Indol. Homeopathy

(Product of putrefaction of proteins in the body)
Pathogenesis made by William B. Griggs with the 6th centesimal (1918).
1 - () stupid feeling in the morning, with dissatisfaction, then anxiety and desire to walk. Desire to be cracking his fingers continuously, and can not have her fingers still. You can not study.
2 The rie of trivial things.
3 Hallucinations horrible. On waking, think will be operated, and shudders at the thought that the knife is going to play.
4 - () Table of intestinal auto-intoxication, with fermentations, indicanuria, cerebral torpor, heaviness frontal and occipital, daytime sleepiness with sleep rough at night.
5 Occipital headache extended to the forehead, eyes, deaf, nausea, worse after noon, better walking in fresh air.
6 - () You feel hot and your eyes hurt to move, are red.
Mydriasis during frontal headache.
7 Hear ringing in right ear.
8 Sneezing with thick mucous nasal secretion.
9 languages whitish brown, with bad taste and foul breath, to stool.
10 - () sensation of fullness in the stomach, which moves up the esophagus, worse at night. Intense hunger, even right after a big meal finished, never satisfied and often so does the thirst. Belching.
11 - () Constipation marked, and no bowel movements until it feels so swollen and scarred but can not cope, with stools dry, hard and clear, with great difficulty passing stools. Great flatulence, worse at night.
12 - () Pollakiuria the evening or while studying. Indicanuria marked.
13 - () Grand fatigue and soreness in the lower limbs. Burning in the feet all day. Tired and sore knees, worse stop. Swollen and painful right foot. Pain in the calf and the right big toe pad. Constant movement of the fingers and toes.
14 - () Continuous desire to sleep, even after a good night's sleep. He sleeps sitting. Daytime sleepiness, especially at noon. Restless sleep at night. Continuous sleep, pleasant, they remember well.
15 Symptoms of flu, with aches throughout the body breakdown,
chills, runny nose and sneezing with mucus.
16 eruptions itching, worse from heat and exercise. Chapped skin on his left foot. Dry, rough and scaly in the left leg.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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