 11 hours (or empty or faint stomach).
5 - () Violent headache when making efforts to move the womb seems as if his head explode. Vertigo when rising from a chair or roll over or sit up in bed, 3 to 4 am. Headache from occiput to left eye right or one side. Throbbing headache with hot head and red face, better by cold air or cold washing. Headache in morning on rising, eating better. Intense itching in the vertex, better tomorrow.
6 Go all (people and things) pale or saffron. Vision foggy evening. Sharp pain in the eye, from front to back, turning or moving the eyes. Eye irritation, by artificial light or to close them, and want closure. Shocks in the outer corner of left eye.
7 Throbbing in ears at night. Right ear very red, painful bumps on the helix.
8 Violent attacks of sneezing. Epistaxis on blowing or touching the nose.
Greenish nasal discharge, bloody, watery, yellowish.
9 Granites suptirados and very painful in the face and forehead, with pain as with needles, with very red areola. Red face during headache, red and hot; sallow. Colorless plates vesicles on the inner lower lip. Painful cracks in the cornices sores.
10 - () Uvula very swollen, with thick pharyngeal mucus, yellow and very sticky. Destructive ulceration in the uvula, soft palate and tonsils with thick, yellowish secretion. Swollen left tonsil with pain on swallowing and dysphagia. Pain in the right side. Tickling in the throat with constant hawking. Dryness and soreness with punctures. The throat symptoms worsen at night and relieved by drinking cold water or eating.
11 Nausea: with the headache, at breakfast, with faintness at 11 and rising, at bedtime, with pain in the liver and dizziness. Feel like vomit relieve him. Fullness and pressure in the stomach, with pain.
12 points in the liver region. Colicos from the navel downwards, as if to have diarrhea.
13 - () Pappy stool, yellow brown, foul with undigested particles, and preceded by colic. Fecal incontinence when urinating. Chronic constipation with straining at stool large, hard stools, sometimes with blood. Diarrhea beer with right-sided headache.
Tenesmus, rectal burning and pain after stool.
14 painful urination. Urine horribly offensive stand after a while.
15 - () erections and diminished sexual desire, with weak orgasm and premature ejaculation, or increase desire. Frequent nocturnal emissions, up to two in one night, back pain, or drawing to arrilba in spermatic cords. Testicles swollen and painful, very sensitive to touch. Itching in the glans.
16 menses early, with bearing down pains, irritability and crying, and red face.
17 Hoarseness rising, with sore throat. Mucous expectoration, with some blood. Desire to inspire deep lying down, worse on the left side of his back better. Retrosternal pain in the lower right. Burning pain on the left of the sternum, which feels like Tugback. Dull pain in the chest and left arm.
18 Stiff neck and shoulders. Pressing pain with stiffness on the shoulder blades, worse start to move. Pain under the shoulder blades. Drawing rheumatic pains from shoulders to head and morning and evening.
19 - () constant or intermittent pain in his left shoulder, elbow extended to * l; the shoulder and arm muscles are flabby and soft, without force. Lancinating pains in the left biceps with paralytic weakness.
Pains in my fingers. Continuous sweating palms of the hands. Itching in the palms. Tiredness in the legs. Drawing pain in the right inner thigh while walking. Pains in right leg. Heaviness in legs and feet. Tingling in the legs warm. Terebrante intolerable pain in the left big toe joint, moving better. Burning and intense itching in all toes. Profuse sweating in the feet that are cold. Sciatica, if you Rhus Tox modalities and this fails.
20 - () Drowsiness, worse from 16 to 18 hours or at dusk, with headache and nausea or irritability. Dreams: erotic, sexual contact with men without success, else to occupy her mind by day; of accidents, to be abroad, pursued by angry bulls, of being lost in the mountains. Nightmares by lying on his back. Stupid awakening.
21 - () High fever with escailofros to move, great weakness, thirst and stretching, with a sore throat or violent headache and backache.
Fever with nausea after eating, better outdoors. Sweats easy. Very sensitive to cold.
22 Pruritus (cabezz, toes, etc.).. Granites very painful.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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