Influenzinum (influenza). Homeopathy

This nosode flu, according to some authors, should be the most used drug in chronic disease in Homeopathy at the incidence of the disease and the aftermath, sometimes unapparent or very late, leaving, is now preparing in France (0. A. Julian) virus from a crop of two kinds of viruses (3 parts of viruses and virus-Asian European), the Pasteur Institute prepared especially for this purpose. There is also a Spanish Influenzinum (Pierre Schmidt) and other "1918" (Nelson, London). The pathogenesis clinic (and another does not exist) is:
Mental symptoms of Influenzinum
1 - () depressive neurosis postgripales.

2 - () The indications for this drug is made, or as prophylaxis, usually in the 200th (one dose daily for 10 days) before the time when most prevalent flu or just start the first cases or an epidemic or else after having suffered, in the days following (after-effects such as cough, colds, bronchitis, etc.). and also years later, in conditions that have their starting point, obviously, of the flu, not necessarily serious. Some people say that many very serious neurological disorders (Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, etc..) Can be caused by avian (especially 1918) and routinely prescribed Influenzinum (among other remedies) in such cases. According to Stearns, any patient with a disease of the central nervous system (any kind) or a heart disease with hypotension or taquiaritmia, benefits Influenzinum to start with that, for him, is the most important of nosodes, as well as influenza is the most common chronic diseases.
3 - () Asthenia; fainting. It can be a stimulant in cases of easy
4 Syndrome meningeal or encephalitic with vomiting. Headache Influenza.
5 eyes heavy, painful to move. Blepharitis. Conjunctivitis.
Suppurative Otitis 6.
7 - () oculo nasal catarrh, coryza acute and chronic. Sinusitis. Nasal polyps,
Chronic atrophic rhinitis.
8 pharyngitis. Diarrhea flu. Gastrointestinal complaints.
9 - () Acute and chronic pharyngitis. False croup in infants. Dry cough, painful. Acute and chronic bronchitis. Bronchopneumonia. Asthma.
10 - () Weakness of the myocardium. Hypotension. Leukopenia with mononucleosis.
11 Congestion arterial and venous limbs. Varicose ulcer.
Intermittent claudication. Rheumatic pains worse by damp and cold.
Infectious rheumatism.
12 - () Malaise with chills, headache and generalized pain, as if beaten, with a fever between 39 and 40th, fatigue and anorexia.