Insomnia. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for Insomnia

Lack of sleep, abnormal wakefulness.

Medicine for insomnia with Juice
: Juice of lettuce and celery.

Natural Medicine for Insomnia with Diet:
Garlic, eggplant, onions, salad, apples, mint, honey, oranges, parsley, yogurt, apple juice.

Medicine for insomnia with Medicinal Herbs: Valerian, Anise crushed, Marjoram, Passion Flower, Hawthorn, Hypericum, Tila, Lavender, Orange blossom, Lemon Balm, Hops.

Medicine for insomnia with
Nutritional Supplements
Valerian: natural relaxant that induces sleep. Aid to spend time getting to sleep without waking. Reduces the adverse effects of stress.

L-Theanine: Produces a relaxing effect on the nervous system and facilitates sleep. Raises serotonin levels that induces sleep.

Calcium and magnesium, with boron, vitamin D and vitamin K: Muscle relaxant. Possible deficiencies of these minerals can cause insomnia.

Formula multinutrient high power or vitamin B complex high power:
To cover cuaquier subclinical and maintain a balance among all the B vitamins

Medicine for insomnia with Hydrotherapy: Rubbing cold water and dry without putting on pajamas and bed.

Medicine for insomnia with Essences
: Chamomile, Juniper, Marjoram, Melissa

Medicine for insomnia with Homotoxicology - Homeopathy: Valerianaheel (g), Nervoheel (c)

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